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  • Lester
Japanese translatedLucciano
  • Male
  • Career
Previous occupationDirector of Sector Security (along with Jakob and Primo)
Previous organizationSector Security
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
World Racing Grand Prix Runner-up
TeamTeam New World
Anime DeckSkiel
Other Decks
WC 2011Sky Meklord
Tag Force 5
  • My Sneer
  • My Smile
  • My Cackling
  • My Roaring Laughter
Duel TranserIliaster's Awakening
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 06565: "A New Threat, Part 1"
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Nintendo DSYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
WiiYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer
Voice actors

Lester, known as Lucciano in the Japanese version, is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

He is one of Aporia's three embodiments of despair, one of the Three Pure Nobles and one of the main antagonists of the second season alongside Primo and Jakob. As a member and high-ranking member of Iliaster (referring to himself as sub-leader of the Pure Nobles), he wields one of the deadly "Meklord Emperors" to help further Iliaster's goal of changing the future through the Grand Design.

Lester is one of the few left-handed Duelists in Yu-Gi-Oh!, along with his other embodiments as well as Paradox and Bruno. He is the only one of Aporia's embodiments that didn't Duel Yusei at least once.



Lester in his robe with his hood up

Lester is a young boy about the age of Leo and Luna. He is skinny, has green eyes, pale, and while short, he is tall for the age group he is portrayed as being. He has waist-length, dark red hair, keeping it pulled back by wrapping end in a black cloth. Qualities that he shares with the other two Nobles is that he wears primarily white and has a white hood. In addition, he has a gray patch (which covers his left eye), and a blue gem in the middle of his forehead. Unique to Lester though is in addition to white, he wears blue and green colors, most notably blue in-line skates as oppose to shoes or boots. His most unique attribute to his appearance though is a bar that floats around him at his shoulder height, which he uses as a Duel Disk and can connect to the metal collar he wears through the infinity symbol on the front when he activates it or to a disk he can attach to his right arm. Most of the time, Lester wears a white cloak over his Duel Disk when he is not using it.

The only time Lester's appearance has significantly changed was when he went undercover at Duel Academy. Other than donning a Duel Academy uniform instead of his Iliaster wardrobe, he also took his patch off his left eye, hid the blue gem on his forehead, and instead pulled his hair back in one long braid.


Lester is mischievous and likes stirring up and thriving in chaos. Excitable and constantly amused by most situations that should be taken serious, Lester is a child that acts with childish traits. However, his childishness can go a little too far as he is smug and considers himself above humanity similar to the other Nobles. He believes being chosen by God is a serious responsibility and one given to Iliaster because of humanity's inability to grasp the bigger picture beyond the individual's personal life.

He holds an arrogant self-view, striding to be in control of a situation, resulting in his actions and Dueling with the intent of controlling the opposition's actions and keeping the upper hand. The only person that appears to be able to keep Lester's attitude in check is Jakob, who is intimidating to Lester. However, while Lester follows Jakob's commands, he is not afraid to bend the rules for his amusement or sneak his own interests in, especially when he is clear of the consequences. Most notably, his attitude towards Primo's plan to force the Grand Design is that of amusement, more distinctly, apathy. He doesn't care one way or the other so long as the end goal of completing the Circuit is fulfilled.

Underneath his childish and conceited attitude though is a violent temper. When control of a situation is pulled from him, even if not completely, Lester becomes ruthless, sadistic, loud, and willing to put aside any other intentions to obliterate whoever got in his way or whatever went wrong.


Lester has his own set of unique powers like the other nobles. His most notable power is his ability to forge, such as crafting Fake Jack Atlas's Deck with three "Red Dragon Archfiends". His power of forgery is not just limited to cards, as he can change his own shape to assume the identity of somebody else, as when he impersonated Miss Bartlet to trick Leo. The limits of this power are ambiguous and yet to be shown, but the power is not completely perfect, as each false "Red Dragon Archfiend" he created was discolored from the proper red color of Jack Atlas's true copy.

Other abilities Lester demonstrated includes the power to teleport himself. Unlike Primo, Lester does not have to use another object to make portals to teleport. Lester can also make Duels inflict real damage by having a white infinity symbol appear at the start of the Duel.

Despite his small stature, Lester is physically stronger than a well-built human as shown when he overpowered Elsworth in a sword fight.

Unlike Primo and Jakob, who can fuse with their Duel Runners from the waist down, Lester can only fuse with his Duel Board from the feet up.



In a future, where most of humanity is wiped out by what was believed to be Ener-D, Aporia was one of the few human survivors. He and the other survivors, Antinomy, Z-one and Paradox worked on a way to restore the world to the way it once was. Shortly before Aporia died, he requested that Z-one split him into three incarnations based on the three major despairs of his life.

Z-one complied and the three embodiments of despair, Lester, Primo and Jakob were created and sent to the past. Lester is Aporia's younger years, and was the embodiment of the despair Aporia suffered after losing his parents that loved him.

Pre-World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

The Three Pure Nobles arrive at Wisel's crash site.

Lester first appeared alongside Jakob and Primo at the crash site of a Wisel's tablet, and was disappointed that it belonged to Primo. Lazar arrived with other Sector Security Officers and questioned their reason for being at the crash site. When Primo reacted by pointing his sword Lazar, Lester explained to Lazar that starting that day, they were the new directors of Sector Security. Lazar, realizing his error, apologized and obliged to their commands to move the tablet.

Lester next appeared at the WRGP in a back room along with Jakob and Primo. Lester sat on the couch, mocking the participants of the WRGP because they didn't know that were being used for Iliaster's plans. He however stayed out of the tension developing Jakob and Primo on how to complete the Grand Design, and watched quietly as Dobocle crashed the dinner party, and when Primo chased down Dobocle to punish him after evading Sector Security's pursuit.

Later, as Primo returned from his assault on Dobocle, Lester noticed that a Turbo Duel on the monitor. It was Yusei versus an unknown Turbo Duelist. he watched the Duel with Jakob and Primo, and was intrigued when a blinding light cut the feed to the Duel, and none of them witnessed the Accel Synchro Summon. He was not curious about the matter though because when the turbo Duelist threw the match, Lester called the match just a waste of time. But Jakob corrected Lester, pointing out the Duel had completed a circuit on the Grand Design, and the result had opened up a new possibility for humanity.

Sometime after the opening dinner for the WRGP, the Three Pure Nobles observed Yusei turbo Dueling Akiza. Lester thought the Duel was lame though because despite being a Duel between two Signers, the Grand Design was not activating. Jakob concluded that there wasn't enough power, but was still confident that the WRGP and the Signers would complete the Circuit. Primo though interjected that the Crimson Dragon could still be meddling their plans, suggesting that he defeat Yusei and steal his "Stardust Dragon", which would prevent the Crimson Dragon from interfering. Lester found the idea to be funny, snickering at the thought of Primo beating Yusei, pointing out that he couldn't defeat Yusei the first time. Primo started to get offended, but then Lester sensed the arrival of his tablet. He was excited out of disbelief, adding that he knew that Primo wasn't enough to complete the job on his own, which offended Primo. But Lester's tablet crashed into a mountain just outside of New Domino City, destroying the peak and leaving a crater in its place. Iliaster and Sector Security blocked the crash site and retrieved the tablet.

Lester, after being enrolled at Duel Academy.

Within a short time, Lester transferred to Duel Academy. Introduced by Miss Bartlet, Lester wowed the classroom with a charm, smooth walk, and having an air of upper class in his appearance. After entering the room, he gave a smile in Luna's direction that made her blush, but his charm made Leo jealous and unimpressed. Miss Bartlet continued to explained over the awe of her students that Lester was a great Duelist as well because Lester had won the Juvenile Grand Prix at Duel Academy East Branch, his former school. Bob pointed out that it was even hard to enter that tournament. Patty is awed, and Miss Bartlet suggested that the class ask questions to Lester to help with their studies. The entire class raised their hands to try to get Lester's attention. Luna meanwhile told Leo that she was getting a pleasant vibe from Lester, and Leo was surprised he was serious. Leo thought to himself then that he could care less about Lester's victory in a tournament because he could beat Lester in one shot. However, Leo lost to Lester, who played a combo with "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress" and "Limiter Removal".

The victory wowed the entire class once again, getting cheers from Patty. Bob noted that this was a show of Lester's veteran skill, and showed that Leo and Lester were on two different Dueling Levels. Lester just called the Duel not a big deal. Miss Bartlet instructed Lester and Leo to switch with Bob and Luna, and as they switched, Luna told Lester that he had done a great job and Lester wished her good luck. Luna thanked him, and as Lester stood on the sidelines watching the match, he mentally urged Luna to show him how a Signer Duels.

After the class though, Lester confronted Luna, asking her what happened in that Duel, pointing out that with her skills, she shouldn't have needed more than a minute to beat somebody like Bob. Luna embarrassed, tried to speak, but Lester asked her if she was not feeling well. Luna though told him that those were her skills, then says that she was in a hurry and had to go, but she promised they could talk about it next time. (She went to Poppo Time with Leo and praised Lester's Dueling skills to Yusei Fudo.)

The following day, Lester was waiting for Luna and Leo. He greeted Luna at the front door and asked to talk to her. Leo commented to Lester that he personally could do without whatever he had to say. Lester asked Luna if she had any free time after school, which Leo immediately answered no. Lester continued explaining to Luna that there was something that he wanted to show her at his house. Luna's confused and asked what, but Lester responded that she would find out when she got there. Leo though got between Luna and Lester and told that he already said that she would not because she had plans. Lester responded that he was trying to talk to Luna, asking him to not cut in. Leo though countered that he and Luna were one in the same, and that if he could not, then she could not either. He walked away with Luna, dragging her as she apologized to Lester. Lester sneered at Leo for interfering. So Lester disguised himself as Miss Bartlet later that day and approached Leo. He, as Miss Bartlet, asked Leo if he would be willing to stay after school to do something. Leo agreed, and after thanking him, Lester walked around a corner and changed back to himself.

After school, Lester approached Luna from his limousine, which surprised and impressed Luna. Lester asked her if Leo was with her and then immediately if she wanted to take a ride. Stunned, Luna wondered if she should go, but Lester assured her that they were going to his house so that he could show her. Luna agreed since she did not want all the trouble that Lester had gone through to go to waste. So Lester took her to his house(at this point Leo realized that he had been tricked by Lester), which was more like a gated palace. Luna was amazed by it, noting that Lester must be rich to have a house like that. Lester responded that is was something like that.

Inside, Lester and Luna were greeted by the butler, Primo. After the greetings, Lester asked Primo to get sweets and tea for the guest (in the dub, Lester wanted Primo to get lemonade), and he complied without delay. While Primo did that, Lester showed Luna his skateboard (and Leo has snuck onto the property by that time as well, so he saw it too). Lester used that skateboard with precision skill, astonishing Leo and impressing Luna. When Lester finished, he handed the skateboard to Luna and told her it was her turn. She was too nervous to try on the fly, but Lester assured her by telling her that he had made specifically for her body type. He told her it was a present and asked her to please take it. She's thankful, but asked him why did he want her to have it. Lester explained that he wanted to Duel her using a Duel Board in a serious Turbo Duel. Luna was stunned at the possibility (as was Leo, who was hiding in the bushes), so Lester explained that by using a connection cord, the Duel Disk's Ener-D could be linked to the Duel Board. And after linking the board to the Duel Disk, Lester started teaching her how to use ride the board (and Leo left).

Primo then arrived, carrying refreshments. Lester thanks Primo and then asked him about what happened with his other guest. Primo told him that he believed that he had left on his own. Lester snickered and told Primo that everything was going according. Lester then apologized for making Primo do all the butler stuff, but Primo said that there was not need to apologize; he wanted to see the Signers for himself. Lester chuckled at the comment.

That evening, Lester dropped Luna back off at her house in the Tops. She thanked him for the day, and Lester said it was not a problem, adding that he would be waiting for her tomorrow. Luna agrees, and then asks if Leo could come the next day as well. She explained that Leo had been wanting to learn how to Turbo Duel for awhile, and he'd jump at the opportunity to learn. Lester said that it'd alright, telling her that the more, the merrier. He tells her to take care, and she tells him bye, and the limo drives off.

The following day, Lester appeared on an arch above Leo and Luna who were practicing with both of their Duel Boards at a highway construction site, and neither recognized him. Lester leapt off of the arch, and his Duel Board appeared and attached to his skates. Lester landed and knocked Leo to the ground, telling Luna that she didn't need him; he was only after her. Lester then swung his right arm, which caused a Duel Disk and the bar that floats around his shoulders to form into a Duel Disk, which in turn overrode Luna's Duel Board's controls, forcing Luna to follow him. Luna called out to Leo, who in turn caught up with Luna and Lester. Leo told Lester that he'd be his opponent, and amused at the prospect, Lester accepted both of them as challengers. Lester then activated a real "Speed World 2", which caused an infinity symbol to flash on the ground. Luna was nervous because she had never Turbo Dueled, but Leo assured her that he would protect her and they could beat him like they beat Devack. A Duel lane opened and all three declared the beginning of the Duel.

Lester, on his Duel Board

Lester gave the first turn to Luna, who used it to play "Bird of Roses", but Lester countered with "Absurd Stealer" to destroy "Bird of Roses" and inflict real damage onto Luna. The damage almost threw Luna off of the Duel Lane, but Regulus caught her and returned her safely to the ground, which Lester noticed. Continuing though, Lester taunts Luna, asking her if she liked feeling the actual damage, and explained that was going to continue. Leo and Luna were stunned by this, and her Mark of the Dragon activated because of it.

The Duel continues and Leo took his turn, declaring that Lester would only be attacking Luna again over his dead body. Leo then tried to counterattack, but that tripped Lester's traps: "Exus Summon" to Summon "Sky Core" and "Torrential Tribute" to destroy all monsters on the field. The ensuing combo clears the field and Summons "Meklord Emperor Skiel" and all its parts to the field. Leo's shocked that Lester Summoned five monsters, but Lester then combines them all together to form one robot, and that shocks Leo even more. Laughing, Lester thanks him for helping him to Summon his best monster, which strikes fear into not only Leo and Luna, but Kuribon and Regulus as well.

Lester continued, stating that if they wanted to surrender, now was the chance. Leo blew off the request though and set a trap card. However, Lester was already prepared and activated "Trap Stun". With Trap Cards negated for the turn, Lester attacked Leo with "Skiel". The attack connected and Lester asked Leo how did it feel to be attacked by "Skiel", promising to rough it up next time.

Luna though told Lester that she would not let him hurt Leo like that again. And taking her turn, she Summoned "Ancient Fairy Dragon", which excited Lester. Luna continued though to use the effect of "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to Summon "Fairy Archer". Luna used the effect of "Fairy Archer" to shoot Lester with an arrow, inflicting eight hundred points of damage, but after the arrow hit Lester in the back and exploded, Lester rode out of the smoke unphased. Shocked at his reaction, Luna and Leo wondered what was going on, but Lester explained that he was not prone to feel such a trivial amount of pain.

The other Signers arrive on the scene, having tracked down Luna through her birthmark, but they could not do anything besides call out to her. Lester though activates the effect of “Skiel” to absorb "Ancient Fairy Dragon". Leo and Luna watch in horror as "Skiel" sends out tendrils that pull "Ancient Fairy Dragon" into its chest. Lester brags about catching the dragon, and to celebrate he rides up the side of the Duel lane and does a jump. Leo recognizes the jump as similar to one that Lester did while at his house, and then as Lester rides by Leo, he sees his face. Leo told Luna, but Lester brushed it off as it was too late for his identity to make any difference.

He thought to himself that he would now make them draw the Grand Design, and then had "Skiel" gain the ATK of "Ancient Fairy Dragon". He then tried to finish off Leo by playing "Speed Spell - Summon Close" to prevent him from Special Summoning monsters to defend from the attack, but Luna saved Leo with "Twinkle Wall", although with a steep cost of most of her Life Points. Lester just mentally urged Luna to keep taking the blows he aimed at Leo.

Leo took his turn to Summon "Power Tool Dragon", which got Lester to comment that Leo was hopeless because he Synchro Summoned. Leo continues with "Morphtronic Vacuumen" in an attempt to equip "Skiel" to the monster, but Lester counters with "Convert Ghost". Leo was not out of options, as he plays "Power Break" to return "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to Luna and burn Lester in the process. Lester was shocked at the move, but Leo explained even though he was not a Signer, Luna was one and he would protect as she was his pride and joy. Lester was quiet for a few seconds, but when he spoke again, he clenched his fist, shouting that he would pound the snot out of them and make them regret ever making him mad.

Lester upgrades his "Skiel Attack" to "3" and immediately to "Skiel Attack 5". Lester immediately used its effect, which allowed it to attack the player directly, to wipe out the rest of Leo's Life Points. The attack threw Leo off of the Duel Lane and plummeting to the ground below, but the Crimson Dragon appeared and prevented Leo from falling from his death, which surprised Lester.

The Duel continued, and Lester commented that Leo had narrowly made it out alive, something he'd be sure to not make that mistake with Luna. Luna responded that she would not lose to Lester nor let Leo's will go in vain. So Luna Summons "Regulus" and played "Ancient Sunshine" in an attempt to whittle Lester's Life Points down to next to nothing, but Lester countered with "Infinity force". With Luna out of options, Lester took his next turn to finish Luna's Life Points. However, the Duel Spirits appeared in an attempt to shield Luna from the attack of "Skiel", but eventually it breaks through. Before Luna is thrown off the Duel Lane though, Regulus reappeared and prevented her from losing control of her Duel Board. Lester sneered that his attack failed to finish either twin and rode away.

Following the victory though, Iliaster removed all traces of Lester from the timeline. His mansion was removed and everyone's memory of Lester was wiped, except for the Signers and Leo. It was later revealed that Iliaster had the power to alter the timeline, except those who were protected by divine beings.

Tension soon boiled over between Jakob and Primo as Primo blatantly refused to follow Jakob's orders any more. Lester chose to not get involved in the dispute, but that did not stop him from from contributing a smart-alec attitude to the situation when Primo hung up on Jakob. Lester responded to Jakob's anger by pointing out that Primo was just being immature, reminding Jakob that he had that attitude once long ago as well. Lester snickers at the thought of Jakob acting like Primo, but Jakob rebuffs that he'd outgrown that sort of attitude a long time ago. Lester continued by explaining that Primo didn't care about Jakob's plan to use the Signers to activate the Circuit. He explains that since this was Primo they were talking about, Primo was going to obviously try to force the Grand Design to activate. Jakob realized that was why Primo built the Duelbot Army, but he asked Lester how did Primo know that the Signers were developing the program that was stolen. Lester response was taunting Jakob by asking him if now he was curious about Primo's plan. Jakob was taken aback, but Lester continued that no time was being wasted. He explained that sure, their shared goal was to activate the Circuit, but he argued that there was no harm in taking different routes toward that goal since they all would end up in the same place in the end. Jakob though countered Lester, telling him that it was a waste of time to change their plans when they were getting so close to their goals. Lester ignored him, repeating that it didn't matter because it was a matter of preference. He then gloated about the idea that if the Circuit was successful, he might end up like Jakob and Primo because he didn't want to get that old. Jakob just called Lester an impudent brat.

The Nobles watch the captive Jack while his impostor runs free.

Lester took a key part in the creation and operation of the Fake Jack Atlas. Lester made the impostor's Deck identical to Jack Atlas's real Deck, except with the modification of having three "Red Dragon Archfiends" instead of one. Lester though had difficulty forging the Deck, and as a result, refused to take any other part in the scheme after he finished the Deck. He watched the impostor Duel Jack twice, and after the Impostor was destroyed, and its Deck obliterated. Lester, along with Primo, were disappointed that the Fake Jack went to waste, but when a circuit activated on the Grand Design, Lester was overjoyed at the changed outcome to the events.

Following Yusei's return from Crashtown, Sherry LeBlanc and Elsworth attacked the Sector Security building in hopes of analyzing "Z-One" for a lead to Iliaster. When the building was locked down, the break-in was brought to Iliaster's attention. Lester found the mischief at the Security to be amusing, and then found it even funnier when he realized that as the directors of Security, it was their job to fix the problem. Primo blamed Lazar, but Jakob ignored the situation and declared that they were too busy to deal with the situation. Unbeknownst to all three of them though, Yusei Fudo, Sherry, and Bruno met Z-one through the attempt to scan Z-One.

World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

After the attack on Sector Security, the Three Pure Nobles continued to watch from their thrones, observing the opening day of the WRGP, including Team 5D's opening match against Team Unicorn. At the beginning of the day, Lester declared that the opening matching would determine how well Jakob's plan truly was. As the matches continued, he admired all the circuits that were produced on the Grand Design, and Jakob was confident that his plan would change the future soon enough.

When Lester got wind of Team Catastrophe's tactics, he began to suspect that Primo was involved. When Team 5D's took on Team Catastrophe, Lester found Primo watching the match from the roof, confirming his suspicions. Primo was at first apprehensive with Lester's appearance, but Lester just told Primo that he was not responsible for Primo's actions or for Jakob chewing out Primo later. Primo responds that the geezer's dragging his feet with the WRGP, so he's going to do it that way. With a snicker, Lester wished Primo luck and watched the match with him.

Laughing when Crow Hogan dodged the attack of "Hook the Hidden Knight" from the shadow, Lester found Crow's struggle with the Card of Darkness to be sadistically entertaining. However, once Crow defeated the" Hidden Knight" once and for all with the effect of "Gravity Collapse", Lester told Primo that it looked like his plan was a wash. Primo just watched silently though as Hermann switched with Nicolas, who was armed with another Card of Darkness. So Nicolas used his card immediately, "Doom Ray", to attempt to force Jack Atlas to crash. However, Jack was protected from the effects of "Doom Ray" with the effect of "Power Giant", while Primo had let Team Catastrophe's protection against their cards expire. Lester witnessed Jack save Nicolas from his wreck and Team 5D's be declared as finalist for the WRGP. Lester was amused, declaring Primo's plan a definite bust. He asked Primo if he wondered why his plans always failed, but when Lester didn't get a response, he turned around and discovered that Primo had long left the stadium.

Lester quickly figured out that Primo had left the Duel Stadium to enact his master plan of forcing the Grand Design with his Duelbots. Lester immediately returned to his throne to see Jakob's reaction when he found out. Lester though teleported back though early, so that he could also toy with Jakob as well. Laughing as he teleported back to his seat, Lester complimented that the Circuit was completing itself bit by bit, but then pointed out that relying on Turbo Duelists was sure a drag. Jakob replied that they needed to harness the power of Ener-D in order to complete the Circuit, and in other words, they needed Turbo Duelists, and humanity hadn't realized the potential of Ener-D yet. So once the Circuit was complete, only then would God's Shrine appear. Lester though commented on that by pointing that the Circuit, or whatever anybody wanted to call it, was just so huge... about as big as New Domino City, concluding with a tone of amusement that when the castle showed up, it'd destroy the entire city. Jakob called it a trivial sacrifice to save the future, but then their conversation was halted by the Duelbot army alert.

Jakob was surprised, demanding to know what was going on. Lester took the opportunity to stand atop his throne and declare that those were the Diablos that Primo had set free, and there sure were a heck of a lot of them. Jakob realizes exactly what they were, asking what were they doing, and as Lester slammed his seat back down into his throne, he told Jakob that it looked like Primo had gotten fed up with waiting, so he sent out his troops. Lester started literally rolling in his chair laughing, declaring the invasion to be such a beautiful sight, a view that Jakob did not agree with.

When Jakob contacted Primo directly to try to talk him out of his invasion, Lester supported Jakob, but not in a helpful way. As Jakob tried to reason with Primo, Lester butted in and added that Yusei was already interfering with Primo's plan, and reminded Primo that the last time that Yusei interfered, Primo lost to him. So Lester concluded that right there was good enough reason to listen to Jakob. Primo though was enraged by Lester's comment, disconnected the link, and sent his entire Duelbot Army to crush Yusei all at once.

As the fight continued, Lester stopped finding Primo's invasion to be funny when a stone tablet fell from outer space and crashed outside the city, but it did not belong to Jakob; it belonged to Yusei. This infuriated Lester in particular because the tablets were their means to build a better future. It was an impossibility. Jakob began to ponder if that meant that Yusei had met God as well. This infuriated Lester even more because this raised an even larger question of whether Yusei was like the three of them, declaring to be impossible as well.

Yusei claimed the monster from the tablet and returned to New Domino City to take on Primo. Jakob and Lester both tried to stop Primo from accepting the challenge. Primo was at first apprehensive to Jakob telling him to stop because Yusei had a new power, but Lester clarified that Yusei had gotten a tablet. However, when Jakob told Primo to return because there was no guarantee that he could win, Primo was infuriated at the idea that his fellow Nobles did not believe that he could defeat Yusei on his own. In his rage, Primo cut the transmission and then used his sword to fuse himself with his Terrible Omen.

Lester continued to protest the possibility that Yusei could have received a tablet from God, but Jakob silenced Lester's protest by telling him that the fight between Yusei and Primo had been willed by their God. So Lester continued to watch the Duel between Yusei and Primo quietly until Primo played "Skiel Carrier 3" and "5". Surprised, Lester checked his Deck and cursed at Primo for taking cards from his Deck without permission.

The Duel continued on, and Yusei was eventually able to Accel Synchro Summon "Shooting Star Dragon". Lester wondered how they should handle this since "Shooting Star Dragon" was beyond their limits, but Jakob warned that the future predicted by God was getting away from them, and power of humanity was catching up to them, so they needed to be careful. Lester noted moments later, realizing that Primo had lost, that Primo had made great strides in completing the Grand Design, but Jakob commented that they would need more power from the Signers to complete the entire Circuit. Then they witnessed Yusei tear Primo apart with Shooting Star Dragon.

With Primo defeated, Lester appeared alongside Jakob to retrieve his broken body. When Jakob lifted Primo's body off of the highway and onto the monument where they stood, Lester took possession of Primo's sword as Jakob talked to Yusei. Yusei though immediately recognized Lester from when he Dueled Luna and Leo. Lester pointed out though that he was just testing them back then, but Primo went through all that trouble to steal Yusei's program and raise the Duelbot army only to have it be a waste of time. Lester finds it amusing, especially since Primo was left tattered in the end. Yusei though puts it together that Iliaster had stolen the program, and Lester confirms it, explaining that Vice Director Lazar had stolen it, but when he felt in danger, he beat it somewhere and haven't heard from him since. Lester contends that even if Yusei managed to stop Primo's work it wouldn't be enough to stop Iliaster altogether, no matter how many lives the contender may have.

Lester then turns his attention to the unconscious Primo, pulling his Deck from his arm. Lester calls Primo names, demanding his cards back, but takes his entire Deck since it's not like Primo would be moving anytime soon anyway. Lester then notices Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, and an unidentified Duelist drive up next to Yusei, and they realize that Lester and Jakob are Iliaster members. So after Jakob appreciated the irony of meeting Team 5D's at the monument, he introduced himself as the leader of Iliaster. When Lester heard this, he protested Jakob's statement. However, Jakob glared at Lester and gave a grunt, which caused Lester to immediately retract his statement in an instant and introduce himself as the sub leader (in the dub he introduces himself as the co-leader) and Primo is introduced as the number one lackie (In the dub, he just says Primo's name when introducing Primo and he states that Yusei, Jack, and Crow already know who he is now). Now with the introductions out of the way, Yusei asks why were they messing with the city, but Lester brushed the question off by answering that they had no reason to tell them why they did anything. Jakob though did not care what they knew. Lester asked if that was alright, but Jakob pointed out that they couldn't stop what was coming even if they knew about. Realizing that Jakob was right, he concedes to Jakob.

Jakob explains that they are trying to change the future. Jack protests, saying that they can decide their own future, and so Lester acted relieved that the whole matter was pointed out, but then pointed out that the problem with that was that it was too bad that they were too stupid; a response which angered Jack. Lester though snapped back if they were doing just fine, then Iliaster would have never showed up. Crow though asked if that meant that they knew the future, and Lester answered Crow that he did, telling them that the future that they were creating would not be just their own future. Jack was offended, but Jakob supported Lester's point by explaining Iliaster's history of crafting history and influencing the top politics to ensure that history moves on the right track.

As the explanation comes to an end though, Sherry arrives, asking if they were responsible for the death of her parents. When Jakob brushes the question off, Sherry drives up the side of the arch of the monument to attack Jakob. Jakob though catches her Duel Runner and throws it off the monument, which alarms Elsworth, who rides up the other side of the arch to run his Duel Runner into Jakob. Lester though takes action by jumping onto Jakob's shoulder wielding Primo's sword. When Elsworth jumped from his Duel Runner, Lester leapt off of Jakob to intercept Elsworth. Elsworth extended his Duel Disk (which was metal), so Lester swung the sword and hit the Duel Disk. Elsworth was surprised that Lester, a child, was able to hold off the attack as Lester declared that no attack tactics would work against them, and then did a flip kick to knock Elsworth to the ground.

Lester, brandishing Primo's sword, stood between Elsworth and Jakob as Jakob used the attack to explain why humanity was doomed on their own, and that Ener-D was going to lead to an inevitable future despite their failed attempt with Zero Reverse. So Iliaster had decided to erase New Domino City as a new revision to history. This shocked Team 5D's, but Lester chimed in, saying that believing or not believing Jakob was up to them, adding a personal note to Yusei that his curse had not ended yet; a note that struck a nerve with Yusei.

Sherry declared that she would not let them do that and tried to attack Jakob again, but she failed when Jakob grabbed her by her collar and told her that she was a disgrace to real Duelists, which Lester added that they were only interested in real Duelists. Sherry though tried to tear off Jakob's arm, but failed when Jakob instead threw her off the monument. Elsworth jumped off after Sherry and saved her from falling to her death.

Yusei then asked Jakob what he meant by erasing New Domino, but Jakob only told them that they would get the answer in by continuing to participate in the WRGP. Jakob then realized that his tablet had arrived, and when Jack asked about it, Lester pointed straight up, informing them that it was coming straight down from the sky. Team 5D's tried to run, but Lester pointed out it was too late. Jakob then stopped the tablet, extracted "Meklord Emperor Granel" and told Team 5D's they would meet again in the WRGP. Jakob gathered up the remains of Primo with his telekineses and told Lester they were leaving. Lester mumbled to himself, wondering if there was still any use for Primo, and then cut open a portal with his sword. Lester told Team 5D's "Bye-Bye" and was the last one through the portal before it shut, leaving no trace of Iliaster behind.

Lester and Jakob left Team 5D's alone after the confrontation, but they were eventually contacted by Clark Smith, president of Momentum Express Development Organization (a Iliaster shell company), and informed them that he had shot Yusei Fudo into an unstable wormhole because he knew too many of Iliaster's secrets, likely killing him. Jakob was not pleased because Yusei still had an important role to play. Clark quickly pointed out that Yusei could have survived the unstable wormhole, and Lester chimed in that he hoped that Yusei was not dead yet, and snickered. Jakob though pointed out that if Yusei was still alive, he could escape from where he was, and because of that, it was time for Momentum Express to go extinct. Clark is shocked, but Lester cheers that it's time for the trash known as Momentum Express to be eliminated. Clark begs for mercy, but then Primo voices in that it is too late. Stepping through a portal, Primo reappeared and congratulated Clark on no longer existing.

A time warp then took place, removing Momentum Express Development Organization and Clark from existence, along with knocking Sherry LeBlanc and Elsworth from the tournament. After the warp took place, Lester asked Primo how he'd been repaired so fast, but Primo just responded that he would not die until he did Yusei Fudo in. Iliaster then made its international debut as Team New World, the team in the WRGP Top eight favored to win the tournament (and the one that replaced Sherry's team). As a result of becoming Team New World, the Three Pure Nobles forfeited ever being directors of Sector Security, a loophole that Lazar used to fill the position.

So when the WRGP started again, Team New World won their first match with such strength that the MC projected them as the winners of the tournament. Lester spent the rest of the day watching the other quarter-finalists Duel and complete circuits, including Team 5D's match against Team Taiyo. Lester was excited by the circuits completed on the Grand Design that day because they completed enough of the circuit to allow the Divine Temple to appear in the sky above New Domino City.

The next day, Team New World breezed their semi-final match and secured their position as finalists early in the morning. Following the victory, Lester watched Team 5D's match against Team Ragnarok. During the first Duel between Jack Atlas and Dragan, Lester found Jack's struggle against "Thor, Lord of the Aesir" so amusing that he laughed and kicked in his throne. He was astounded though, along with Primo, when Jack came back and played a card that none of them recognized: "Red Nova Dragon".

Ark Cradle[edit]

Before the start of the WRGP finals Lester and the other Nobles appear before Team 5D's and tells them that they are trying to revive their god during the event. The next day the Duel starts with Lester Dueling against Jack Atlas in the first round. During the Duel Lester Summons "Skiel" fairly early in the game and tries to absorb "Red Nova Dragon" but is stopped by its effect. He's defeated fairly early in the Duel as well, but it is revealed that it was all in order to power up the trap "Infinite Aura" in order to help Jakob, while he had his Duel.

Aporia/Lester with his parents during the Meklord Emperor Genocide when he was human.

During Yusei's Duel with Jakob, his past along with his fellow Nobles are revealed. Lester, along with his parents, were trying to escape the ensuing chaos brought upon by Synchro Monsters, and a swarm of Meklord Emperors. After seeing the future, Lester along with the other two Emperors combine into Aporia and continue the Duel against Yusei.

During Aporia's Duel with Yusei, Aporia reveals that Lester, Primo, and Jakob were all one and the same, just different periods of Aporia's life (Lester was his childhood, Primo his young adulthood, and Jakob his elder years). Aporia also revealed that Aporia/Lester had lost his parents as they were killed by a "Granel" passing by.

Other appearances[edit]


Ground Deck[edit]

Turbo Deck[edit]

Lester uses a "Skiel" Deck centered around his "Meklord Emperor Skiel". Lester uses his "Sky Core" along with cards like "Torrential Tribute" and "Twin Vortex" to destroy it, giving him easy access to his "Meklord Emperor". He mainly focuses on locking down the opponent's strategies through cards such as "Speed Spell - Summon Close", "Convert Ghost" and "Trap Stun". During the World Racing Grand Prix finals, Lester incorporated "Infinite Aura" and "Infinite Prison" into his Deck to support his team's strategy centered around "Meklord Emperor Granel" and "Meklord Astro Mekanikle".


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Leo 77 Win
Leo and Luna 77-78 Win
Jack Atlas 131 Lose


  1. He discards this card to activate the effect of "Infinite Prison" in episode 131.