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"Zero Attack?!"
Title page
EnglishZero Attack?!
Japanese name
RōmajiKōgekiryoku Zero no Tatakai!!
TranslatedBattle of Zero Attack Power!!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number84
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 1999 #41
Tankōbon volume17: "The Egyptian God Cards"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 6, 1999[1]
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Next"The Room of Revenge"

"Zero Attack?!", titled "Battle of Zero Attack Power!!" in the Japanese version, is the 143rd chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 84th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Without losing his hope and his strong will to see his other self again, Yugi manages to pull a miraculous win using a 0 ATK creature.


Honda states that Yugi went missing in the Black Clown game store, and Jonouchi states that they're going in, throwing open the doors. But the store is deserted, despite it being too early to close it. Jonouchi asks Honda if he said Bakura came in here as well, and Anzu notes that the store is empty. Honda mutters that he has a bad feeling about this, and then he spots someone lying on the ground. The four of them run over to find the two security guards lying unconscious on the ground, and Jonouchi wonders what the heck is going on, before snapping that they've got to find Yugi.

Yugi cheers that he brought out a creature, and Ryuji is shocked that Yugi was able to fit a die in such a tiny space. Yugi's "Armor Wizard Pazoo" stands with 0 ATK and 700 DEF, and two secret abilities. Dark Bakura laughs, asking Ryuji if he sees now. Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle; Ryuji's little board game is nothing. Yugi thinks that his Dungeon Master only has 1 Life Point left, and "Pazoo" is his only creature. Will he be able to stop "God Orgoth"? But Ryuji bursts out laughing, congratulating Yugi for summoning a creature, but asking how he plans to fight him with no weapons and zero ATK. Yugi realizes in shock that his creature has no ATK, and Ryuji declares that Yugi's creature is no match for the overwhelming might of "God Orgoth". "Orgoth" towers over Yugi's Dungeon Master, and Yugi thinks that Ryuji is right; he can't beat "Orgoth" with zero ATK. He wonders what his other self would do at a time like this, and he thinks that he needs to hear his other self tell him that.

Dark Bakura tells Yugi not to be a baby and to stand up. This is another test for him; the king's final challenge to see if he is the true successor of the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi asks Dark Bakura what he means by "the king", and Dark Bakura declares that only one person on Earth can solve the Millennium Puzzle and is chosen for the duty of awakening the king's memories. That person is Yugi, and Dark Bakura came here to make sure of that. Yugi thinks Bakura's name, and Mr. Clown laughs, commenting that it's useless to kibitz; the Millennium Puzzle will go to whoever wins this game, and if he takes a look at the board, he knows that it will be his son. Dark Bakura tells him to rot and die. Ryuji asks if Yugi is finished with his turn yet; it's Ryuji's turn to go now. Yugi looks over at the Millennium Puzzle's shattered pieces, urging his other self to hold on. They broke his soul, but Yugi will put it back together. But first he has to win this game by himself, and he'll fight to the end to get to get him back. He looks at "Pazoo", thinking that it might not have any ATK, but he knows it has some secret power, and he'll gamble on that power. His next move will decide the game. His Crest Pool contains three Movement Crests, four Magic Crests, and two Trap Crests.

Ryuji thinks that Yugi can't turn the tables; he may have summoned "Pazoo", but he doesn't know how to use it. He declares his turn, laughing that when he sees Yugi's Dungeon Master with its back to his, running at top speed, does Yugi know what Ryuji thinks? He thinks it's just like Yugi. He tells Yugi to get ready; this is the last turn. He rolls his dice, getting an Attack Crest and a Movement Crest, and he moves "God Orgoth" forwards a space, ordering it to attack with "God Sword Crush". "God Orgoth" brings its diamond blade down, and Ryuji thinks that Yugi can't keep running any longer; he's got him. But Yugi activates the special ability of "Pazoo" by paying three Magic Crests. "Pazoo's" armor begins to open up and transform as the blow lands, and Ryuji laughs that "God Orgoth" chopped the Dungeon Master in half.

But to his shock, the Dungeon Master is unharmed; Yugi announces that "Pazoo" turned itself into a shield and protected his Dungeon Master with 2100 DEF. "God Orgoth" is forced back, and Ryuji laments that Yugi was able to deflect the attack. Yugi notes that Ryuji said his Dungeon Master was running away, but it won't run anymore. On his next turn, his Dungeon Master will fight. Ryuji laughs that "Pazoo" has no ATK, so how is he going to fight like that? Yugi agrees; "Pazoo" has zero ATK, but that's because "Pazoo" is a weapon; it turns itself into equipment for the Dungeon Master. Three Magic Crests allowed it to become the Dungeon Master's shield, and two Attack Crests and a Magic Crest allow it to become the Dungeon Master's sword. Ryuji realizes that Yugi has figured it out and knows everything. He admits that Yugi is right, but to keep the shield active, he needs to pay the Crest cost every turn, and to change "Pazoo" into a weapon, he needs one Magic Crest and two Attack Crests; and Yugi only has one.

Yugi thinks that he's only got one chance, and he declares his turn and wonders if he can roll two Attack Crests. He rolls his dice, begging them to hear his plea. He and Ryuji watch as the dice spin and land - on two Attack Crests and a Summon Crest. Yugi cheers out his result, much to Ryuji's shock, and Yugi pays the cost to activate "Pazoo's" second power, and it transforms into sword mode. The "Fighting Dungeon Master" stands with 2500 ATK, and Yugi orders his Dungeon Master to attack "God Orgoth" with "Pazoo Blade Attack", cutting "God Orgoth" down. Ryuji cries his creature's name in shock, and Yugi cheers that they did it.

Ryuji thinks that Yugi rolled for "Pazoo" just when he needed to, and he doesn't have anything that can beat the 2500 ATK of the Fighting Dungeon Master. He thinks that this can't be; he's lost at his own game. Mr. Clown screams in horror, thinking that this can't be; Ryuji lost. Dark Bakura laughs, thinking that Yugi is the chosen one. Ryuji wonders why he lost; is Yugi really the successor of the Puzzle. But Yugi states that he didn't win because he wanted to have the power of the Puzzle. Ryuji asks in shock what Yugi was fighting for, and Yugi states that he just wanted to see his other self. Ryuji closes his eyes, admitting to himself that he's lost.

Featured Game: Yugi Mutou vs. Ryuji Otogi[edit]

This is a D.D.M. match. Check the article for rules.

Continued from previous chapter...

Turn 37: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls 1 Movement Crest, 1 Attack Crest, and 1 unseen Crest. He uses 1 Movement Crest to advance "God Orgoth" next to Yugi's Dungeon Master, and then uses 1 Attack Crest to allow it to attack Yugi's Dungeon Master. Yugi uses 3 Magic Crests from his Crest Pool to activate the special ability of "Armor Wizard Pazoo", which turns itself into the Dungeon Master's shield, with 2100 DEF. The attack of "God Orgoth" fails.

Turn 38: Yugi
Yugi rolls 2 land on Attack Crests and 1 Summon Crest. He uses 2 Attack Crests and 1 Magic Crest to activate the other special ability of "Armor Wizard Pazoo", which turns itself into the Dungeon Master's sword, with 2500 ATK. Yugi's Dungeon Master attacks and destroys "God Orgoth".

As Ryuji has dimensioned all of his dice and he has no means of defeating "Armor Wizard Pazoo" in his Dungeon, he loses.

Featured Dice[edit]

The following dice creatures appeared in this chapter.

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