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"The Room of Revenge"
Title page
EnglishThe Room of Revenge
Japanese name
RōmajiFukushū no Yukue
TranslatedLocation of Revenge
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number85
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 1999 #42
Tankōbon volume17: "The Egyptian God Cards"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 13, 1999[1]
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"The Room of Revenge", titled "Location of Revenge" in the Japanese version, is the 144th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 85th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

After defeating Ryuji, Yugi reclaims the Millennium Puzzle, but Mr. Clown isn't letting go of his revenge so easily, and attempts to claim the Puzzle for himself.


The narrator recaps that Yugi fought Ryuji Otogi at Dungeon Dice Monsters with the Millennium Puzzle at stake. After a tough battle, Yugi won by turning his Dungeon Master into a warrior and defeating Ryuji's champion, "God Orgoth".

Ryuji gasps that he lost, and Yugi think that he wants to be with his other self, and that wish led him to victory. Ryuji thinks that he made the game, but he still couldn't do it; he couldn't break the bond between Yugi and the Puzzle, and he was utterly defeated. Mr. Clown looks downcast, and Yugi tells Ryuji to give him back the Puzzle like he promised. Ryuji agrees, and Dark Bakura tells Yugi to stay there; he'll get it for him since Yugi must be tired from the game. He picks up the remains of the Puzzle, telling Ryuji that now he knows that Yugi is the true owner of the Puzzle. If someone with a weak heart like Ryuji tried to solve the Puzzle, he'd just end up trapped in a labyrinth of darkness, so he got away with his life. Ryuji asks who Bakura is, but he gets no response. Dark Bakura hands Yugi the Puzzle pieces, stating that it's up to him to put it back together, which is what the Puzzle wants. Yugi thinks that Bakura is taken over by his other personality, but he wouldn't have won if it weren't for his support. He wants to believe that he's his friend, at least for now. He admits that it takes a long time to solve the Puzzle, and it took him eight years the first time. He just wants to go home and be alone with the Puzzle right away. He thinks that he doesn't know when he'll see his other self again, but he'll complete the Puzzle again, even if it takes him ten years.

But behind him, Dark Bakura is concealing a piece of the Puzzle. He smirks, thinking that this is the real reason that he came to save Yugi. Yugi doesn't know the true power hidden in the Millennium Puzzle, and not even his other self does. Hidden in the Millennium Puzzle are the memories of the Pharaoh from 3000 years ago, and when the remaining six Items are brought together, that seal will be broken and that memory will be restored. Of course, one of those keys is the Millennium Ring. On the tablet in the shrine at Kul Elna, there is a warning that reads "The young Pharaoh and the six high Priests gave their lives to seal the evil power inside the holy door. I pray that the evil power is not resurrected along with the Pharaoh's memories." If Dark Bakura can find the Pharaoh's memories that dwell in that Puzzle, he can make that evil power his. The Millennium Ring can seal a par of one's soul into things, even into a piece of this Puzzle.

Dark Bakura uses his power of Parasite Mind, infusing part of his soul into the Puzzle piece. Now he'll be in there with Dark Yugi, and all he has to do is wait for Yugi to complete the Puzzle. A par of his mind will become a mind spy, infiltrating the labyrinth of memories and eventually finding what he's looking for inside the true room of the soul. He apologizes to Yugi, claiming that he found another piece of the Puzzle on the floor. Yugi thanks him; he couldn't have solved the Puzzle if it were missing. Dark Bakura chuckles to himself, telling Yugi that it was his pleasure. Deciding that his job his done, he relinquishes control to Bakura, who is utterly bamboozled as to where he is. Yugi suggests that they go home, as everyone must be worried.

Ryuji tells Yugi that he might have lost, but he has no regrets. He asks his father to forgive him; he couldn't get revenge on Yugi for him and he just couldn't hate him. Mr. Clown states that he knows. He was wrong, and he shouldn't have asked Ryuji to do that. Ryuji states that he couldn't play with all that weight on him, all that revenge. Mr. Clown approaches Yugi, apologizing for breaking his Millennium Puzzle. It must have been hard him, so he'll do something to make up for it. He wants to hang Yugi's precious Puzzle around his neck.

With that, Mr. Clown swiftly snatches up the Puzzle, loops it over Yugi's head, and laughs as he tightens the chain around Yugi's neck. Yugi chokes as Mr. Clown snickers that he fell for it, and Ryuji asks in horror what his father is doing. Mr. Clown tells Yugi to come with him or he'll break his neck. Bakura calls out to Yugi, and Ryuji tells his father to stop; revenge won't solve anything. Mr. Clown scoffs that Ryuji's loss means that he's no longer his son. He was just born to exact revenge for Mr. Clown, and now that he's failed, he has no right to live. Ryuji begs him to stop and not show any more of his ugly heart. Shocked by his son's words, Mr. Clown snaps that he doesn't expect anything from Ryuji anymore, and he'll get revenge with his own hands. He twists a clown mask on the wall, opening another door and dragging Yugi into the room beyond. Ryuji pounds on the door, yelling his father's name, and he swears; the door won't open once it's locked from the inside. Bakura asks if there's another way in, and Ryuji replies that there isn't. His father his going to play the Devil's Board Game with Yugi on the other side of that door, and he has to stop him somehow. Bakura thinks, "Devil's Board Game!?"

The room containing the Devil's Board Game.

Mr. Clown has dragged Yugi into a room laden with occult items and symbols. Candles surround a circular gameboard as he snickers that a forbidden ritual will take place. He throws Yugi to the ground, telling him to stay still until the game is ready and begins to light the candles. He asks if Yugi knows what this is. It's a cursed ancient Egyptian game which devours the players' very lives. The game itself is simple; players roll the dice to get to the goal, but every time they do they must bet a number of years. When the game ends, the loser ages by the number of years they bet. He lost to Sugoroku at this game and aged fifty years in a single night. His original plan was for Ryuji to solve the Puzzle and then curse Sugoroku with this game, but thanks to his shiftless son, that plan was ruined. He takes the Puzzle pieces from Yugi, declaring that he will bind the Millennium Puzzle and no-one can have it. He nails the chain to the table with an eyebolt, declaring that no-one can take it from here. He'll solve the Puzzle and gain its power, and then make Yugi into an old man with this game. Then Yugi will suffer just like Mr. Clown did until he dies.

He begins fitting the pieces of the Puzzle together, and chuckles as they click into place. Yugi gets up, telling him to stop as he can't solve it. Mr. Clown laughs that in his hands this is simple, but Yugi states that he'll make the Puzzle angry. To his shock, Mr. Clown's view suddenly zooms into the depths of the Puzzle, and he finds himself in its labyrinth. It shatters around him, and he screams as he falls into its void. He drops the Puzzle, sending the pieces flying everywhere and knocking over one of the lit candles. Flames ignite the tablecloth and engulf the table, bringing him back to reality, much to Yugi's horror. Outside, smoke pours from the door frame, much to Ryuji and Bakura's horror. Jonouchi runs in, calling Bakura's name, with Honda, Anzu, and Sugoroku behind him. Bakura calls their names, and Jonouchi asks where Yugi is.

In the darkened room, Mr. Clown's clothes are alight, and he screams for help. Yugi runs to grab the Puzzle, but the eyebolt is hammered in tight, and he's unable to remove it from the table.

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The following dice creatures appeared in this chapter.

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