Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird

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Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird
Neosupēshian Ea Hamingubādo
Card type Monster
Attribute WIND
Types Winged Beast / Effect
Level 3 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 800 / 600
Password 54959865
Effect types


Once per turn: You can gain 500 LP for each card in your opponent's hand.

English sets


2007-02-28STON-EN004Strike of NeosSuper Rare
Ultimate Rare
2008-01-26DP06-EN001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Common
2011-10-04LCGX-EN021Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackCommon
2018-06-28BLRR-EN050Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeUltra Rare

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Colibri Aérien Néo-Spacien

Une fois par tour : vous pouvez gagner 500 LP pour chaque carte dans la main de votre adversaire.

German Neo-Weltraum Air Hummingbird

Einmal pro Spielzug: Du kannst 500 LP für jede Karte in der Hand deines Gegners erhalten.

Italian Colibrì Neo-Spaziale

Una volta per turno: puoi guadagnare 500 LP per ogni carta nella mano del tuo avversario.

Portuguese Beija-flor do Ar Neoespacial

Uma vez por turno: você pode ganhar 500 PV para cada card na mão do seu oponente.

Spanish Colibrí Aéreo Neo Espacial

Una vez por turno: puedes ganar 500 LP por cada carta en la mano de tu adversario.

Japanese ネオスペーシアン・エア・ハミングバード


Neosupēshian Ea Hamingubādo
Korean 네오 스페이시언 에어 허밍버드

상대의 패 1장당, 자신은 500 라이프 포인트를 회복한다. 이 효과는 1턴에 1번밖에 사용할 수 없다.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2007-02-24STON-FR004Strike of NeosL'Attaque de NéosSuper Rare
Ultimate Rare
2008-01-22DP06-FR001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Pack du Duelliste: Jaden Yuki 3Common
2018-06-28BLRR-FR050Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeBatailles de Légende : Vengeance ImpitoyableUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2007-02-28STON-DE004Strike of NeosStrike of NeosSuper Rare
Ultimate Rare
2008-01-22DP06-DE001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Common
2011-10-20LCGX-DE021Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackLegendary Collection 2: Mega-PackCommon
2018-06-28BLRR-DE050Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeBattles of Legend: Relentless RevengeUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2007-02-28STON-IT004Strike of NeosAttacco di NeosSuper Rare
Ultimate Rare
2008-01-22DP06-IT001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Common
2011-10-20LCGX-IT021Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackCollezione Leggendaria 2: Mega-PackCommon
2018-06-28BLRR-IT050Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeBattaglie della Leggenda: Vendetta ImplacabileUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2018-06-28BLRR-PT050Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeBatalha das Lendas: Vingança ImplacávelUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2007-02-28STON-SP004Strike of NeosGolpe de NeosSuper Rare
Ultimate Rare
2008-01-22DP06-SP001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3Sobre de Duelista: Jaden Yuki 3Common
2018-06-28BLRR-SP050Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeBatallas de Leyenda: Venganza ImplacableUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2006-11-16STON-JP004Strike of Neosストライク・オブ・ネオスSuper Rare
Ultimate Rare
2007-03-22YSD2-JP020Starter Deck 2007STARTERスターター DECKデッキ 2007Common
2007-10-20DP06-JP001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3デュエリストパック -じゅうだいへん3-Common
2012-05-12DE01-JP079Duelist Edition Volume 1DUELISTデュエリスト EDITIONエディション VolumeボリュームCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2008-01-22STON-KR004Strike of Neos네오스의 공격Super Rare
Ultimate Rare
2008-04-25DP06-KR001Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3듀얼리스트 팩 —주다이 편 3—Common
2014-03-26PC02-KR004Precious Pack Volume 2프레셔스 팩 Volume 2Common

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Page Medium Debut date
Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird (anime) Anime 2006-01-11
Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird (Duel Links) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

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