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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2
Box art
EnglishYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2
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Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 27, 2007
North AmericanSeptember 18, 2007
EuropeanDecember 7, 2007
SeriesTag Force
PreviousGX Tag Force
NextGX Tag Force 3

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2, known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX TAG FORCE 2 in Japan, is the second installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series.

A new year at the Duel Academy has begun and the Tag Duel Tournament is the year's most anticipated event. Champion duelists from all around the world have accepted invitations to this tournament. Explore the Duel Academy and find your perfect partner to combine your Decks to become an unstoppable fighting machine.

This game can be connected to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution (PS2) to battle more characters and collect more cards. Each game includes three exclusive trading cards.


Promotional cards[edit]


Starting Deck[edit]

Anime-only cards[edit]

As with every Tag Force game before and after it, anime-exclusive cards were released for Tag Force 2. Anime-original cards from Tag Force are present but not listed here.

Bolded cards have been printed in the OCG since this videogame was released.

Downloadable content[edit]

Downloadable cards[edit]

The following cards were available for download since the date listed next to them. "Phantom of Chaos" and "Power Wall" were only available in the game through download.

Downloadable recipes[edit]

The following recipes could be downloaded for the player's use, but are no longer available to obtain. They could also be faced by setting them as Mimicry's Deck in Free Duel Mode.

Booster Packs[edit]

Card Converter[edit]

Sandwich FAQ[edit]

The Sandwich system from the previous game is kept, and it has now been expanded so that every single character has particular sandwiches they like and dislike. Staying true to the mechanics of the previous game, however, every single character loves the Golden Egg Sandwich, and the Destiny Sandwich's result is always randomized. It can be disliked even by characters who do not dislike any sandwiches otherwise, such as Jaden and Sartorius.

Destiny Draw system[edit]

If a duelist is in a pinch due to a critical field situation and their Life Points are 4000 or lower, if they have not recovered by their second Draw Phase, that player can activate the new Destiny Draw system once per duel. If used, the duelist will randomly draw a card from their Deck's preset Destiny Cards instead of the normal draw, as long as any of those cards is still in the Deck. You can change the cards set as Destiny Draws in your partner's Deck once you become able to edit their Deck.

If you have used the effect of a card that places it on the top of the Deck such as Malevolent Nuzzler and you activate the Destiny Draw system, you will draw the Destiny Card, then draw the card that was placed on top of the Deck the next time you draw.

Playable characters[edit]

When you start a new save file, you can only choose Page 1 characters as a Tag partner. Once you have completed the Story Mode you can skip the starting story svent, and you are also now allowed to choose among the Page 2 or 3 characters, provided you have defeated them at least 10 times.

Story mode[edit]

  • When you start a new Story Game, you choose one of the Page 1 characters as a Tag-Duel partner. Then you can watch him or her duel for you, duel alone in a classic one-on-one duel or duel in a tag duel.
  • To progress further a character story, you need to fill your Tag Partner's hearts (they appear on the top right corner). Each time you battle (alone or in tag duel) his/her hearts will fill. You can also spend 500 DP to buy a sandwich at the Store. The Golden Egg Sandwich gives a full current heart to whoever you tag with. Check the Sandwich FAQ to know what kind of Sandwhich a character likes or dislike.
  • Each time a Heart is completed, you need to exit the map and go on the yellow Exclamation Mark to duel and advance the story. Save before in case you have a bad deck, because if you lose the duel you lose unsaved data, and you cannot edit your deck(s) during the event duel. Although, if you lose the duel you can retry again as many times you want (losses will be added to you win/loss ratio though).
  • The first four events are common to each character. Fifth to eigth are specifics for any of the Page 1 Characters. Any student/teacher chosen from the Second and Third Tiers as partner will lead you to completely different events.
  • Characters you have to defeat during those Story Events use a different deck than the usual they use when you encounter them on the field otherwise. Also, characters use a powered up version of their deck once your complete your Partner's Fourth heart Story Event.

Page 1 characters' First to Fourth Story events[edit]

First Event: Hero VS Dark Magician Girl

  • This first event, common to all Page 1 Characters' Story Mode, happens at the Cliff. Tyranno Hassleberry and Syrus Truesdale (depending on who you tag with) are chatting about a cute costume dressed girl willing to duel the Hero (you). This is the Dark Magician Girl, who will challenge you because you beat her at the school festival (in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force) and she wants a rematch.

Second Event: Hero VS Vellian Crowler

  • It happens at the Ra Yellow Dorm. There you find Vellian Crowler and Vice Chancellor Bonaparte. Crowler wants you to carry some duel disks for him, and then Bonaparte lets you know they were punished for upsetting Chancellor Sheppard. So you need to duel Crowler if you don't want to do his punishment!
  • Crowler plays an Ancient Gear Deck composed largely of "Ancient Gear" cards. The majority of his monsters have the ability to prevent an opponent from activating Spell and Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. Crowler often employs various methods to speed up the summoning of his signature card, "Ancient Gear Golem".

Third Event: Hero VS The Gambler

  • Now you will go into the Forest to find Pierre the Gambler chatting up Alexis...which doesn't make Chazz happy! They then bet on you to duel him!
  • Pierre plays a Gamble Deck. By combining "Second Coin Toss" with the ability of cards such as "Sand Gambler", Pierre is able to decrease the possibility of calling a coin incorrectly, thereby causing the favorable effects of his cards to trigger.

Fourth Event: Hero & Partner VS Paradox Brothers

  • After filling up the fourth heart, you will be able to edit your partner's Deck.
  • This time you'll have to go to the Slifer Red Dorm, where you'll find Bonaparte up to destroy the Red Dorm.
  • You'll have to fight the Paradox Brothers. They run Gate Guardian/Stall Decks.

Page 1 characters' Fifth to Eighth events[edit]

Jaden Yuki

  • Fifth Heart Event: Jaden takes you back to the duel field and has a flashback of his graduation duel with Zane. This time however, it's a tag duel against Zane and Atticus Rhodes, defeat them and you can progress in Jaden's story.
  • Sixth Heart Event: Jaden and you visit the abandoned dorm at Duel Acadamy where you again have a memory flashback to the time when he tag dueled with Aster against Sarina. This time it's you and Jaden, playing against two mirror images of Sarina using identical Decks. If you complete this duel, Syrus and Tyranno will come and you will continue his story.
  • Seventh Heart Event: Jaden takes you to the duel field and he has another flashback when he dueled Aster. You tag duel Aster and Sartorious. After the duel, the flashback ends and he will say that after that duel, he dueled Aster and lost, losing his ability to see the cards. He will say that after wandering off, you had found him. Aster and Jesse then come to see the two of you.
  • Eighth Heart Event: Jaden and you go to the duel field and they announce the best tag duelist. Afterwards, Crowler will announce the main event, you vs Jaden. Note that Jaden will use the deck that he used when he was partnered with you.

Syrus Truesdale

  • Fifth Heart Event: Syrus is worried about Zane and meets Bonaparte who will tell him about Zane and Chancellor Sheppard if you beat him and Axel in a tag duel. If you lose, the Slifer Red Dorm will be destroyed.
  • Sixth Heart Event: You go to speak with Chancellor Sheppard about Zane but before he tells you about Zane you must win a tag duel against Syun and Jaime. After the duel, he will tell about his duel with Zane.
  • Seventh Heart Event: Syrus talks to Aster and Jaden about what happened to Zane in the pro league but to find out what posessed him you need to beat Aster and Jaden in another tag duel. After the duel, Aster will mention the Underground Duels that Zane went to.
  • Eighth Heart Event: Finally, you must go to the volcano where you face Dark Zane and Nightshroud in a tag duel to try and return Zane from the darkness for Syrus. After the duel, it is revealed that Zane hasn't fallen to the darkness but changed out of choice.

Syrus does not let you skip class.

Alexis Rhodes

  • Fifth Heart Event: You will go to the Store to find Jasmine and Mindy. They wonder why a Slifer Red is partnering up with Alexis. You duel them in a Tag Duel with Alexis. The morning after you beat them Alexis will come to your room and tell you that they have gone missing.
  • Sixth Heart Event: At the Harbor you find Chazz and Atticus by the Lighthouse both of them wanting to be Alexis' partner. You will Tag Duel them and after you beat them they will say that they were trying to cheer up Alexis after Jasmine and Mindy disappearing. Both of them will then go missing.
  • Seventh Heart Event: Alexis decides to speak with Jaden, Syrus and Tyranno in the Forest. She thinks that there is a connection between beating Jasmine, Mindy, Chazz and Atticus and them disappearing. Jaden and Syrus will then duel you in a Tag Duel to reassure her that is not the case, but they too will go missing the next day.
  • Eighth Heart Event: You and Alexis will go to the Abandoned Dorm and find the people that went missing and you will also meet up with Titan and Jinzo - Titan wants revenge and Jinzo is trying to revive himself, so they are gathering souls for both of their purposes.

Alexis does not allow you to skip class.

Chazz Princeton

  • Fifth Heart Event: Go to the academy's entrance, where you find an unusual crowd, including Chazz's brothers, Slade and Jagger. You have to duel two Silfer Reds, KENYoU and Sigthor, who were bribed to duel for improvements in the Red Dorm.
  • Sixth Heart Event: Go to the Ra Yellow Dorm to find Blair, who "took over" Chazz's room. She's bribed by Chazz's brothers to duel Chazz for the opportunity for a Slifer Red Girls Dorm, which would also give Chazz his room back. Bastion wants to duel as well, and it becomes a Tag Duel.
  • Seventh Heart Event: You have a tag duel against Dr. Crowler & Bonaparte in the classroom, who were bribed by Chazz's brothers for a raise in salary.
  • Eighth Heart Event: This time you must go to the Harbor, where you will find the everyone you duelled in the previous events, Jaden, Syrus, and Tyranno. Chazz wants to settle things with his brothers, and you'll end up tag dueling them. After defeating them, Slade and Jagger are impressed in the player's skill and offers him to join the Princeton Group after graduation. Everyone soon leaves, leaving Chazz without any credit that he feels he deserves.

Chazz does not let you skip class.

Tyranno Hassleberry

  • Fifth Heart Event: You go to classroom where you meet Andrea and Jewels. Tyranno has a small debate with Andrea about dinosaurs (sauropods and theropods). Jewels then says that Andrea's dinosaurs and knowledge of them are better than Tyranno's, which quickly escalates into a Tag Duel.
  • Sixth Heart Event: Tyranno says something about a legendary card and feels its location with his "dino leg". In the forest, while you dig for the legendary card, Damon arrives, offended with your desecration of nature with all the digging and wishes to duel. Jesse, who happens to be in the area, wishes to duel as well and you end up in a Tag Duel with them both.
  • Seventh Heart Event: Tyranno says something about the legendary card again. In the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm, you continue to dig. However, the two of you are mistaken for perverts by Jasmine and Mindy. After explaining the situation, Fonda Fontaine decides to settle the matter with you and Tyranno being pitted against Masha and Disa. After you win a Tag Duel against them, you proceed with the digging, but only obtain a Goblin Calligrapher.
  • Eighth Heart Event: Tyranno says something about the legendary card yet again. This time, head to the volcano where you will meet up with Adrian, Jim, Jaden and Syrus. Jim happens to be looking for the same legendary card and you end up dueling him and and Adrian. After the duel, you finally find the card, which is Jurassic Impact - a card Tyranno already has, so the player is allowed to keep it. Just then, his "dino leg" acts up again and begins to pull him in different directions.

Aster Phoenix

  • Fifth Heart Event: Wake up in the morning and Aster will mentione a rumor going around. Go to the Ra Yellow Dorm to meet up with Jaden and Tyranno. Chazz and Bastion are also there, except they are in Society of Light uniforms and speaking of the Light's return. You and Aster duel against them, but in spite of defeating them, they haven't been 'rescued' from the light like before.
  • Sixth Heart Event: Aster says his Destiny Hero - Plasma card has been taken and he suspects the Society of Light. You go to the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm to discover Alexis has rejoined the Society of Light too. You and Aster will then face Alexis and Bastion in a Tag Duel.
  • Seventh Heart Event: Aster thinks that Sartorius had returned and you two should go straight to the Society of Light to find him. At the Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm you will find Chazz and Alexis, and you must duel them to find out where Sartorius is. But the truth is, they don't actually know.
  • Eighth Heart Event: When Aster comes to collect you, Jaden will run and say he knows where Sartorius is. Go to the Main Gate and you'll find Sartorius, Sarina, Alexis, Chazz and Bastion. The Evil Sartorius has taken over and Sarina has seen the Light. You must Tag Duel them with Aster. After the duel, everyone's been freed from the light. Aster asks the player if he'll go pro after graduation. Jaden then asks Aster to help study after being told he has less chances than the player character.

Blair Flannigan

  • Fifth Heart Event: You go to the Chancellor's Office, where she finds Fonda Fontaine with Yasmin. Blair asks Fonda to teach her some recipes so she can cook for Jaden. You will Tag Duel Fonda and Yasmin with Blair so she can learn the recipes.
  • Sixth Heart Event: In the morning Blair says something about a Love Magician. Go to the cliff to find Atticus and he tells you about some Legendary rocks on the island that supposedly make people fall in love. You and Blair will duel against Atticus to find out the location of the rocks. His partner will be Syrus, who is hiding from Tyranno in a garbage can.
  • Seventh Heart Event: Blair will take you to the forest to check out the Legendary rocks, but Chazz and Alexis were already going there, although Alexis herself doesn't know about the subject. You will Tag Duel them to get past, but afterwards Chazz points out that if Blair loved Jaden she came with the wrong person.
  • Eighth Heart Event: Blair decides to duel Jaden and then express her true feelings about him. At the Slifer Red dorm you Tag Duel against Jaden and Jesse. Afterwards Jaden interrupts Blair when she says "I love" thinking that her next word would be dueling.

Blair does not allow you to skip class.

Jesse Anderson

  • Fifth Heart Event: Jesse takes you to the Duel Arena for his exhibition match with Jaden except it's a Tag Duel so Jesse chooses you and Jaden has his partner, Blair, chosen by herself..
  • Sixth Heart Event: In the forest you meet Jim and Tyranno. Jim says something about a magnetic pulse that's affecting reptiles. You and Jesse duel against Jim and Tyranno. Afterwards everyone complains about being drained of energy.
  • Seventh Heart Event: At the Abandoned Dorm Chazz is about to challenge Adrian Gecko to a duel but Jesse interrupts and wants to know what Adrian knows about the magnetic pulses. Adrian teams up with Chazz in a Tag Duel against you and Jesse. Afterwards he tells you that Professor Viper is behind it all.
  • Eighth Heart Event: You find Viper at the Lab. Jesse challenges him to a duel. Viper partners up with Axel Brodie against you and Jesse. Viper will disappear afterwards while calling out to his adopted son.

Page 2 and 3 characters' story events[edit]

  • First Event: Hero & Partner VS Syrus Truesdale & Tyranno Hassleberry Go to the shop to find Jaden, Syrus and Tyranno, who are speaking about the latest issue of Duelist Magazine. So, you and your partner Tag duel Syrus and Tyranno to find out who'll be the first to borrow Jaden's copy.
  • Second Event: Hero & Partner VS Alexis Rhodes & Chazz Princeton Go to the Harbor to find Alexis, Chazz, Syrus and Tyranno. Chazz claims that ever since he's the tag duel partner of Alexis, they are the island's best couple. You end up tag dueling Alexis and Chazz.
  • Third Event: Hero & Partner VS Blair Flannigan & Chazz Princeton Go to the Classroom, to find Chazz and Blair. Although they are great partners, they don't get along. They will duel you and if they lose they'll change partners.
  • Fourth Event: Hero & Partner VS Jaden Yuki & Alexis Rhodes Go to the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm to find Jaden and Alexis. Alexis complains that she's tired. Jaden makes a comment to this which gets her angry. She then challenges you to a tag duel.
  • Fifth Event: Hero & Partner VS Jaden Yuki & Blair Flannigan Go to the Slifer Red dorm to find Jaden and Blair. They are on a winning streak and decide to challenge you and your partner.
  • Sixth Event: Hero & Partner VS Jaden Yuki & Aster Phoenix At the Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm you will find Jaden and Aster. Jaden immediately challenges you, with Aster complaining about having dueled so much in a single day. After the duel, Aster says he will have to teach Jaden some things from the pros, making Jaden run away from him as he hates studying.
  • Seventh Event: Hero & Partner VS Jaden Yuki & Jesse Anderson Go to the Volcano to find Jaden and Jesse. They immediately challenge you. After you beat them they will run off in search of more people to duel.
  • Eighth Event: Hero & Partner VS Aster Phoenix & Jesse Anderson At the Duel Field you will find Jesse and Aster. Jesse challenges you but Aster complains that he and Jaden duel too much. Aster gives in and you must beat them in a tag duel.
  • Note: Unlike the Page One Duelists, the game doesn't end after the Eighth Heart Event. You must enter one more event that takes place in the classroom. Here, things will play out just like in Jaden's Eighth Heart Event except you don't duel your partner. Instead, you're given the choice to accept or decline a 'reward', which is a kiss from Ms. Dorothy.

Random events[edit]

Each Random Event can only be completed once per Story Mode per Character, each also rewards the player 5,000 DP (given during the black loading screen after those events end, you can hear the sound but cannot see the amount on screen).

  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Tyranno Hassleberry & Jesse Anderson Jesse wants to duel you. Requirements: Have a total of DP that is a multiple of 100. Location: Cliff.
  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Tyranno Hassleberry & Andrea Requirements: Once every thirteen days, during classtime. Location: Store.
  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Jim Crocodile Cook & Axel Brodie Jim says that Shirley wants to duel the Hero. Requirements: Your partner's Heart meter must have only fully filled Hearts. Location: Harbor.
  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Axel Brodie & Bastion Misawa Bastion and Axel think their team is strong as they are undefeated, and challenge the Hero. Requirements: Have a Experience total value that is a multiple of 100. Location: Abandoned Dorm.
  • Random Event: Player & Blair VS Mindy & Jasmine Blair wants to use an Obelisk Blue uniform to sneak into the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm and learn more about Alexis, but is interrupted by Jasmine and Mindy, who do not know who she is.

Requirements: Perform UMD Recognition with Tag Force and beat Blair in duels a number of times that is a multiple of 15. This event only triggers if the player is partnered with Blair, and finishing this event unlocks Blair with an Obelisk Blue uniform in Free Duel Mode.. Location: Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm.

  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Craig & Mathew Requirements: Have a total (converted in minutes) playtime that is a multiple of 30. Location: Volcano.

  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Rie & Maki The player and their partner run into Maki and Rie in the Chancellor's Office as Maki laments how visiting the Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm has become boring to her since Zane had graduated. Requirements: Have a total number of card types (not cards total) in possession in your trunk that is a multiple of 24. Location: Chancellor's Office.
  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Sanzyudai & Emperor.Umiuma Sanzyudai Yuki and Emperor.Umiuma are annoyed to be paired together and ask the Hero to duel them since there is a rule that states that you need to have dueled at least once before you can get a new partner. Requirements: Finish Story Mode with 4 or more Page 1 Characters, and beat either Jaden or Chazz at least 15 times. Location: Main Gate.

Decks if faced when the partner has less than 4 hearts filled:

Decks if faced when the partner has 4 hearts filled or more:

  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Inoso & Senjome Inoso and Senjome are annoyed to be paired together and ask the Hero to duel them since there is a rule that states that you need to have dueled at least once before you can get a new partner. Requirements: Finish Story Mode with 4 or more Page 1 Characters, and beat either Syrus or Tyranno at least 15 times. Location: Ra Yellow Dorm.

Decks if faced when the partner has less than 4 hearts filled:

Decks if faced when the partner has 4 hearts filled or more:

  • Random Event: Hero & Partner VS Mokuma & Sironos Mokuma and Sironos are annoyed to be paired together and ask the Hero to duel them since there is a rule that states that you need to have dueled at least once before you can get a new partner. Requirements: Finish Story Mode with 4 or more Page 1 Characters, and beat either Alexis or Aster at least 15 times. Location: Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm.

Decks if faced when the partner has less than 4 hearts filled:

Decks if faced when the partner has 4 hearts filled or more:


  • 01. Clear Bonus - 2 DP x number of character storylines finished
  • 02. Level Bonus - 2 DP x player level
  • 03. Challenge Bonus - 2 DP x each Challenge completed in the save file
  • 04. Lose - 10 DP
  • 05. Draw Game Bonus - End the duel in a draw - 50 DP
  • 06. Turn Bonus - 2 DP per turn if you win the duel, 1 DP per turn otherwise
  • 07. Tag Duel Victory Bonus - Win a Tag Duel - 50 DP
  • 08. Network Duel Victory Bonus - Win against another player - 50 DP
  • 09. Match Game Bonus - Win a Match - 50 DP
  • 10. Level Up Bonus - Given when you level up - 400 DP
  • 11. Duelist Bonus - Depends on opponent's Deck Level - 90 DP per Deck Level
  • 12. No More Cards Bonus - Win when opponent must draw but has no more cards in the Deck - 20 DP
  • 13. Quick Finish Bonus - Win within 5 Turns - 10 DP
  • 14. Reversal Finish Bonus - Win within a turn where you started with lower LP than the opponent - 20 DP
  • 15. Opponent's Turn Finish Bonus - Win during opponent's turn - 20 DP
  • 16..Partner Victory Bonus - Win during your partner's turn in a Tag Duel - 10 DP
  • 17. Low LP Bonus - Win when your LP is below 1000 - 20 DP
  • 18. Extremely Low LP Bonus - Win when your LP is below 100 - 100 DP
  • 19. LP Keep Bonus - Win without taking any damage - 10 DP
  • 20. Over 20,000 LP Bonus - Win with LP over 20,000 - 100 DP
  • 21. Konami Bonus - Win while having 5730 LP - 573DP
  • 22. Low Deck Bonus - Win with less than 10 cards left in the Main Deck - 20 DP
  • 23. Extremely Low Deck Bonus - Win with no more cards in the Main Deck - 100 DP
  • 24. Spell Card Bonus - Win a Duel in which you activated Spell Cards 10 or more times - 2 DP per Spell
  • 25. Trap Card Bonus - Win a Duel in which you activated Trap Cards 10 or more times - 2 DP per Trap
  • 26. No Spell Cards Bonus - Win a Duel without activating any Spell Cards - 15 DP
  • 27. No Trap Cards Bonus - Win a Duel without activating any Trap Cards - 15 DP
  • 28. Fusion Summon Bonus - Win a Duel in which you performed a Fusion Summon - 4 DP per Fusion Summon
  • 29. Ritual Summon Bonus - Win a Duel in which you performed a Ritual Summon - 4 DP per Ritual Summon
  • 30. Tribute Summon Bonus - Win a Duel in which you performed a Tribute Summon - 4 DP per Tribute Summon
  • 31. No Special Summon Bonus - Win a Duel in which you did not perform any Special Summons - 10 DP
  • 32. Chain Bonus - Perform a Chain with at least 3 Chain Links - 2 DP per the highest Chain Link of that Chain
  • 33. Max ATK Bonus - Have a face-up monster with 3000 or more ATK on your side of the field - ( Highest ATK / 500 ) DP, rounded down
  • 34. Max Damage Bonus - Inflict 3000 or more battle damage to your opponent with a single attack - ( Highest damage / 250 ) DP, rounded down
  • 35. LP Differential Bonus - Win a duel in which the opponent had at least 5000 more Life Points than you did - (Largest LP difference / 250) DP, rounded down
  • 36. Max Reflected Damage Bonus - Inflict battle damage to your opponent as a result of their attack - 1 DP per 100 damage
  • 37. Exactly 0 LP Bonus - Win by inflicting damage equal to opponent's remaining LP - 10 DP
  • 38. Battle Damage only Bonus - Win without inflicting effect damage - 10 DP
  • 39. Effect Damage only Bonus - Win without inflicting battle damage - 30 DP
  • 40. Destroy in Battle Bonus - Destroy 10 or more cards through battle - 4 DP per card
  • 41. Destroy by Effect Bonus - Destroy 10 or more cards through effects - 4 DP per card
  • 42. Removed from Play Bonus - Remove 10 or more of your opponent's cards from play - 4 DP per card
  • 43. Hand Destruction Bonus - Discard 10 or more cards from your opponent's hand - 4 DP per card
  • 44. Deck Destruction Bonus - Discard 10 or more cards from your opponent's Deck - 4 DP per card
  • 45. Return to Hand Bonus - Return 10 or more cards from the field or Graveyard to the hands - 4 DP per card
  • 46. Luck Bonus - Win multiple coin tosses and/or dice rolls in a row - 2 DP per consecutive win
  • 47. Counter Bonus - Generate 5 or more Spell Counters - 4 DP per Spell Counter
  • 48. Union Bonus - Special Summon Union Monsters and/or equip them to other monsters via their effects - 6 DP per instance
  • 49. Same Card Bonus - Have 3 non-Token cards with the same name on your side of the field - 5 DP
  • 50. All Monster Card Zone Bonus - Occupy all Monster Zones on your side of the field - 10 DP
  • 51. No Monster Card Zone Bonus - Make all Monster Zones on your opponent's side of the field unusable - 60 DP
  • 52. Key card destruction Bonus - Destroy / remove from play / take control of the opponent's most important cards - 20 DP x card
  • 53. Exodia Finish Bonus - Won by the effect of "Exodia the Forbidden One" - 50 DP
  • 54. Destiny Board Finish Bonus - Won by the effect of "Destiny Board" - 100 DP
  • 55. Final Countdown Finish Bonus - Won by the effect of "Final Countdown" - 50 DP
  • 56. Last Turn Finish Bonus - Won by the effect of "Last Turn" - 50 DP
  • 57. Skull Servant Finish Bonus - Won by an attack from "Skull Servant" - 1 DP
  • 58. Summoned "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth" - 30 DP
  • 59. Summoned "Wall Shadow" - 10 DP
  • 60. Summoned "Gate Guardian" - 30 DP
  • 61. Summoned "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" - 20 DP
  • 62. Summoned "Metalzoa" - 10 DP
  • 63. Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" - 10 DP
  • 64. Summoned "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" - 30 DP
  • 65. Summoned "Dark Sage" - 30 DP
  • 66. Summoned "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" - 20 DP
  • 67. Summoned "Exodia Necross" - 30 DP
  • 68. Summoned "Ojama King" - 20 DP
  • 69. Summoned "Mokey Mokey King" - 10 DP
  • 70. Summoned "Dark Dreadroute" - 20 DP
  • 71. Summoned "Chimeratech Overdragon" - 30 DP
  • 72. Used "Mega Ton Magical Cannon" - 10 DP
  • 73. Used "Yu-Jo Friendship" - 5 DP
  • 74. Used "Dark Scorpion Combination" - 10 DP
  • 75. Used "Ojama Delta Hurricane" - 10 DP
  • 76. Used "Blasting the Ruins" - 5 DP
  • 77. Used "The Law of the Normal" - 10 DP
  • 78. Used "Inferno Tempest" - 5 DP
  • 79. Used "Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan" - 5 DP
  • 80. Used "Elemental Burst" - 20 DP
  • 81. Used "Dark Scorpion Retreat" - 30 DP
  • 82. Used "Illusion Gate" - 10 DP
  • 83. New Bonus - 30 DP


  • If a player controls "Degenerate Circuit" and they have exactly 500 Life Points, its mandatory maintenance payment will reduce their Life Points to 0 during their Standby Phase.
  • The localization of the game is fairly inconsistent.
    • Many names remain unchanged from their original names in dialogue only.
    • Jim's crocodile is referred to as either Karen or Shirley at different points, while Axel is once referred to as Austin, his original name.
    • Several characters are ocassionally referred to with a different localized name than usual, such as "Fonte" and "Sadine" (Fonda Fontaine and Sadie, respectively). The American localization has even more of these errors, like referring to Sarina as "Sartorius".
  • The American localization of the game also uses many tentative OCG names in card images, such as "Calamity of the Wicked" (Malevolent Catastrophe), "Dark Blaze Dragon" (Darkblaze Dragon) and "Fele-Grant Dragon" (Felgrand Dragon), that are corrected to their TCG names for the European localization.

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In the Japanese version, many of the characters are named after members of the production staff.

Operation Staff
Original character and monster design
  • Takeshi Kameta
Direction and game design
  • KENYoU
Main Programming
  • Yohei Takada
Duel Programming
  • Hideyuki Takahashi
  • Akihiro Yamane
Duel Render Programming
  • Yohei Takada
Story Programming
  • Tsuyoshi Shimizu
Story Render Programming
  • Mahoro Tsukamoto
Deck Edit / Shop Programming
  • Yoshinori Kawamata
Effects Programming
  • Yoshinori Kawamata
Title Menu Programming
  • Takuya Hashimoto
Tutorial Programming
  • Yoshinori Kawamata
Network Programming
  • Koji Aiba
  • Takuya Hashimoto
Special Class Programming
  • Tomikazu Nakazawa
  • Mahoro Tsukamoto
  • Koji Aiba
  • Yoshinori Kawamata
Main Design
  • Shinsuke Mukai
Menu Design
  • Yasunori Kobayashi
3D Character Development
  • Shinsuke Mukai
  • Takeshi Takano
Character icon creation
  • Yasuhiko Tanaka
Map Character Creation
  • Yuji Kubo
  • Yuji Nakamura
  • Yoshitaka Noda
  • Takeshi Watanabe
Movie Creation
  • Shinsuke Mukai
  • Takeshi Watanabe
  • Takeshi Takano
  • Yuji Nakamura
  • Yoshitaka Noda
Background Modeling
  • Yoshitaka Noda
Sound Producer
  • Ayumu Kashizaki
Sound Director
  • Toshihisa Furusawa
  • Masanori Akita
  • Maki Kirioka
SFX & Audio
  • Toshihisa Furusawa
  • Sawako Todoroki
  • Takako Tanaka
Sound Programmer
  • Tsutomu Watanabe
  • Yasunori Kobayashi
  • KENYoU
Script Development
  • Tsuyoshi Shimizu
  • KENYoU
Deck Configuration
  • KDE-J Monitoring center
  • Takuma Abe
  • Satoshi Sawada
  • Syun Hori
  • Yasuto Suzuki
Package Design
  • Takeshi Urabe
  • Keiko Yagi
  • Koji Namikoshi
  • Takeshi Matsuda
  • Norie Sasaki
Manual Design
  • Shigeyuki Tanaka
Web Pages Creation
  • Hiroaki Takahashi
  • Koji Hatano
QA Testing
  • KDE-J Monitoring center
Special Thanks To
  • Hideki Hayawaka
  • Koji Kobayashi
  • Yoko Sekiguchi
  • Hiroki Muraoka
  • Akihiro Takatoku
  • Yoshiomi Kozako
  • Kazunori Nirasawa
  • Kohei Kawaji
  • Takehiro Nomura
  • Masakuni Nakazawa
  • Satoshi Yoshimitsu
  • Natsuyo Tanaka
  • Ryo Kato
  • Yukihiro Hojo
  • Yoshio Nishiguchi
  • Makoto Itakura
  • Hidehito Uchida
Executive Production
  • Katsunori Okita
Presented by
  • Konami Digital Entertainment
Voice actors
Generic male students
  • Hiroshi Shimozaki
  • Mika Ishibashi
  • Kenji Iwama
  • Takahiro Hirano
  • Makoto Tomita
Generic female students
  • Mika Sakenobe
  • Asako Yoshida
  • Yuki Kugimiya
  • Yuki Nakao
  • Tomomi Yara
Generic teachers
  • Hidenobu Kiuchi