Duelist Kingdom (manga arc)

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"Duelist Kingdom"
Duelist Kingdom
EnglishDuelist Kingdom
Dyuerisuto no Ōkoku
First chapter60: "Challenge!!"
Last chapter133: "The Precious Piece"
Previous"Monster World"
Next"Dungeon Dice Monsters"

Section 4: "Duelist Kingdom" arc (だいしょう 決闘者デュエリストおうこくへん Daiyonshō Dyuerisuto no Ōkoku-hen) is a story arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

Maximillion J. Pegasus forces Yugi Mutou to participate in the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Yugi is accompanied by his friends, including Katsuya Jonouchi, who participates for the prize money to pay for an eye operation for his sister, Shizuka Kawai.










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Winners are in bold.

Game Players Penalty Game
Duel Anzu Mazaki Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Dinosaur Ryuzaki Insector Haga
Duel Maximillion J. Pegasus Dark Yugi SOUL TV
Duel Insector Haga Dark Yugi
Duel Generic Duelist Mai Kujaku
Duel Mai Kujaku Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Ryota Kajiki Dark Yugi
Duel Mokuba Kaiba Dark Yugi
Duel Dark Yugi Ventriloquist of the Dead Puppet Illusion
Duel Generic Duelist Mai Kujaku
Duel Dinosaur Ryuzaki Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Player Killer of Darkness Mai Kujaku
Duel Player Killer of Darkness Dark Yugi Darkness of Naraku
Duel Seto Kaiba Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Keith Howard
  • Maximillion J. Pegasus
  • Tom
Duel Ghost Kozuka Katsuya Jonouchi
Duel Meikyû Brothers
  • Dark Yugi
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
Labyrinth Coin Dark Yugi Meikyû Brothers
Duel Seto Kaiba Dark Yugi
Duel Seto Kaiba Maximillion J. Pegasus Mind Card
Duel Dark Yugi Mai Kujaku
Duel Keith Howard Katsuya Jonouchi Hand and Gun
Duel Dark Yugi Maximillion J. Pegasus


This arc contains the following chapters. The "subseries number" column contains the numbers the chapters used in their first English printing in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist.

Image Number Subseries number English title Japanese title
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 60 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#60 #1 "Challenge!!" ちょうせん!!!
Yugi and his friends watch the Japanese Duel Monsters tournament finals on TV, before Yugi opens a package from Industrial Illusions, containing a recording of Maximillion J. Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 61 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#61 #2 "Don't Draw That Card!!" そのカードをひくな!!
Sono Kādo o Hikuna!!
Dark Yugi continues to Duel Pegasus through the TV, but Pegasus is able to predict Dark Yugi's moves.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 62 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#62 #3 "Countdown!!" カウントダウン!!
Dark Yugi continues to Duel Pegasus through the TV. However, Pegasus claims that the true game has just started. With limited film left on the tape, Pegasus also adds a time limit.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 63 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#63 #4 "I Won't Lose!!" 負けられない!!
Yugi receives his invitation to Duelist Kingdom.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 64 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#64 #5 "Fate on the High Seas!!" 洋上の因縁!!
Youjou no Innen!!
"Fate of the Ocean!!"
Yugi and his friends take the boat ride to the Duelist Kingdom tournament. They meet a number of contestants as they do so.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 65 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#65 #6 "Let the Duel Begin!" 決闘デュエルかい!!
Dyueru Kaishi!!
"Duel Start!!"
The Duelist Kingdom tournament begins. Dark Yugi tracks down Insector Haga to get revenge for their encounter on the boat.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 66 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#66 #7 "The Trap" わな!!
"The Trap!!"
Dark Yugi continues his Duel with Insector Haga, who brings out an army of powered-up Insect-Type monsters.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 67 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#67 #8 "The Ultimate Great Moth" きゅうきょくかんぜんたい!!
Kyūkyoku Kanzentai!!
"Ultimate Perfect Form!!"
Insector Haga plays "Cocoon of Evolution" in an attempt to evolve his "Larvae Moth" into its ultimate perfect form against Dark Yugi.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 68 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#68 #9 "Demon Lightning" でんげき
Ma no Dengeki
"Demon Lightning"
Dark Yugi and Haga finish their Duel.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 69 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#69 #10 "The Siren" 魔性の女
Mashō no Onna
"Femme Fatale"
Katsuya Jonouchi and Mai Kujaku start their Duel.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 70 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#70 #11 "Things that Don't Change" 変わらぬもの
"Things that Don't Change"
Katsuya Jonouchi and Mai Kujaku continue their Duel.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 71 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#71 #12 "The Scourge of the Sea" 海の恐怖
Umi no Kyōfu
"The Fear of the Sea"
While searching for food, Dark Yugi and his friends are led to Ryota Kajiki.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 72 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#72 #13 "Attack from the Deep" 海が襲う!!
Umi ga Osou!!
"The Sea Attacks!!"
As Dark Yugi and Kajiki continue their Duel, Dark Yugi looks for a way to combat Kajiki's "Sea Stealth" strategy.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 73 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#73 #14 "The Thief" 盗賊!!?
Dark Yugi, Jonouchi and their friends search for a thief, who stole another Duelist's Star Chips.
#74 #15 "Messenger From Hell" 地獄よりの使者
Jigoku Yori no Shisha
Mokuba explains why he tried to take Dark Yugi's Star Chips and reveals more of Pegasus true intentions. Dark Yugi is later arranged to face the Ventriloquist of the Dead in a Duel.
#75 #16 "The Cards Bare Their Teeth" 牙をむくカード
Kiba o Muku Kādo
"The Cards Bare Their Fangs"
Dark Yugi battles the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Summoned by the Ventriloquist of the Dead.
#76 #17 "The Legendary Dragon" でんせつドラゴン!!
Densetsu no Doragon!!
"The Legendary Dragon!!"
Dark Yugi and the Ventriloquist of the Dead finish their Duel.
#77 #18 "On My Own" この手で勝つ! !
Kono Te de Katsu!!
"Win With My Own Hands!!"
Mai Kujaku arranges for Dinosaur Ryuzaki to Duel Katsuya Jonouchi.
#78 #19 "I Won't Lose!" 負けるかっ!!
Makeru kah!!
"I Won't Lose!!"
Katsuya Jonouchi and Dinosaur Ryuzaki continue their Duel.
#79 #20 "The Ticking Clock!" 時を刻め!!
Toki wo Kizame!!
"Time Ticking!!"
Katsuya Jonouchi continues his Duel with Dinosaur Ryuzaki. "Flame Swordsman" easily disposes of Ryuzaki's Dinosaurs, but Ryuzaki knows he has a powerful card that can defeat it.
#80 #21 "The Night Intruder" 夜とともに来た男
Yoru to Tomo ni Kita Otoko
"The Man Who Came With the Night"
Mai spends the night with Yugi and his friends. Meanwhile a strange man lurks the area, looking for Duelists.
#81 #22 "The Invisible Cards" 見えないカード!!
Mienai Kādo!!
"The Invisible Cards!!"
Dark Yugi faces the Player Killer of Darkness, who hides his monsters within the darkness.
#82 #23 "Defeat the Darkness!" 闇をぶっとばせ!!
Yami wo Buttobase!!
"Defeat the Darkness!!"
Dark Yugi reveals his "Swords of Revealing Light" card to the Player Killer of Darkness, which he asserts will defeat the Player Killer in five turns.
#83 #24 "Swords of Light" 光の追撃!!
Hikari no Tsuigeki!!
"Pursuit of Light!!"
Dark Yugi and the Player Killer of Darkness conclude their Duel.
#84 #25 "A Storm in the Kingdom" 王国に嵐吹く!!
Ōkoku ni Arashi Fuku!!
"A Storm in the Kingdom!!"
Seto Kaiba travels to Duelist Kingdom, having awoken from his coma.
#85 #26 "Duelist's Honor" 決闘デュエル貴公子きこうし
Dyueru no Kikōshi
"Duel Honor"
Seto Kaiba arrives on the island, where he meets Yugi and his friends, including Jonouchi, who has not forgiven him for what happened in Death-T.
#86 #27 "The Secret Weapon" 新武器の実力!!
Shinbuki no Jitsuryoku!!
"New Weapon Capability!!"
Seto Kaiba and Katsuya Jonouchi battle, using Duel Disks.
#87 #28 "The Terror of Pegasus!" ペガサスの恐怖きょうふ
Pegasasu no Kyōfu!!
"The Terror of Pegasus!!"
#88 #29 "The Lurking Duelists" 暗闇の襲撃者
Kurayami no Shūgeki-sha
"Darkness Assailant"
Kaiba reaches Pegasus Castle, but is refused permission to see Pegasus without 10 Star Chips. While Yugi and Jonouchi prepare for their second day of the tournament, they are spied on by Bandit Keith and his goons.
#89 #30 "Duel Without End" わらない決闘デュエル
Owaranai Dyueru
Jonouchi Duels Ghost Kozuka in the Graveyard field. Keith, who has spruced-up Ghost's Zombie Deck, advises him against playing Zombies for the first few turns, which initially seems disadvantageous, as Jonouchi's monsters plow through them.
#90 #31 "Call of the Grave" 墓場からの呼び声
Hakaba kara no Yobigoe
Jonouchi struggles against Ghost Kozuka's field of zombified monsters, Summoned by "Call of the Haunted". Meanwhile Yugi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura desperately search for Jonouchi.
#91 #32 "Death to the Undead!" ほろびる不死ふし!?
Horobiru Fushi!?
"Immortal Death?!"
Jonouchi continues his Duel with Ghost Kozuka.
#92 #33 "Enter the Labyrinth!" おそいくる迷宮めいきゅう!!
Osoikuru Meikyū!!
"Attack of the Labyrinth!"
Before Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura can leave the underground, Bandit Keith has his goons lock them in the tunnels, by rolling a boulder in front of the entrance. The groups search for another way out takes them to the Meikyû Brothers, whom Yugi and Jonouchi Duel in order to escape and gain spots in the finals.
#93 #34 "Deathtrap Dungeon!" 死闘!!迷宮の未知の罠!!
Shitō!! Meikyū no Michi no Wana!!
"Deathmatch!! The Labyrinth's Unknown Trap!!"
The Labyrinth Duel between the team of Dark Yugi and Jonouchi and the Meikyû Brothers begins with the Duelists trapped within the "Labyrinth Wall" while "Wall Shadow" decimates their monsters.
#94 #35 "The Magic of the Maze!" 迷宮の魔術!!
Meikyū no Majutsu! !
"The Magic of the Maze!!"
With the "Wall Shadow" destroyed, the Meikyû Brothers use "Magical Labyrinth" to isolate Jonouchi from Dark Yugi.
#95 #36 "The Terror of the Dungeon" きょう洞窟ダンジョン
Kyōfu no Danjon
"The Terror of the Dungeon"
#96 #37 "The Deadly Guardian!!" 魔神の恐怖!!
Majin no Kyōfu! !
"Fear the Demon!!"
#97 #38 "The Final Card" さいカード!!
Saigo no Kādo!!
"The Final Card!!"
Having just Summoned "Black Skull Dragon", Dark Yugi and Jonouchi continue their Labyrinth Duel with the Meikyû Brothers.
#98 #39 "Choose Wisely!" どっちだ!!
"Which One!!"
In accordance with the Meikyû Brothers' rules, Dark Yugi and Katsuya Jonouchi have to choose the correct door in order to leave the maze.
#99 #40 "The Last Piece" 最後のかけら
Saigo no Kake-ra
"The Final Area"
Kaiba takes Croquet hostage and demands that Pegasus return Mokuba to him.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 100 - WSJ.png
#100 #41 "Duel Disk Battle!" けっせん!!決闘盤デュエルディスク!!
Kessen!! Dyueru Disuku!!
"Decisive Battle!! Duel Disk!!"
#101 #42 "Advance and Retreat" いつしんいつ退たい!!
Isshin Ittai!!
#102 #43 "A Close Fight!" つばぜり合い!!
Tsuba Zeriai!!
#103 #44 "Hang in There" 持ちこたえろ!!
Mochi Kotaero!!
"Hang in There!!"
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 104 - WSJ.png
#104 #45 "Crisis!" 真の危機!!
Shin no Kiki!!
"True Crisis!!"
#105 #46 "No Mercy" 苛酷な決闘
Kakokuna Kettō
"A Harsh Duel"
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 106 - tankobon - JP.jpg
#106 #47 "Another Kind of Courage" もう一人の勇気
Mōhitori no Yūki
"Another Courage"
Having lost to Kaiba, Yugi struggles with how to work with Dark Yugi, while Mai attempts to repay her debt.
#107 #48 "To the Castle!" 城へ!!
Shiro e!!
"To the Castle!!"
Yugi and Jonouchi enter Pegasus' castle with Mai, where they find Bandit Keith already inside. Kaiba prepares to Duel Pegasus.
#108 #49 "The First Stages of Fear!" 恐怖開始!!
Kyōfu Kaishi!!
"Fear Begins!!"
#109 #50 "The Deadly Duelist King!" 王者の恐怖!!
Ōja no Kyōfu!!
"Terror of the King!!"
#110 #51 "Toons Attack!" トゥーンが襲う!!
Tūn ga osou!!
"The Toon Attacks!!"
#111 #52 "The Promise" 揺るがぬ決意!!
Yuruganu Ketsui!!
"Unwavering Determination!!"
#112 #53 "The Eve of Battle" 決戦前夜
Kessen Zenya
#113 #54 "Stealth in the Night!" 夜 渦まく!!
Yoru Uzumaku!!
"Swirling Night!!"
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 55 - tankobon - EN.jpg
#114 #55 "The Bewitching Mai" 幻惑の舞!!
Genwaku no Mai!!
"The Bewitching Mai!!"
The final four Duelists ready themselves and Mai and Dark Yugi start their Duel.
#115 #56 "The Beautiful Trap!" 美しき罠!!
Utsukushiki Wana!!
"The Beautiful Trap!"
#116 #57 "Find Yourself!" 自分を見つけろ!!
Jibun o Mitsukero!!
"Find Yourself!!"
#117 #58 "Running on the Edge!" ギリギリを駆けろ!!
Girigiri wo Kakero!!
"Running on the Last Minute!!"
#118 #59 "The Legendary Swordsman" 伝説の剣闘士
Densetsu no Kentōshi
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 119 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#119 #60 "Because We're Friends" 仲間だから
Nakama Dakara
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 120 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#120 #61 "Heavy Metal Raiders" 鋼鉄の襲撃者ヘビーメタル レイダーズ
Hebī Metaru Reidāzu
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 121 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#121 #62 "Rise of the Machines" せまりくる機械マシーン
Semarikuru Mashīn
"Approaching Machine"
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 122 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#122 #63 "Betting to Win!" 勝利への賭け!!
Shōri e no Kake!!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 123 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#123 #64 "The Final Turn!" 最後のターン!!
Saigo no Tān!!
"The Final Turn!!"
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 124 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#124 #65 "Its Time!" その時!!
Sono Toki!!
After defeating several strong opponents, Yugi and Jonouchi finally reach Pegasus. The time has come to the Duelist Kingdom's final confrontation.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 125 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#125 #66 "Seen Through!?" 読まれてる!?
The final Duel of the Duelist Kingdom begins. Yugi and Pegasus clash, with Pegasus beginning the Duel in the lead.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 126 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#126 #67 "The Perfect Defense" 反撃不能!!
Hangeki Funou!!
"Unable to Counterattack!!"
Pegasus' Millennium Eye allows him to read through all of Yugi's cards and strategies, making him able to counter every move Yugi makes.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 127 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#127 #68 "Do the Impossible!" 不可能への挑戦!!
Fukanou e no Chōsen!!
"Do the Impossible!!"
Pegasus corners Yugi completely by using his trump card - "Toon World". When Yugi seems to be hopeless, a way to counter Pegasus' Millennium Eye shows up.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 128 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#128 #69 "The Downfall of Toon World" トゥーン・ワールド攻略!!
Tūn Wārudo Kōryaku!!
"The Capture of Toon World!!"
Yugi and Dark Yugi manage to counter Pegasus's Millennium Eye by constantly switching minds. With Pegasus unable to read though his strategies, Yugi manages a comeback and annihilates Pegasus' Toon Monsters.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 129 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#129 #70 "The Sacrifice!" 死への生け贄!
Shi e no Ikenie!
"The Death Sacrifice!"
Yugi seemed to have dominated the Duel, but Pegasus turns it into a Shadow Game, putting the normal Yugi in danger, as he takes the lead once more with his "Relinquished".
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 130 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#130 #71 "Heart to Heart" 心の闘い!!
Kokoro no Tatakai!!
"Battle of Hearts!!"
Pegasus manages to take the normal Yugi out, and tries to corner Dark Yugi with his "Sacrifice Combo" and the power of his Millennium Eye. However, the connection between Yugi's and his friend's hearts allow Yugi to turn the tables using the card his other self left to him.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 131 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#131 #72 "Attack of Chaos" 混沌の一撃!!
Konton no Ichigeki!!
"Attack of Chaos!!"
Using the card his other self left to him, Dark Yugi finally manages to defeat Pegasus.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 132 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#132 #73 "The Tragic Tale of the Millennium Eye" かなしみの千年眼ミレニアム・アイ
Kanashimi no Mireniamu Ai
"The Sorrowful Millennium Eye"
The Duel between Yugi and Pegasus is finally settled. In the aftermath, Yugi and his friends are told by Pegasus about his tragic history.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 133 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#133 #74 "The Precious Piece" 大切なピース
Taisetsu no Pīsu