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"Dungeon Crisis!!"
Title page
EnglishDungeon Crisis!!
Japanese name
RōmajiDanjon Kuraishisu!!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number79
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 1999 #35
Tankōbon volume16: "Dungeon Dice Monsters"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseJuly 26, 1999[1]
EnglishOctober 10, 2005[2]
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"Dungeon Crisis!!" (ダンジョンクライシス!! Danjon Kuraishisu!!) is the 138th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 79th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Yugi is in a crisis against Ryuji. When he was about to lose hope, Ryuji reveals his reasons, reaffirming Yugi's resolve.


Yugi has just managed to summon the Level 4 "Little Wizard", and it attacks and destroys Ryuji's "Twin-Headed Griffon" with "Lightning Rod". Yugi celebrates finally summoning a creature, and he declares that Ryuji won't get to his Dungeon Master now. Ryuji smiles, admitting that Yugi did a good job, but it might be too late. He tells him to look at the board; his dice dungeon has reached Yugi's territory and he has more creatures than Yugi. He smiles, wondering if Yugi will be able to hold his ground with just one creature, while Yugi thinks that the game has just begun.

Ryuji takes his turn, rolling two Summon Crests and a Movement Crest. He declares "Dimension Dice", Summoning the Level 2 "Bomb Lizard". Yugi thinks to himself that now there's even more enemies, and Ryuji explains that the "Bomb Lizard" isn't strong, but it has a special power; with two Trap Crests it can bomb and destroy one enemy. Yugi thinks that this is bad; he has to bolster his defense as there are enemies coming from all sides. He declares his turn, and he draws a white dice with three stars - three Summon Crests, so there's a good chance he can summon a creature. He rolls his dice, getting two Summon Crests and an Attack Crest, and he declares that he can Summon, dimensioning the high-Level blue dice to summon "Crocosaurus", a Level 4 monster. Yugi thinks that his defense will be pretty tight with "Crocosaurus" guarding his Dungeon Master. Ryuji mentally agrees that Crocosaurus has high ATK and DEF, but depending on what Crests you use a player can perform al sorts of combo attacks in this game.

He declares his turn and rolls, getting only one Summon Crest, but two Trap Crests. Yugi gasps, realizing that while Ryuji can't Summon, he's rolled the two Trap Crests that he needs. Ryuji laughs that this is what he was waiting for; with two Trap Crests, "Bomb Lizard" can use his special power: "Bomb Throw". "Bomb Lizard" lights one of the explosives in his claws and throws it at the feet of "Crocosaurus", where the fuse runs out and explodes, destroying "Crocosaurus". Ryuji laughs, apologizing for killing "Crocosaurus" right after he appeared. Yugi declares his turn and rolls his dice, but only gets one Summon Crest in addition to a Movement and Magic Crest. Yugi thinks in frustration that his summon has failed again. Ryuji tells Yugi to let him show Yugi how it's done, rolling two Summon Crests and a Movement Crest to summon "Gilaforce" and begin his siege.

Yugi wonders if he's finished, and Ryuji tells him that it's his turn and not to make him wait. Yugi thinks in frustration that Ryuji designed the game and is as good at it as Pegasus was at Duel Monsters. Yugi never had a chance. Ryuji asks what's wrong; is Yugi scared? He orders Yugi not to disappoint him; he knows that Yugi is better than this. He states that he knows that Yugi has defeated countless powerful enemies with the power of the Millennium Puzzle, and Yugi is shocked to learn that Ryuji knows about the Millennium Puzzle. Ryuji explains that his father told him about the Millennium Puzzle ever since he was a kid; "The one who solves the legendary Millennium Puzzle will be given the title of King of Games", and Yugi is the fulfillment of that prophecy. Ryuji has been yearning to play against him, the man who solved the Millennium Puzzle, and he stole it from him because he wanted to test his true ability. Yugi is paying attention now, and he asks Ryuji how he knows about the Puzzle.

Ryuji explains that it was long before they were born; back then there was a man who was a legendary master of games, and Ryuji's father aspired to be like him and asked to be his apprentice. One day his father's master told him about the Millennium Puzzle; a legend passed down from ancient times. If anyone could beat the master, it would be the one who solved the Puzzle. Yugi realizes that Ryuji's father's master was his grandfather, and Ryuji explains that his father challenged his master over the Millennium Puzzle, and he lost. They played the Devil's Board Game which no sane man should ever play, and as the price for losing that game, his father became a hideous shadow of his former self. He declares that their battle as been passed down through the generations, and as Yugi returns his determined stare, Ryuji thinks that the sixteen years he's lived wasn't spent just for his father's revenge, but Ryuji wants the Millennium Puzzle and has been chasing its legend all his life. He states that the winner of this game will get the Puzzle, and he thinks that he'll beat Yugi and obtain the Puzzle, so then its power should belong to him. He mentally urges Yugi to show his true power; the power that solved the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi declares his turn and rolls, getting a Trap Crest and two Summon Crests. He celebrates his roll, and then wonders which die to play. He chooses a blue one, thinking that he'll gamble on its abilities, but to Ryuji's surprise Yugi doesn't dimension his dice, placing it in the same line as his "Lizard Dragon" and "Bomb Lizard". Yugi confirms that he won't dimension his dice just just, and Ryuji agrees that Yugi is indeed allowed to wait one turn before dimensioning the dice. He asks what Yugi is up to, and then decides that he'll keep up the pressure with his creatures while Yugi is holding his action. He rolls his dice, and to Yugi's shock, he rolls two Movement Crests and an Attack Crest. His frontline monsters move closer, right next to Yugi's Dungeon Master, and Ryuji adds that since he rolled an Attack Crest, he can attack Yugi's Dungeon Master. "Lizard Dragon" breathes a blast of fire, causing one of the hearts on the Dungeon Master to turn black. Yugi gasps that he lost one Life, and Ryuji laughs that Yugi only has two left.

And then Yugi dimensions his dice, unfolding it so that a straight line of dungeon extends from it to Ryuji's two monsters. Ryuji is shocked by the delayed dimension as Yugi summons the Level 3 "Iron Golem Gorogon". Ryuji realizes in horror that Yugi is going to use "Gorogon's" power, and with a single Trap Crest, "Gorogon" rolls into a ball, destroying all creatures in a straight line with "Rolling Crush". "Lizard Dragon" and "Bomb Lizard" are both destroyed, and Ryuji wonders if Yugi sacrificed his own life to destroy two of his creatures. Yugi apologizes, telling Otogi that he won't get the Millennium Puzzle.

Featured Game: Yugi Mutou vs. Ryuji Otogi[edit]

This is a D.D.M. match. Check the article for rules.

Continued from previous chapter...

Turn 9: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls 2 Summon Crests and 1 Movement Crest. Ryuji dimensions a red die, Summoning "Bomb Lizard" (300/250) to the right of "Lizard Dragon".

Turn 10: Yugi
Yugi rolls 2 Summon Crests and 1 Attack Crest. Yugi dimensions a blue die, Summoning "Crocosaurus" (600/500) to the left of his Dungeon Master.

Turn 11: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls 2 Trap Crests and 1 Summon Crest. Ryuji uses two Trap Crests to activate the special ability of "Bomb Lizard", destroying "Crocosaurus".

Turn 12: Yugi
Yugi rolls 1 Summon Crest, 1 Movement Crest and 1 Magic Crest.

Turn 13: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls 2 Summon Crests and 1 Movement Crest. Ryuji dimensions a red die, Summoning "Gilaforce" (200/150) to the left of "Lizard Dragon". Ryuji uses a Movement Crest to advance one of his creatures one space.

Turn 14: Yugi
Yugi rolls his 3 dice: 2 land on Summon Crest, while the other one lands on Trap Crest. Yugi picks a red die and places it far to the right, in the line in front of the line his Dungeon Master is.

Turn 15: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls 2 Movement Crests and 1 Attack Crest. Ryuji uses his 2 Movement Crests to advance "Bomb Lizard" and "Lizard Dragon" one space, reaching Yugi's Dungeon Master. Ryuji uses an Attack Crest, allowing "Lizard Dragon" to attack Yugi's Dungeon Master (Yugi 2). At this point, Yugi dimensions the die he placed on the field last turn, Summoning "Iron Golem Gorogon" (450/400), and activates its special ability, paying 1 Trap Crest to move it in a straight line, destroying all monsters in its path. "Iron Golem Gorogon" moves to the left, and "Bomb Lizard" and "Lizard Dragon" are destroyed.

Continued next chapter...

Featured Dice[edit]

The following dice creatures appeared in this chapter.

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