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"Green Gadget", "Red Gadget" and "Yellow Gadget" in the artwork of "All-Out Attacks"
"Green Gadget", "Red Gadget" and "Yellow Gadget" in the artwork of "All-Out Attacks"
  • ガジェット
  • Gajetto (romanized)
  • Gadget
  • Apparat
  • Apparatus (translated)
  • Congegno
  • 가제트
  • Gajeteu (romanized)
  • Dispositivo
  • Artilugio
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Gadget" (ガジェット Gajetto) is an archetype of Machine monsters (with the exception of the Cyberse "Cyberse Gadget" and "Gadget Token").

The primary "Gadget" monsters and their support focus on generic Machine support, fast Summoning and swarming, and are centred around the cards "Green Gadget", "Red Gadget", and "Yellow Gadget", used by Yugi Muto. These Gadgets also synergise strongly with the "Ancient Gear" archetype, due to several members of the latter archetype directly supporting the colored Gadgets or Gadgets in general. There is also a smaller group of "Gadget" monsters that support the "Morphtronic" archetype, and are used by Leo in the anime, as well as a few others which do not belong to either group.


Colored Gadgets[edit]

Gadget Trap Monster
Green Gadget Stronghold the Moving Fortress
Red Gadget
Yellow Gadget
Gold Gadget Metalhold the Moving Blockade
Silver Gadget
Platinum Gadget N/A
Ancient Gear Gadget

Morphtronic Gadgets[edit]

Gadget Arms
Gadget Driver
Gadget Gamer
Gadget Hauler

Other Gadgets[edit]

Cyberse Gadget
Gadget Soldier
Gadget Token
Performachine Gadget Giant

Playing style[edit]

The Gadget archetype serves as a means to bring out typically larger monsters such as "Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon", "Powerhold the Moving Battery" (An arguably improved "Stronghold the Moving Fortress") Or their own credited boss Monster, "Boot-Up Admiral - Destroyer Dynamo". At one point in competitive play, They were used as fodder for "Machina Fortress". Besides this all Gadgets are Level 4, granting them access to a large amount of Rank 4 Xyz Monsters. Gadgets tend to search more Gadgets from the Deck when summoned or destroyed, with the newer LIGHT Gadgets having effects to Special Summon other Machines from the hand. Ancient Gear Gadget can change its name to become any other Gadget, which is useful for cards that want "Red", "Green" or "Yellow Gadget" such as Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera. New Gadget support cards such as Boot-Up Corporal - Command Dynamo focus on Equiping Gadgets to themselves to boost their attack while Boot-Up Order - Gear Charge Special Summons Equipped Gadgets.

Recommended cards[edit]


This deck struggles to recover against "System Down" and being mostly Machine focused, "There Can Be Only One" which also won't Destroy "Silver" or "Gold Gadget" for their effects to trigger. The high-attack Trap Monsters can also be removed with "Cosmic Cyclone" and "Harpie's Feather Duster".