Ally of Justice

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Ally of Justice
"Ally of Justice Nullfier" (back) and "Ally of Justice Garadholg".
  • A・O・Jアーリー・オブ・ジャスティス
  • A・O・J (base)
  • アーリー・オブ・ジャスティス (ruby)
  • Ārī obu Jasutisu (romanized)

  • A・O・J

  • Allié de la Justice

  • Verbündeter der Gerechtigkeit

  • Alleato delle Giustizia

  • A・O・J

  • Aliado da Justiça

  • Aliado/a de la Justicia

Other names
نصير العدالة
Σύμμαχοι της Δικαιοσύνης


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"Ally of Justice" (A・O・Jアーリー・オブ・ジャスティス Ārī obu Jasutisu) is an archetype of DARK Machine monsters used by the Ghost army, Diablo in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

"Ally of Justice Garadholg" appears as a character in World Championship 2009, both "Cyclone Creator" and "Decisive Armor" appears in World Championship 2010, and "Searcher" appears in World Championship 2011.

Duel Terminal story[edit]

On this distant star, each tribe or clan fights to ultimately reign supreme. For the longest time, the war just waged on, with no one group holding the advantage. However, this battle that no one thought would ever end was suddenly brought to an abrupt halt, as the "Worms", invaders from outer space, suddenly crashed on the planet.

To combat the invaders, the tribes and clans were forced to form a truce and unite together. The four tribes that were the most powerful forces on the continent form their own organization, "Ally of Justice". Bringing together each of their technologies and crafts, they began to develop anti-Worm weapons.

Playing style[edit]

"Ally of Justice" monsters are either empowered during the user's Battle Phase when the opponent controls LIGHT monsters or produce disadvantages for the opponent when playing LIGHT monsters. As an archetype "Ally of Justice" is rather unique, since most archetypes tend to not focus exclusively upon destroying one particular category of opposing monsters. Indeed, against most decks many of the cards in this archetype will be completely useless: The vast majority of your monsters have no other positive effects when facing a deck that isn't primarily LIGHT and even with "DNA Transplant" most of your monsters will still struggle to overcome anything with high attack or multiple monsters at a time. Furthermore, even when facing a LIGHT deck, it is very easy for your deck to get outpaced or overwhelmed without having disruption.

While the LIGHT-hate effects are certainly a factor in this archetypes effectiveness (or lack thereof since five out of six attributes ignore their effects), there are more issues with the "Allies". The deck certainly tries to be more control oriented, but becomes confused with monster cards that need to battle to become effective. Most of "Allies" have bad stats, ending with 1600/1700 ATK in the case of most Level 4 monsters, which is simply not good enough. Some reasonably good effects can be found in the archetype, but they are mostly printed on Level 5 or higher monsters, which are rather hard to summon in this deck even with generic support considered.

To get to a few names, the number one card that "Ally of Justice" has to offer is "Ally of Justice Catastor": "Catastor" saw years of competitive and casual play as a fantastic Synchro option. "Catastor" could deal with many boss monsters from the time, as well as being extremely easy to Summon as a generic Synchro Monster. And even nowadays, it is a fantastic option against many monsters in the game. "Ally of Justice Cycle Reader" has also had major success as a counter option against "Lightsworn" and "Blue-Eyes" decks, and is also useful due to being a Tuner monster. "Ally of Justice Quarantine" is a solid counter option against LIGHT decks since it blocks Special Summoning of monsters with that attribute. And finally, "Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator" has potential in a format where both "Heavy Storm" and "Giant Trunade" are banned.

The rest, sadly, falls flat and doesn't deserve as much credit. "Ally of Justice Clausolas" is a non-sensical Level 6 Normal Monster; "Ally of Justice Core Destroyer" is, in a way, mini-"Catastor" but works only against LIGHT and has pityful ATK; "Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway" is Special Summonable, but requires setup from your enemy; "Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher" normally can't even use its effect, is Level 6 and has terrible stats; for the cost of "Ally of Justice Field Marshal" one could and should decide to go into "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"; "Ally of Justice Garadholg" basically has no effect while being underwhelming; "Ally of Justice Light Gazer" has potential to become big stat-wise, but without any other effect or any form of protection; "Ally of Justice Nullfier" is also underwhelming, both in effect and stats; "Ally of Justice Omni-Weapon" is useful, but sadly Level 5; "Ally of Justice Reverse Break" is probably the pinnacle of confusion one can reach with "Ally of Justice"; "Ally of Justice Rudra" is terrible against anything non-LIGHT, while becoming a 2600 ATK Normal Monster against LIGHT monsters; "Ally of Justice Searcher" is a slow Anti-Flip card; "Ally of Justice Thousand Arms" is a worse version of "Asura Priest"; "Ally of Justice Thunder Armor" gives every "Ally of Justice" piercing but is way to slow since it has to be Tribute Summoned; "Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher" is only useful against Defense Position monsters, if at all; and, finally, "Ally of Justice Unlimiter" can infuse an "Ally of Justice" with more attack power, but is inferior to "Limiter Removal".

A honorable mention goes to the boss monster "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor": Against LIGHT monsters, "Decisive Armor" is a terrifying beast, whenever the opponent decided not to have a LIGHT monster, it has no effect whatsoever.

"DNA Transplant" can be used to set all opposing monsters to LIGHT to make "Allies of Justice" benefit from their own effects. Play three copies of the card: Having it against LIGHT decks is a small cost for the ability to narrow the gap between you and your opponent. "DNA Transplant" allows for the use of "Lyna the Light Charmer", who can help you take over your opponent's monsters. Also, since all monsters on your field are LIGHT, you can use them to Synchro Summon "Light End Dragon", while "Dark End Dragon" can be summoned whenever "DNA Transplant" is not on the field.

"Allure of Darkness" is also a handy tool in this Deck; yes, even with "DNA Transplant", because Ally of Justice monsters are still DARK-Attribute when in your hand. Generic DARK support in form of "Dark Armed Dragon" might also help the deck getting more of an aggresive edge, while the Machine typing of the archetype makes cards like "Limiter Removal", "Iron Draw" or "Iron Call" useful. The duo of "Silver Gadget" and "Gold Gadget" are also helpful for some much needed swarming.

"Ojama Trio" can be used in a pinch to give the opponent some LIGHT monsters; this also works well with "Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway", which can be Special Summoned right after "Ojama Trio" was activated during your turn. Aside from that, use any strategy available to keep the field under control: "Torrential Tribute" can be very helpful if used correctly, while cards like "The Monarchs Stormforth" or "Mind Control" can use the opponent's resources against him. Additionally, Counter Traps like "Solemn Warning" and "Solemn Judgment" can be solid choices for the deck, if they manage to catch the opponent at the right time.

Recommended cards[edit]