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Once a day, if the player talks to Tank in Satellite, he will give them 10 random cards from the following list. These cards are all Normal Monsters and they cannot be obtained in other ways.

Until Tank has given the player at least 1 copy of each of the following cards, he will not give them another copy of that card again.

# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
30,000-Year White Turtle Common
Abyss Flower Common
Acid Crawler Common
Air Eater Common
Akakieisu Common
Akihiron Common
Alinsection Common
Alligator's Sword Common
Amazon of the Seas Common
Ancient Brain Common
Ancient Elf Common
Ancient Lizard Warrior Common
Ancient One of the Deep Forest Common
Ancient Sorcerer Common
Ancient Tool Common
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment Common
Ansatsu Common
Anthrosaurus Common
Aqua Snake Common
Archfiend Mirror Common
Arlownay Common
Arma Knight Common
Armaill Common
Armored Lizard Common
Armored Rat Common
Armored Starfish Common
Armored Zombie Common
Axe Raider Common
B. Dragon Jungle King Common
Baby Dragon Common
Baron of the Fiend Sword Common
Barrel Lily Common
Barrel Rock Common
Basic Insect Common
Bat Common
Battle Ox Common
Battle Steer Common
Battle Warrior Common
Beaked Snake Common
Bean Soldier Common
Beautiful Beast Trainer Common
Beaver Warrior Common
Behegon Common
Big Insect Common
Binding Chain Common
Bio Plant Common
Bio-Mage Common
Blackland Fire Dragon Common
Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie Common
Blue-Winged Crown Common
Bolt Escargot Common
Bolt Penguin Common
Bone Mouse Common
Boneheimer Common
Boo Koo Common
Bottom Dweller Common
Boulder Tortoise Common
Brave Scizzar Common
Burglar Common
Candle of Fate Common
Celtic Guardian Common
Change Slime Common
Claw Reacher Common
Corroding Shark Common
Crawling Dragon Common
Crawling Dragon 2 Common
Crazy Fish Common
Crow Goblin Common
Curtain of the Dark Ones Common
Cyber Falcon Common
Cyber Soldier Common
Cyber Soldier of Darkworld Common
D. Human Common
Dark Assailant Common
Dark Bat Common
Dark Chimera Common
Dark Gray Common
Dark King of the Abyss Common
Dark Plant Common
Dark Prisoner Common
Dark Rabbit Common
Dark Shade Common
Dark Titan of Terror Common
Dark Witch Common
Darkfire Soldier 1 Common
Darkfire Soldier 2 Common
Darkworld Thorns Common
Destroyer Golem Common
Dharma Cannon Common
Dice Armadillo Common
Dig Beak Common
Disk Magician Common
Dissolverock Common
Djinn the Watcher of the Wind Common
Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper Common
Dokuroyaiba Common
Doma The Angel of Silence Common
Doron Common
Dorover Common
Dragon Statue Common
Dragon Zombie Common
Droll Bird Common
Drooling Lizard Common
Dungeon Worm Common
Eldeen Common
Embryonic Beast Common
Emperor of the Land and Sea Common
Empress Mantis Common
Enchanting Mermaid Common
Eyearmor Common
Fairy Dragon Common
Fairy of the Fountain Common
Fairy's Gift Common
Fairywitch Common
Faith Bird Common
Feral Imp Common
Fiend Kraken Common
Fiend Reflection 1 Common
Fiend Reflection 2 Common
Fiend Scorpion Common
Fiend Sword Common
Fiend's Hand Common
Fire Eye Common
Fire Kraken Common
Fire Reaper Common
Firegrass Common
Firewing Pegasus Common
Fireyarou Common
Flame Cerebrus Common
Flame Champion Common
Flame Dancer Common
Flame Manipulator Common
Flame Viper Common
Flying Fish Common
Flying Kamakiri 2 Common
Flying Penguin Common
Frenzied Panda Common
Fungi of the Musk Common
Ganigumo Common
Garnecia Elefantis Common
Garoozis Common
Garvas Common
Gate Deeg Common
Gatekeeper Common
Genin Common
Ghoul with an Appetite Common
Giant Flea Common
Giant Mech-Soldier Common
Giant Scorpion of the Tundra Common
Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames Common
Giganto Common
Giga-Tech Wolf Common
Girochin Kuwagata Common
Gokibore Common
Golgoil Common
Gorgon Egg Common
Grappler Common
Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation Common
Great Bill Common
Great White Common
Green Phantom King Common
Griffore Common
Ground Attacker Bugroth Common
Gruesome Goo Common
Guardian of the Labyrinth Common
Guardian of the Throne Room Common
Gyakutenno Megami Common
Hard Armor Common
Headless Knight Common
Hercules Beetle Common
Hero of the East Common
Hibikime Common
High Tide Gyojin Common
Hinotama Soul Common
Hitodenchak Common
Hitotsu-Me Giant Common
Holograh Common
Horn Imp Common
Hourglass of Life Common
Hunter Spider Common
Hurricail Common
Hyo Common
Hyosube Common
Hyozanryu Common
Ice Water Common
Ill Witch Common
Illusionist Faceless Mage Common
Jellyfish Common
Job-Change Mirror Common
Judge Man Common
Kabazauls Common
Kageningen Common
Kairyu-Shin Common
Kamakiriman Common
Kanan the Swordmistress Common
Kappa Avenger Common
Kattapillar Common
Key Mace 2 Common
Killer Needle Common
King Fog Common
King of Yamimakai Common
Kojikocy Common
Korogashi Common
Koumori Dragon Common
Krokodilus Common
Kumootoko Common
Kurama Common
Kuwagata a Common
LaLa Li-Oon Common
LaMoon Common
Larvas Common
Laughing Flower Common
Launcher Spider Common
Leo Wizard Common
Leogun Common
Lesser Dragon Common
Lightning Conger Common
Liquid Beast Common
Lisark Common
Little D Common
Living Vase Common
Lizard Soldier Common
Lord of the Lamp Common
Lord of Zemia Common
Lucky Trinket Common
Mabarrel Common
Machine Attacker Common
Madjinn Gunn Common
Magical Ghost Common
Mammoth Graveyard Common
Man Eater Common
Man-Eating Plant Common
Man-Eating Treasure Chest Common
Masaki The Legendary Swordsman Common
Masked Clown Common
Master & Expert Common
Mech Bass Common
Mech Mole Zombie Common
Mechaleon Common
Mechanical Snail Common
Meda Bat Common
Mega Thunderball Common
Megasonic Eye Common
Megazowler Common
Megirus Light Common
Meotoko Common
Metal Fish Common
Metal Guardian Common
Meteor Dragon Common
Midnight Fiend Common
Mikazukinoyaiba Common
Millennium Golem Common
Minomushi Warrior Common
Misairuzame Common
Molten Behemoth Common
Mon Larvas Common
Monster Egg Common
Monster Tamer Common
Monstrous Bird Common
Monsturtle Common
Moon Envoy Common
Mountain Warrior Common
Mr. Volcano Common
Muse-A Common
M-Warrior 1 Common
M-Warrior 2 Common
Mystery Hand Common
Mystic Clown Common
Mystic Horseman Common
Mystical Capture Chain Common
Mystical Sheep 2 Common
Neck Hunter Common
Necrolancer the Timelord Common
Nekogal 1 Common
Nekogal 2 Common
Nemuriko Common
Neo the Magic Swordsman Common
Night Lizard Common
Nightmare Scorpion Common
Niwatori Common
Obese Marmot of Nefariousness Common
Octoberser Common
Ocubeam Common
Ogre of the Black Shadow Common
One Who Hunts Souls Common
One-Eyed Shield Dragon Common
Orion the Battle King Common
Pale Beast Common
Parrot Dragon Common
Peacock Common
Pendulum Machine Common
Petit Angel Common
Phantom Dewan Common
Phantom Ghost Common
Protector of the Throne Common
Psychic Kappa Common
Queen Bird Common
Queen of Autumn Leaves Common
Rainbow Marine Mermaid Common
Ray & Temperature Common
Red Archery Girl Common
Rhaimundos of the Red Sword Common
Rock Ogre Grotto 1 Common
Rock Ogre Grotto 2 Common
Rock Spirit Common
Rogue Doll Common
Root Water Common
Royal Guard Common
Rude Kaiser Common
Ryu-Kishin Common
Ryu-Kishin Powered Common
Ryu-Ran Common
Saber Slasher Common
Saggi the Dark Clown Common
Sand Stone Common
Science Soldier Common
Sea Kamen Common
Sea King Dragon Common
Sectarian of Secrets Common
Seiyaryu Common
Sentinel of the Seas Common
Serpent Marauder Common
Serpent Night Dragon Common
Shapesnatch Common
Shining Friendship Common
Shovel Crusher Common
Silver Fang Common
Skull Mariner Common
Skull Red Bird Common
Skull Stalker Common
Sky Dragon Common
Sleeping Lion Common
Slot Machine Common
Snakeyashi Common
Solitude Common
Sorcerer of the Doomed Common
Souleater Common
Souls of the Forgotten Common
Spherous Lady Common
Spike Seadra Common
Spikebot Common
Spiked Snail Common
Spirit of the Books Common
Spirit of the Mountain Common
Spirit of the Winds Common
Steel Ogre Grotto 1 Common
Steel Ogre Grotto 2 Common
Stone Armadiller Common
Stone Dragon Common
Stone Ghost Common
Stone Ogre Grotto Common
Stuffed Animal Common
Succubus Knight Common
Supporter in the Shadows Common
Sword Arm of Dragon Common
Swordsman of Landstar Common
Swordstalker Common
Synchar Common
Takriminos Common
Takuhee Common
Tao the Chanter Common
Tatsunootoshigo Common
Temple of Skulls Common
Tenderness Common
Tentacle Plant Common
Terra the Terrible Common
That Which Feeds on Life Common
The 13th Grave Common
The All-Seeing White Tiger Common
The Bewitching Phantom Thief Common
The Drdek Common
The Earl of Demise Common
The Furious Sea King Common
The Illusory Gentleman Common
The Judgement Hand Common
The Melting Red Shadow Common
The Portrait's Secret Common
The Shadow Who Controls the Dark Common
The Snake Hair Common
The Thing That Hides in the Mud Common
The Wandering Doomed Common
Three-Headed Geedo Common
Three-Legged Zombies Common
Thunder Kid Common
Tiger Axe Common
Toad Master Common
Togex Common
Tomozaurus Common
Tongyo Common
Toon Alligator Common
Torike Common
Trakodon Common
Trent Common
Trial of Nightmare Common
Tripwire Beast Common
Turtle Bird Common
Turtle Raccoon Common
Turtle Tiger Common
Turu-Purun Common
Twin Long Rods 1 Common
Twin Long Rods 2 Common
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon Common
Two-Headed King Rex Common
Two-Mouth Darkruler Common
Tyhone 2 Common
Unknown Warrior of Fiend Common
Uraby Common
Ushi Oni Common
Violent Rain Common
Vishwar Randi Common
Water Element Common
Water Girl Common
Water Magician Common
Water Omotics Common
Waterdragon Fairy Common
Weather Control Common
Wetha Common
Whiptail Crow Common
White Dolphin Common
Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head Common
Wilmee Common
Wing Eagle Common
Wing Egg Elf Common
Winged Cleaver Common
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress Common
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress 2 Common
Winged Egg of New Life Common
Wings of Wicked Flame Common
Witty Phantom Common
Wolf Common
Wolf Axwielder Common
Wood Clown Common
Wood Remains Common
Worm Drake Common
Wow Warrior Common
Wretched Ghost of the Attic Common
Yaiba Robo Common
Yamadron Common
Yamatano Dragon Scroll Common
Yaranzo Common
Yashinoki Common
Yormungarde Common
Zanki Common
Zarigun Common

Randomly, Tank can give the player 1 copy of any of the following cards instead of a Normal Monster. All 3 cards are rewards for finishing alternate storylines that can be unlocked prematurely by performing UMD Recognition with the previous Tag Force games, and they can be obtained multiple times even if Tank has not given the player all of his Normal Monsters up to that point.

# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
Dark Strike Fighter Common
Gigaplant Common
Thought Ruler Archfiend Common