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  • Primo
Japanese translatedPlacido
  • Male
  • Career
Previous occupationDirector of Sector Security (along with Lester and Jakob)
Previous organizationSector Security
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
World Racing Grand Prix Runner-up
TeamTeam New World
Anime DeckWisel
Other Decks
WC 2011Meklord Ruler
Tag Force 5
  • Wisel Overture
  • Wisel Prelude
  • Wisel Symphony
  • Wisel Armageddon
Tag Force 6
  • Wisel Concerto
  • Wisel Rhapsody
  • Wisel Requiem
Duel TranserIliaster's Frission of Terror
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 06565: "A New Threat, Part 1"
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Nintendo DSYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
WiiYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer
Voice actors

Primo, known as Placido in the Japanese version, is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

He is one of Aporia's three embodiments of despair, one of the Three Pure Nobles of Iliaster, and one of the main antagonists of the second season, with Lester and Jakob. As one of the Three Nobles, he is working to complete the Grand Design. He impatiently started several plans of his own agenda in attempt to force the completion of the circuit by attacking the WRGP preliminaries with the Diablo Duelbot Army. Yusei Fudo thwarted the invasion by defeating him, and after being repaired Primo began supporting Jakob's plan by joining the WRGP as a part of Team New World.

Primo is one of the few left-handed Duelists in the franchise, along with his other embodiments as well as Paradox and Bruno.



Linework of his newly rebuilt self
Linework as a butler

Primo is a young man that appears to be an intermediate between Jakob and Lester in height. Like the other Nobles of Iliaster, Primo wears primarily white cloak-like clothing, over his own black and white riding suit and carries a sword. He has a gray metallic eyepiece that covers his right eye, and a triangular green circuitry-filled gem on his forehead, set off-center towards the left. He wears white hood, with decorative gray lightning bolts that point backwards like horns. Under his hood, he is pale-skinned, red-eyed and has spiky gray hair split down the middle into two different shades. He has a bald spot above his right eye with and small mark in the middle. Underneath his left eye, Primo has a scar that runs down his cheek.

Primo is dressed in gray metallic armor, the major portion of which forms a large hoop-like collar around his neck that connects to encircle a large green gem on his chest, giving its Infinity-themed look. A piece of armor runs down his back and opens up to reveal a series of ports, which attach to tubes on his Duel Runner. The armor pieces around his waist holds up a white train-like cloak that covers his legs. Underneath his armor, Primo wears a white turtle-neck body suit with a black stripe that runs down the center. Primo also wears white thigh-high boots with hidden data ports that can attach to his Duel Runner, as well as arm length black and white sleeve covers that are adorned with red gems at the wrist and upper arm. These seem to be part of his body as it is revealed that his Deck, and Deck holder rests in a space inside his arm that can be accessed by opening the jewel at his wrist.

Primo was ripped in half upon being defeated by Yusei, however he later returns having been fully rebuilt and is shown with new red marks on his face, one beneath his left eye, and another that runs down the left side of his face, and on coming from the side of his face. His hair also is spikier than it previously was.

Primo carries his sword on his right side (because he's left-handed). Gold with an infinity symbol between the hilt and the blade, the sword serves to create portals, as a Duel Disk, and as the key that allows Primo to combine with his Duel Runner: the Terrible Omen. It is stored in a long black scabbard that seems to float at Primo's waist.

In episode 77, Primo disguised himself as Lester's butler, a red eyed, dark hair man of average height. He wore a black suit with a red ascot above a white shirt and had neat black hair slicked back.


Primo with his hood up

Primo has a strong sense of pride. He takes his work of fixing the future very seriously, works with all his intelligence to get the job done. However, Primo's pride also leads him to take actions too far, leading to arrogance, disrespect, impatience, and being short tempered. Of his negative qualities, disrespect is the most noticeable. Primo refused to follow Jakob or his commands, because the premise of Jakob's plan was that the Nobles, including Primo himself, were not strong enough to complete the Grand Design on their own power. He also disdains humanity as a whole because their unnecessary evolution has created a catastrophic future, and even goes as far to take his rage out on what he believes to be the symbol of that future: Synchro Monsters. Primo holds a lot of pride in his status. He believes that humans are lesser beings to his kind and is offended by their insubordination. During his Duel with Yusei, he is deeply offended as Yusei passes him on his Duel runner, unable to suppress his rage as a mere human rides before him.

Primo is also short tempered. He's easily offended by Lester's jeers and threatens Lazar with his sword whenever he steps out of line. Yusei Fudo angers Primo more than anyone else, as he interfered with Ghost, Team 5D's thwarting of "Hook the Hidden Knight" (which resulted in Primo attacking with the Diablo), and later Yusei received a tablet from Iliaster's God.

One of the more unique aspects of Primo's personality is his adherence to determinism, or the belief that actions are predestined to take place. This view feeds his disdain for humanity because he believes that even if humanity wanted to change, they were poisoned with a destiny that they could never possibly overcome. Feeling above this poisoned destiny, Primo feels no shame in putting lives in danger or threatening to destroy an entire city because humanity is doomed either way.

Primo's obsession with Yusei seems to have become the focal point of his life. While Dueling Jack Atlas he didn't so much as try to Duel him reminding him that he isn't Yusei and thus not his "prey".


Primo merged with his Duel Runner

Primo's primary power is his ability to interact and manipulate machinery and electronics, also know as technopathy. This allows him to control and monitor any number of robots and machines, notably Ghost, the Guard Robot, and the Diablo, without ever typing or directly interacting with the machinery in question, this could also explain why punching Bruno had a powerful effect on Bruno. This interaction is further exemplified in Episode 107, when Primo is able to interface and merge directly into the T-666 Terrible Omen. The physical merge as well as his subsequent destruction following his defeat by "Shooting Star Dragon" shows that part of the secret to his ability as a technopath is that he is an android himself.

Like Lester and Jakob, Primo is capable of inflicting real damage to the players during a Duel through a the use of a white band of light shaped like an infinity symbol, that appears on the road.

In episode 108, Primo shows to some extent, control over the weather as he unleashes a lightning storm onto Neo Domino City. The storm knocked out the power to the entire city, and later, Primo would take the storm one step further in another attempt to stop Yusei by having "Wisel" create a tornado.


Primo possesses an incredibly sophisticated and multi-functional sword that he keeps stored in a hilt on his hip. The sword can be used as a normal sword, as seen when Primo uses it to threaten Lazar. The sword is shown to be capable of slicing through the very fabric of space and create portals, allowing Primo or its wielder to traverse great distances or move with ease similar to teleportation. In addition, his sword also serves as the key needed to activate the code that allows Primo to merge with his Duel Runner, T-666 Terrible Omen. While Primo Turbo Duels in this merged form, the sword's hilt splits in half and projects a sheet of green light, turning into a Duel Disk. It is also revealed in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 that in regular Duels, the sword's blade can also split in half and function as Primo's Duel Disk.



In a future, where most of humanity is wiped out by what was believed to be Ener-D, Aporia was one of the few human survivors. He and the other survivors, Antinomy, Z-one and Paradox worked on a way to restore the world to the way it once was. Shortly before Aporia died, he requested that Z-one split him into three incarnations based on the three major despairs of his life.[2]

Z-one complied and the three embodiments of despair, Lester, Primo and Jakob were created and sent to the past. Primo is Aporia's early adult years, and was the embodiment of despair Aporia suffered after losing the one he loved.[2]

Pre-World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

Primo points his sword at Lazar

Primo, Jakob and Lester arrived at the crash site of tablet from space outside of New Domino City. Primo was pleased to find that the tablet contained the monster belonging to him, commenting that Jakob and Lester would not get a chance to fight as he could do it all. Sector Security arrived on the scene, including Lazar, the Iliaster operative they were meant to meet earlier. Primo asked for their assistance in moving the tablet, but Lazar demanded to know who they were and ordered them to clear the scene. Primo returned the disrespect by pointing his sword at Lazar's face. Lazar quickly apologized and complied with Primo's orders, after being told that they were the three new directors of Sector Security. While on site, Primo decided that he would need to test out his new monster.[3]

Primo stole a prototype Duelbot from Sector Security and took direct control of it, arming it with his own Deck. He used it to attack Turbo Duelists at night, and the droid became known as Ghost. After about a week of attacks, Sector Security started hunting for Ghost, resulting in Trudge being hospitalized after losing to Ghost. Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan hunted down Ghost and Yusei engaged in a Turbo Duel. Primo quickly took the upper hand by Summoning "Meklord Emperor Wisel" and using it to absorb Yusei's "Stardust Dragon". Through Ghost, Primo declared Synchro Monsters to be a waste of human evolution, that he intended to remove from history. Yusei was going to lose, but then then got last minute help from the Crimson Dragon, allowing him to play "Majestic Star Dragon", and win. Ghost was destroyed after the Duel, but arrived at the crash site before anyone else and recovered his Deck. Glancing at "Majestic Star Dragon", he promised that this would not be the last time they faced each other.[3][4]

Primo offended by Jakob's remark

Primo, Jakob and Lester were at the World Racing Grand Prix opening ceremony, observing the guests from the back room. Primo disagreed with Jakob's plan to use the WRGP participants to complete the Grand Design, as he felt that their own strength was enough to force the circuit to completion. Primo was disgusted at the idea that they needed to rely on humanity to complete their work (in the dub, this was because Jakob misspoke their plan as "his plan".) Dobocle tried to crash the party by riding his Duel Runner through the party hall. Primo was initially entertained by this, but after Akiza Izinski chased Dobocle with her powers as a Psychic Duelist, Primo became disappointed in Sector Security's inability to catch up to Dobocle. Primo took it upon himself to go after Dobocle, and set out on Terrible Omen. He streaked past Security, who mistook him for Ghost, as his Duel Runner was not registered in their database. Primo caught up with Dobocle and defeated him in a Turbo Duel, mercilessly causing him to crash. Primo returned to Lester and Jakob, where the three of them noticed Yusei Fudo was Dueling Vizor. They didn't see Vizor perform his Accel Synchro Summon because it caused the video feed to jam. The Nobles were impressed as the Duel completed a portion of the Grand Design, causing Primo to wonder what it was that caused the feed to jam.[5]

So he decided to ask the source and set out after the Duelist. Primo quickly caught up with him and wanted to know what he had just done, but the turbo Duelist answered him that he had come to stop them. Primo was shocked that he knew who they were, and demanded to know exactly who he was. The Duelist refused to answer, which was an answer that Primo did not like. The unidentified Duelist then told him that he would make sure they were undone by the Accel Synchro Summon, which bewildered Primo. Before he could try to get anymore information out of the Duelist, the Duelist rammed Primo because he was about to run over a kitten in the middle of the road. As a result, the mysterious Duelist lost control of his Duel Runner and crashed off a cliff and into the ocean. Primo then just shrugged the matter off, assuming the guy to be dead.

Primo disguised as Lester's Butler

Following the WRGP dinner, the three Nobles went to their thrones and monitored the Duel lanes from there. Following Akiza Izinski passing her Turbo Dueling Exams, Primo watched Yusei turbo Duel with her. However, the Duel was not activating circuits on the Grand Design, so Lester called the Duel a bore, but Jakob figured that when the time came, the Signers would fulfill their purpose in his plan. Primo though interrupted Jakob, asking him if he was so certain. Jakob did not know what Primo was talking about, so Primo clarified that the Crimson Dragon still posed a threat, adding it's what ruined Rex Goodwin's plans, and it could be the undoing of their plans.

Lester asked Primo what he intended to do about it, to which Primo responded that he would Duel Yusei Fudo, defeat him, and then take Stardust Dragon from him. Lester though just laughed at the idea, pointing out it was ridiculous. Primo became apprehensive as Lester pointed out that Primo had already lost to Yusei once; a fact that angered Primo, but the issue was dropped because Lester's tablet arrived. Lester cheered that he knew that Primo could not have been enough to complete their plans on their own, a statement that just got a grunt from Primo.

Primo monitors Leo's entry into the mansion

In Episode 77, Lester went undercover as a wealthy transfer student at Duel Academy, with Primo disguised his butler. When Lester brought Luna to his mansion, Primo was waiting in the foyer, and obliged to Lester's request for refreshments. As he made his way to get the refreshments, he noticed Leo climbing over the front gate from the security camera, and commented to himself that it looked like they would have one more guest. However, he ignored Leo for the most part and instead went about preparing the refreshments. When Primo walked out to the courtyard to deliver the drinks to Lester and Luna, he noticed that Leo was making his way off the property.

Primo brought the drinks down as Luna practiced using her new Duel Board. Lester at first asked about Leo's whereabouts, to which Primo responded that he thought that the extra guest had left. So Lester went on to apologize for making Primo be his butler, but Primo responded that he did not mind. He was curious to see the Signer's power for himself as well, a comment that made Lester chuckle.

Primo then spent the rest of Lester's test watching him Duel against Leo and Luna from his throne along with Jakob. Primo commented that Lester was acting immature after he summoned "Meklord Emperor Skiel", but Jakob just responded that he was being a child. As the Duel came to a close, Primo and Jakob were shocked to see Leo be saved by the Crimson Dragon after Lester defeated him, and was stunned when Luna was saved from death by the Duel Spirits. Following Lester's victory though, all traces of Lester were removed from the timeline, including the house and Primo as a butler.

After Lester finished testing Leo and Luna, Primo started preparing his own surprise for the WRGP. Tired of and offended by Jakob's plan of waiting for humanity and the Signers to complete the Grand Design, Primo hatched his own plan to complete the Circuit. But in order to complete it, he needed a program that Yusei Fudo and Bruno had just finished. So he tasked Lazar with procuring the program from them by any means necessary. Lazar successfully broke into their shop and stole the program, but in the middle of the theft, Lazar made the mistake of leaving a fingerprint on a wrapper of a cup ramen that he ate because he was hungry.

After obtaining the program, Lazar contacted Primo over the holophone the next afternoon to inform Primo that he obtained the program. Primo asked if he had done anything that would expose his actions, and Lazar assured Primo that he left no evidence behind. Primo liked the answer, so he ordered Lazar to bring the program to him immediately. Stunned, Lazar asked if he meant him personally, and angered by the question, Primo pulled his sword on Lazar over the phone, telling him that was obvious, and repeated for him to bring the program immediately. Intimidated, Lazar obliged and left for the factory.

When Lazar arrived, Primo was not pleased because Lazar was late, calling him a stupid clown. Lazar apologized because he had been chased by rats, but since he'd given them the slip, there was nothing to worry about. Lazar handed the program over to Primo, who was pleased because Lazar had done well for a clown. He told Lazar he did good work, and Lazar was pleased, boasting that even as vice-director of Sector Security, he wouldn't have left something like this to one of his subordinates because of the risk of exposing Primo. So he personally took the program.

Lazar then asked in exchange for snatching the program, could he know. Primo asked if Lazar could know what, and Lazar responded that he wanted to know what Primo intended to do with the stolen program. Primo responded by pulling his sword and pointing it at Lazar's nose. Primo added that it was of no concern to Lazar, and it would be safer if he didn't know (in the dub, Lazar asked to be payed, and Primo responds by pointing his sword at Lazar and comments that Lazar gets his mercy). The tense moment was interrupted by Primo being alerted that Yusei Fudo and Bruno had infiltrated the factory. Lazar, mortified as Primo called him an idiot for being followed, excused himself and saluting Primo, ran out of the control room. Primo turned his attention to Yusei and Bruno, realizing that they had come to get their program back. Primo walked to the keyboard, and waving his hand over it, triggered the alarm and activated the security doors.

Yusei however managed to get past the lockdown door before it shut, so Primo went to the basement. Knowing that all that was left for him to do their was install the program, Primo went to a Guard Robot, telling it to bid him the time he needed to finish his work. Then extending his left hand out, he shot an electrical charge that brought the Guard Robot online. The robot immediately traveled to Yusei, who was trying to interrogate Lazar, and once the robot confirmed Yusei's identity, it sealed the corridor and told Yusei that he could not through until he accepted its challenge to Duel and defeated him.

Primo though, had returned to the control room, where he commented to himself that the Guard Robot was perfect to stall Yusei because it had been programmed with knowledge and strategies to counter Yusei's Duel history, strategies, and Yusei Fudo's Decks. Primo then noticed Bruno come to the building security's attention because he had approached a locked door, leading to the Diablo's storeroom, and was picking it. Primo was getting ready to install the program, but he did not want any intruders, so he teleported to the doorway and told Bruno he should not have come there. Bruno was reacted to Primo with a deja vu feeling, which also gave him a headache, but the moment was short-lived as Primo punched Bruno in the gut, knocking him unconscious. He commented that no one would get in his way.

Primo punches out Bruno

Primo then proceeded to the terminal in the room, declaring that he would give the Diablo new life with the best programs available. So he plugged in the stolen program and as the program started giving life to the Diablo, Primo commented to himself that with the greatest Duelbots being born, Yusei needed to enjoy the time he had left. So Primo continued watching the Duel as the program uploaded to the entire Diablo. Minutes later, as Primo enjoyed Yusei's struggle with the Guard Robot, Jakob contacted Primo, asking him what he thought he was doing. Primo responded that he was executing a plan of his own and asked Jakob to stop monitoring him. Jakob though responded that if Primo proceeded as he planned, then his own plans would go to waste. Primo just told Jakob he didn't give a damn about his plans and hung up on him. After hanging up on Jakob, Primo noticed that the download was complete, so he ordered the Diablo to awaken. The Diablo came online and started riding out of the factory.

Primo returned to the control room as the last of the Diablo left the factory. With them gone, Primo commented that time was up, and turning his attention to Yusei's Duel with the Guard Robot, commented that he was not as soft-hearted as Jakob. When he noticed that Yusei's friends were there, he commented that it was perfect. And saying that he could not leave any evidence of the factory behind, Primo put his hand over the keyboard and triggered the ten minute self-destruct sequence. Primo commented that the Signers and their dragons would be annihilated here. And with that comment, Primo drew his sword, cut a open a portal with it, and left the factory. Primo's plans to kill the Signers though did not work as everyone was able to escape before the explosion.

After Primo brought the Diablo online, Jakob devised his own plan to activate more circuits along the Grand Design, partly as an attempt to show Primo his plan would not be a waste and to have all three of them work together. So the Three Nobles sent a Fake Jack Atlas to create trouble. Primo's part of the plan was the creation of the impostor, which was an android programmed to be a malicious Jack. Once it was set loose, it was quickly discovered by the real Jack Atlas, who pursued the impostor in hopes of clearing his name. Jack failed and was thrown into the ocean, where he was captured by Iliaster and kept in a cell where he watched his impostor continue to attack.

While observing Jack Atlas, Primo asked why they had not disposed of him, but Jakob responded that Jack was connected to the Crimson Dragon so he did not want to risk its interference. Lester just commented on the matter that after forging Jack Atlas's Deck, which was a pain, the Crimson Dragon would be their problem if it did interfere. In a short time though, Jack escaped from the cave he was being held in and went after his impostor again, only this time he won and obliterated the impostor. Primo commented that with the impostor's defeat, it looked like Jakob's plan had been a waste of time. Lester at first agreed with Primo, but when the resulting Duel completed another circuit on the Circuit, Lester and Jakob were pleased with the result. Primo though just sat in his throne.

World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

Sometime later, Sherry LeBlanc and Elsworth took over the Sector Security building, which was brought to the Three Nobles attention once the building was forced into lock down. Lester found the situation amusing, but Primo was disappointed. He blamed Lazar, who had abandoned his post after almost being killed in the factory, for the breach at Sector Security. Jakob though told both of them to dismiss the trivial matter because they were far too busy to deal with it. Unbeknownst to Primo and the other Nobles though, Sherry, Bruno, and Yusei Fudo all encountered Z-one through Sherry's "Z-ONE" card.

Sometime during this period, Primo also set in motion another attempt to thwart Jakob's plan at the WRGP by circulating Cards of Darkness to Team Catastrophe. Primo appeared before Hermann, causing him to crash, but following the crash, Primo offered Nicolas the card "Hook the Hidden Knight". He promised them that as long as they used that card, they would not be confined to their lives of poverty, and they would win all their Duels. And to top it all, he tempted them with the prospect that it could lead them to be King. The prospect of King grabbed all three of their attentions.

Nicolas responded that using Cards of Darkness sounded interesting, but Hermann and Hans were both skeptical about using the card. Hans wondered if they should really be using a card like that while Hermann pointed out that "Card of Darkness" sounded like bad news; Hermann added that Primo gave him the creeps, but when he glanced back at where he stood, Primo had already teleported away.

When the WRGP did begin, Primo watched the first round of matches with Lester and Jakob from his throne, including Team 5D's match against Team Unicorn. The resulting matches led to numerous circuits along the Grand Design to be completed. Lester was amazed by the gradual completion, while Jakob commented that once the Circuit was complete, the future would change. Primo though silently watched, still offended by Jakob's approach.

With Team Catastrophe facing Team 5D's, Primo personally watched the match from the roof of the Duel Stadium. As he watched both teams prepare to start the race, Lester appeared behind Primo, telling him he knew that something was off about Team Catastrophe's Duels. Primo was apprehensive at first, but then Lester claimed that he was not responsible for anything Primo did all on his own, regardless of what Jakob did when ever he found out. Primo just responded that the geezer has been dragging his feet when it comes to the WRGP, so Primo decided to do things his own way. Lester just wished Primo luck as the starting horn sounded.

Primo watched the Duel between Hermann and Crow with silent intent up until Crow defeated Hermann and took out "Hook the Hidden Knight" permanently. Lester taunted Primo with how his plan was looking to be a wash, but Primo just continued watching the match as Jack Atlas and Nicolas Dueled. Nicolas quickly revealed that he had received another card of darkness from Primo along with "Hook": "Doom Ray". Nicolas played the card to force a draw and crash Jack, but Nicolas quickly found out that he was not immune to his own card of darkness. Jack Atlas saved himself with his "Power Giant", and also saved Nicolas as well, but when Nicolas's Duel Runner was destroyed and Team 5D's declared the winners and a guaranteed spot in the Top Eight spot, Lester declared Primo's plan an official wash and asked him for his opinion on why his plans always failed, but Primo had left long ago.

Primo left the Duel Stadium and went to a large warehouse where he released the Diablo Duelbot Army. Standing on a roof, he pointed at New Domino City and ordered the army to descend the city into chaos. The Diablo then drove through New Domino until they forced their way into the Duel Lanes system, where the Diablo fanned out and began hunting down WRGP participants. Once they began to crash them through Turbo Duels, Primo continued watching the Duels from the rooftops as the explosions began, declaring that the WRGP has switched to Battle Royal Mode. He then urges humanity to draw out the Grand Design if they valued their lives.

As the Diablo attack continued though, Primo began to notice that Duelbots were being slowly picked off. His immediate conclusion was that Yusei Fudo was interfering. This began to infuriate Primo, but before he could do anything, Jakob contacted Primo directly through the patch over his right eye. Primo, already angry that Yusei turning the tide of the Diablo, told the old man to go away; he was busy right now. Jakob though asked Primo what he thought he was doing. Primo just spits that Jakob is being too lax, and that by forcing the Duels, the Circuit would surface in no time at all. Jakob though tried to reason with Primo, telling him that he didn't understand, explaining that forcing the fight would not bring about humanity's true potential, and the result is a true Circuit would never form.

Lester though butts in, adding that Yusei Fudo was already involved. Lester concluded from the fact that Yusei had defeated Primo once, so there wasn't reason for Primo to not listen to Jakob. Primo was infuriated as Lester laughed at his own comment, so Primo declared that he was doing this his own way and cut the transmission by pressing the eye patch. Primo, now alone once more, declares that Yusei should not get ahead of himself, and decides to prove to Yusei that he would never be defeated by the likes of humanity. Primo then recalls the entire remaining Diablo from attack the WRGP and sends it to fight Yusei in one concentrated attack.

Yusei, Sherry LeBlanc, and Elsworth held off the Diablo at first, but after their turns, Primo declared that the time had come for those runts to disappear. The Diablo then began to progressively take their own turns, striking hard with each of their progressive turns with no sight of any more turns for Yusei or the others. The Diablo defeated Sherry and Elsworth with little effort, leaving Yusei with the only option of trying to outrun the Diablo. Primo just watched from the rooftops, laughing at Yusei's impending defeat.

As the Diablo reduce Yusei's Life Points, the mysterious Duelist, now revealed to be Bruno, reappeared with part of his memory restored (by Z-one) and aided Yusei in escaping from the onslaught of "Ally Salvos". Primo, witnessing Yusei attempting to escape with the mysterious Duelist, jumped off the building he was watching from and called forth the Terrible Omen. Then as he fell, he evaporated his hood and waist cloak in a similar transformation scene that Bruno had to transform into his Vizor alter ego, except with red codes instead of green. When his helmet appeared on his head, Primo grabbed hold of his T-666's controls and speed after Yusei and Bruno.

When Primo caught up to them, Yusei demanded to know if Primo was the one controlling all the Ghost robots, to which Primo remarked that it didn't matter. Primo then tried to challenge Yusei to a Turbo Duel, but Vizor instead rammed Primo, forcing him to spin out and fall behind. But Primo did not stay behind for long. Primo kicked on his Terrible Omen's overboosters, yelling that he and Yusei were going to Duel and caught up quickly. But when he caught back up to Yusei and Bruno, Yusei had vanished and only Bruno was left. Primo demanded to know what had had happened to Yusei, but Vizor answered that Yusei was going to discover a new possibility, so he was Primo's opponent. Primo then remembered Vizor as the mysterious Duelist from that evening at the WRGP opening dinner and realized that his presumption that he had died that night was wrong. Primo then demanded to know who he was, but Vizor just responded that he was not entitled to answer someone who was about to disappear. Grinning, Primo then declared that he'd just have to use force instead.

As the Duel began, Primo began almost immediately with "|Meklord Emperor Wisel" by using the trap Twin Vortex, but Bruno quickly countered by setting up both his "T.G. Wonder Magician" and "T.G. Cyber Magician" for an Accel Synchro Summon; however, Primo saw through the strategy, and before Vizorcould Accel Synchro Summon, a half dozen Diablo Duelbots joined the match and prevented Vizor from reaching the speed he needed to do the Summon. Vizor cursed at Primo, but Primo just reminded Vizor that Battle Royal Mode was still active. The Duelbots quickly began to turn the Duel against Vizor, but then Yusei returned to the scene to face off against Primo and stop his invasion against the city. Primo accepted the challenge, but before they began Jakob contacted Primo through the Terrible Omen.

Just as Primo is about to start his Turbo Duel with Yusei, Jakob tried to stop Primo from Dueling Yusei by contacting him through his Duel Runner, warning him that Yusei had a new found power. Primo was at first confused and apprehensive, but Lester explained that Yusei had gotten a tablet from God. Jakob explained that he could not guarantee his safety and he was to return immediately. Primo, enraged by the other Nobles' lack of confidence in him, cut the transmission and told Yusei that he would show his own real powers.

Primo readying his transformation

Primo's eye piece began to glow as he stands up on his Terrible Omen as Yusei watched in confusion. Primo draws his sword and inserts it into a slot on the control panel of the Terrible Omen. For a moment, the Duel runner becomes enveloped in green code and mathematical formulas, then it glows and transforms. The two front wheels of the Terrible Omen merge into a single wheel as the boosters merge and change shape. Primo launches himself into the air as his helmet shatters. In the air, his hip slits apart and the joints in his legs change shape, data ports emerge from the bottoms of his shoes. He lands back on the Terrible Omen and is merged into it. The armor piece running down his back splits apart and attaches to a series of pipes on the Terrible Omen, the jewel-like piece on his right arm opens to reveal a Deck holder, and the hilt of the sword embedded in the Duel runner splits apart to form a sheet of green light that becomes his Duel Disk.

Primo points at Yusei and declares that he would not escape this time. Primo shows off the full power of his transformation by creating an energy field around himself that shatters the glass and roadways around him. Yusei tries to stop him by ramming him. The first impact surprises Primo, but subsequent impacts fail to stop him. Primo merely scoffs at Yusei and the two Duel.

Yusei starts off by Synchro Summoning "Junk Destroyer" and attempting to destroy Primo's Set card and "Wisel" . However, Primo activates his Trap Card and protects his monster. After trying countless number of times to absorb Yusei's Synchro Monsters, Primo Summons "Skiel Carrier 3" and "Skiel Carrier 5" (which were cards he had secretly stolen from Lester for the Duel). As Yusei attempts to perform Accel Synchro, Primo pulls up beside him and reminds him of his father's role in the Zero Reverse incident, undermining Yusei's confidence and preventing him from achieving the Clear Mind technique necessary for Accel Synchro. Primo laughs at Yusei's failure and activates the effect of "Wisel" and absorbing "Stardust Dragon".

Weather patterns begin to change as "Wisel" becomes more powerful, and the resulting tornado and lighting strikes begin to destroy the city. Spurred on by the devastation to the city, Yusei attempts Accel Synchro once more and gains the resolve to succeed, summoning "Shooting Star Dragon" on Primo's turn. Primo is shocked when Yusei disappears from the road, remarking "He's Gone!!" ("Uh-oh!" in the dub) before Yusei reappears immediately behind him with "Shooting Star Dragon".

Primo is not convinced of Yusei's strength. He belittles "Shooting Star Dragon", and activates the effect of "Speed World 2" in order to destroy "Shooting Star Dragon". However, Yusei uses its effect and protects it by briefly removing it from play.

Primo after his defeat by Yusei

Primo looked on in disbelief as Yusei proceeds to reveal 4 Tuner monsters from his Deck, his expression turning to horror as Yusei drew the fifth Tuner, "Hyper Synchron". He commented that it was impossible for the situation to have turned out like this, but Yusei commanded "Shooting Star Dragon" to attack "Wisel" with Stardust Mirage. "Shooting Star Dragon" split into five copies, and each copy attacked "Wisel" in turn. Primo announced that the first attack was negated by "Skiel Carrier 5". The second attack was blocked by the effect of "Wisel Guard 3". Yusei then announced a third attack on Wisel Guard 3, and with its effect expired, the attack destroyed it as Primo shielded his face from the backlash. Yusei declared his fourth attack on "Wisel Attack 3", and Primo screamed in pain as the left arm of "Wisel" was destroyed. Yusei directed his fifth and last attack on "Skiel Carrier 5", engulfing Primo in flames as it was destroyed. As "Skiel Carrier 5" exploded, Primo shouted in disbelief before the realization set in that he and his "Meklord" had been done in by a human (in the dub, the realization set was that his "Meklord" was beaten and least of all by Yusei).

Primo screamed as the remains of "Wisel" fell on top of him and exploded, bringing his Life Points to zero. The impact of the explosion throws him, causing him to crash. Still fused to his his Duel Runner, Primo's upper body is ripped loose from the Terrible Omen, which continues to roll along the roadway due to the high speed crash. His severed upper torso impacts the ground several times amidst a hail of robotic parts and broken glass, becoming more fragmented each time. His left arm is severed, Deck holder shattered and his armor is scratched and broken. Primo's sword and the torn up remains of his upper torso come to a rest a good distance away from the rest of his body, still merged to his Duel Runner. Yusei pulled up on his Duel Runner and runs over to check on Primo, asking if he was okay. But Primo was unresponsive and silent, his eye blank. Before Yusei could do anything else, Primo's remains begin to rise in the air, and Yusei looks up to see Jakob and Lester atop the Daedalus Monument. Jakob gathers and lifts the broken remains of Primo's body, setting his broken body, Duel Runner and various other parts at his feet atop the monument.

Lester comments that Primo had borrowed his cards without permission and calls for him to give them back. He then reaches past the broken jewel piece in Primo's arm and grabs the Primo's Deck, ripping the mechanism of the Deck holder away. Lester comments gleefully that he will simply take Primo's entire Deck as he's not in any condition to protest anyway.

Primo remained unconscious, but after Jakob and Lester had an extended conversation about Iliaster, God, the future of humanity, and then fought off a vengeful Sherry LeBlanc, Jakob and Lester took Primo's remains with them, even though Lester openly questioned whether he could still be of use to them.

Primo was eventually repaired and he later returns during the Trio's confrontation with Clark Smith because of his 'elimination' of Yusei, Sherry and Bruno, where it appears that Primo preempts Jakob and Lester in re-writing history and erasing Clark along with Momentum Express Development Organization.

Primo later watched the Duels between Team Taiyo and Team 5D's and the Duel between Team Ragnarok and Team 5D's. Primo, along with Lester, seemed surprised by the appearance of "Red Nova Dragon". Lester and Jakob watch as the Grand Design grows larger, along with Primo, who has two new red marks on the left of his face, during the Duel between Harald and Yusei.

Ark Cradle[edit]

On the eve of the final match, Primo, Jakob and Lester appear on the railing of a tall building overlooking the city. Jakob comments that the circuit will be complete with their victory in the WRGP, allowing them to gain control of the Divine Temple.

Primo suggests to the others that they should make use of their true power in this final battle, the powers that were restricted by their creator, Z-one.

Later, Primo, Jakob, and Lester talk to Yusei and the others through a hologram. They tell them that the island is actually Divine Temple and that it will appear with Team New World's victory in WRGP, triggering the destruction of New Domino City, and changing the world. During the match, he is seen with Jakob in the pit, observing Lester's Duel with Jack. After Lester activates "Infinite Aura" Primo comments on its activation and Jakob adds that the 'plan was successful'. When Lester loses the Duel, Primo is shown waiting on the Terrible Omen. He then congratulates Lester on his loss, to which Lester responds in annoyance. Lester hands him the three cards on his field and Primo looks back at the Divine Temple and prepares to Duel Jack.

During his Duel with Jack, Primo continues to rebel against Jakob and Lester by activating cards and inflicting effect damage to Jack's Life Points, reducing them to 1100 in the process. Primo, after talking to Jakob telepathically, returns to Dueling by their plan and loses the Duel, and giving "Infinite Aura" a total of 80 counters. When Primo returns to the pit, he thinks to himself "Just wait Yusei Fudo" revealing that he still holds a grudge/rivalry towards Yusei.

When Jakob prepares to Duel Jack, Primo and Lester look on. When Jakob combines with his Duel Runner, Primo and Lester look on in excitement (the latter more so than Primo). When "Meklord Emperor Granel" is Summoned and Team New World's plans for the Duel come to fruition Lester is overjoyed, however Primo shrugs it off.

Aporia/Primo with Eurea, his comrade during the Meklord Emperor Genocide, when he was human

During Yusei's Duel, Jakob shows him the future, including his fellow Nobles. Primo was a soldier fighting off the Meklord Emperors. While fighting a "Granel" with another soldier the "Granel" destroys a part of the building, killing the other soldier, infuriating him and proceeds in attacking it. Afterwards Primo, along with the others combine into Aporia and ready to Duel Yusei one last time.

During Aporia's Duel with Yusei, Aporia reveals that Lester, Primo, and Jakob were all one in the same, just different periods of Aporia's life (Lester was his childhood, Primo his young adulthood, and Jakob his elder years). Aporia also revealed that Aporia/Primo had lost the person he loved, revealing that Aporia/Primo and this woman were either in love with each other, or that it was a one-sided love.

Other appearances[edit]


Primo uses a "Wisel" Deck, focused around his "Meklord Emperor Wisel". Primo's main method of Summoning it is through using "Wise Core", using cards such as "Spark Breaker", "Explosive Blast" or "Twin Vortex" to destroy it himself. Once summoned, Primo utilizes the various upgrades of his "Meklord" to enhance it's strength further, using cards such as "Wise A3" and "Wise T3" to quickly replace the weaker versions of his monsters with much stronger ones. As his "Meklord Emperor Wisel" is the only monster that can attack while face-up, Primo gears the majority of his cards toward allowing it to inflict piercing damage or attack multiple times, making the opponent's defensive manoeuvres useless. He also uses cards like "Divergence" and "Wisel Top 3" to protect it from being destroyed by the opponent's tactics.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dobocle 73 Win
Vizor 107 No result
Yusei Fudo 108-110 Lose
Jack Atlas 132 Lose


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