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Title page
Japanese name
RōmajiShikumareta Wana
TranslatedSet-Up Trap
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number76
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 1999 #32
Tankōbon volume16: "Dungeon Dice Monsters"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseJuly 5, 1999[1]
EnglishOctober 10, 2005[2]
Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters
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"Rigged!", known as "Set-Up Trap" (まれたわな Shikumareta Wana) in the Japanese version, is the 135th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 76th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Ryuji plays Four Aces with Jonouchi, while Yugi suspects that the game is not as fair as it seems.


Ryuji celebrates his win.

Ryuji declares that he won the bet, so as promised Jonouchi will obey his orders for a week. Jonouchi swears; he cannot believe he fell for such a dumb trick, while Yugi thinks Ryuji's name. Ryuji thinks that now it starts; first he will take advantage of Yugi's stupid friend and ruin their friendship forever. Yugi protests that Jonouchi does not have to do it; that game was not fair. Ryuji asks how it was unfair, and Yugi cries that Ryuji said he would move the die from the cup to his hand, but all he did was make Jonouchi move the cup for him and then grab it. Ryuji agrees, stating that the only rule was that he could not touch the cup, and he did not break it. That's what the bet was about. Yugi protests again, but Ryuji states that Jonouchi never realized the blind spot of the game and that is why he lost. It is impossible for him to get the die out of the cup without touching it, so what does he do? He lets the opponent do it, because the only way Jonouchi can make sure the die is in the cup is to move it. Jonouchi angrily asks if Ryuji is trying to say he wanted him to move the cup all along, and Ryuji asks if Jonouchi has figured it out yet.

Ryuji plays Four Aces with Jonouchi.

Jonouchi asks Ryuji to play with him one more time, and Ryuji agrees, but if Jonouchi loses this time, he will be Ryuji's dog for two weeks. Jonouchi thinks that he will win this time, and agrees. Yugi asks Jonouchi not to play with Ryuji any more, but Jonouchi tells him to stay out of this. Ryuji suggests that they use cards for the next bet, and Jonouchi agrees. Ryuji lays down four aces, which he shuffles and places face-down. There are four suits in a deck of cards; diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. Hearts and diamonds are red, spades and clubs are black. He wants Jonouchi to draw two of the four cards, and if both of them are the same color, Jonouchi wins. Jonouchi thinks that there are four possibilities if he draws two cards; black and black, red and black, black and red, and red and red. He thinks that it seems fair, and starts. Honda tells Jonouchi that he had better win, and Jonouchi picks the middle cards; the aces of hearts and clubs, much to his dismay. Ryuji comments that he has won, and Jonouchi demands to go again. Ryuji asks if he ever learns, and Jonouchi picks the first and third from his right, but gets the aces of clubs and diamonds. Jonouchi thinks that it should be a 50-50 chance and wonders why he cannot win?

Ryuji abuses Jonouchi.

Ryuji comments that Jonouchi really is an unlucky guy and cannot even beat him when the odds are even with no tricks. Yugi says Jonouchi's name sadly, but then he realizes something about the game. Ryuji warns Jonouchi that he expects him to keep his promise; from now on he is Ryuji's dog and will do as he says. Jonouchi grits his teeth as Ryuji orders him not to talk to anyone besides him, and to bark when he does. Yugi asks him in shock what Ryuji means by "master", protesting that Jonouchi is his classmate and this is no way for friends to be. Anzu agrees that Jonouchi does not have to do what he says. Jonouchi tells Yugi to stay out of this; it is his problem. Yugi protests, and Ryuji angrily asks who said Jonouchi could talk, flicking a die at Jonouchi with enough force to knock him over, much to Anzu's shock. Jonouchi gets up in fury, and as Ryuji tells him that he wants to hear a "woof", Yugi growls that he has had enough. He grasps the chain on the Millennium Puzzle and thinks that he will handle this.

Dark Yugi emerges to face Ryuji.

Dark Yugi emerges, snapping that Ryuji's got guts messing with his friend in front of him. But Ryuji is not fazed, thinking that this must be the "other" Yugi he heard about. Dark Yugi sits down at the table, declaring that Ryuji will be playing with him now, and if he wins, Ryuji will do one thing Dark Yugi asks him to do. Ryuji agrees, but warns Dark Yugi that if he loses then he will have to answer to Ryuji. Dark Yugi agrees, and Ryuji smirks, thinking that he cannot lose this game. Yugi asks his other self if he is going to play "Four Aces" with Ryuji, and Dark Yugi asks why Yugi is asking. Yugi notes that something about the game does not seem fair, and Dark Yugi smiles, commenting that he is glad his partner noticed. Yugi asks if Dark Yugi means that the game is not fair, and Dark Yugi explains that Ryuji set up a shell game (bar bet) against Jonouchi. It is a misleading game which is tilted in favor of whoever initiates it, like "cup and dice" and "Four Aces". The chances of drawing two aces of the same color from four aces may seem like 50-50 at first, but people are fooled by drawing two cards at a time. He suggests that they think about it by drawing one card at a time. After you draw one, regardless of color, there are three cards left face-down, and only one card of the three is the same color, so the real odds are one out of three. Yugi realizes that Dark Yugi's right.

Dark Yugi defeats Ryuji in his modified Four Aces game.

Ryuji sits down in front of Dark Yugi, and he suggests that they go with "Four Aces". Dark Yugi tells him to add a joker to the cards, much to Ryuji's shock, and Dark Yugi explains that they will take turns drawing from the five cards, and whoever collects two cards of the same color wins, but if someone draws the joker they will lose. If they both collect one of each color, it will be a tie. Ryuji considers it, and then agrees. They begin their game, and Dark Yugi goes first, drawing the ace of hearts, while Ryuji draws the ace of spades. Dark Yugi's next card is the ace of clubs, and Ryuji draws, scowling at the sight. They lay down their cards; Dark Yugi had red and black, and Ryuji had black and joker, so Dark Yugi wins. Ryuji swears, and asks for a rematch. Dark Yugi agrees, and Jonouchi teases Ryuji as Ryuji had, asking if he has had enough yet. Dark Yugi goes first again since he won, and they draw their cards. They lay them down; Dark Yugi has both black cards, while Ryuji has the ace of diamonds and the joker, much to his shock and anger. Honda cheers that Yugi wins again, and Jonouchi tells Ryuji to try again in ten years. Ryuji swears to himself, and he asks why he keeps losing.

He realizes something, and he asks Dark Yugi if this is some kind of shell game. Dark Yugi comments that it might be, and Jonouchi asks what it is. Dark Yugi explains that it is an unfair game designed to distract someone from the terrible odds; Jonouchi lost because his game was rigged. Ryuji realizes that the only way to win the game is for the other player to draw the joker; at the end of the game if the joker is left, the game has to be a tie, and so whoever draws the joker will lose. But because the chances of drawing the joker out of five cards are always one in five, the game is actually fair. Ryuji realizes that Yugi beat him by sheer luck twice in a row. Jonouchi is infuriated that Ryuji beat him in a rigged game, and Dark Yugi tells Ryuji that Jonouchi will not be obeying his orders. Ryuji cannot break their friendship with a game, and he had better not forget it. But Ryuji smiles, thinking that he will beat Yugi next time. Their next game shall be D.D.M - Dungeon Dice Monsters!


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  • When this chapter was original printed in Weekly Shōnen Jump, Kazuki Takahashi made an error in explaining the probability of Dark Yugi's modified "Four Aces" game. Readers informed them of this, and subsequent publications corrected these probability errors. They were noted down in the graphic novels beside a panel of Dark Bakura calling Takahashi an idiot.
  • When this chapter was printed in the bunkoban, the symbols on the Magic Crests at the end of the chapter were changed from hexagrams to triangles.

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