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"The New Game"
Title page
EnglishThe New Game
Japanese name
Base rōmajiShin Yūgi
Furigana rōmajiNyū Gēmu
TranslatedNew Game
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number75
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 1999 #31
Tankōbon volume16: "Dungeon Dice Monsters"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseJune 28, 1999[1]
EnglishOctober 10, 2005[2]
Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters
Previous"The Precious Piece"

"The New Game", titled "New Game" (ニュー遊戯ゲーム Nyū Gēmu) in the Japanese version, is the 134th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 75th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

This is the first chapter in the Dungeon Dice Monsters arc.

The Black Clown game store opened across the street from Kame Game, causing Sugoroku to worry about going out of business. Meanwhile, Ryuji Otogi has transferred to Domino High School.


Yugi discusses wearing the Millennium Puzzle on a chain, with Dark Yugi.

Sugoroku is sweeping outside the Kame Game store, sighing heavily. Anzu greets him, and he replies in kind. She explains that she is walking to school with Yugi today, and Sugoroku calls out that Anzu's here to pick Yugi up. Up in his room, Yugi asks if he said Anzu, and he cries that he will be right down. He looks at himself in the mirror, now wearing a simple black shirt under his jacket and wearing the Millennium Puzzle on a chain. Dark Yugi tells him that it looks good on him, but Yugi worries that it is too flashy. Dark Yugi grins, commenting that it is still to subtle if you ask him, suggesting some silver chains on his arms as well. Yugi protests that that is not his style. He runs out the door past his mother, who asks if he ate breakfast. Yugi replies that he has got to run, and Dark Yugi urges him to show Anzu how cool he is. Yugi begs his other self not to tease him like that, and his mother wonders if he is okay, since he has been talking to himself a lot lately.

Yugi apologizes for keeping Anzu waiting, who greets him. She is impressed by the chain on the Puzzle, and Yugi explains that it represents the bond between him and the other him, and now no one can break it ever again. Anzu smiles, thinking that Yugi got to know his other self at Duelist Kingdom, and now he knows they are always together. Yugi says goodbye to his grandpa, and he and Anzu walk off. Anzu comments that cheered her up; she is glad to see Mr. Mutou doing so well. It was scary when Pegasus stole his soul, and then his soul had to come all the way back from Duelist Kingdom. Yugi remarks that he heard he met Yugi's dead grandmother on his way back, but just between them, Grandpa is not too happy right now. Anzu asks why, and Sugoroku pops up behind them, declaring that he thought they would never ask. He, Sugoroku Motou, at seventy-two years of age, is facing his biggest crisis ever - his store is in danger of going out of business. He tells them to behold over there, and points to a store called "Black Crown", where a clown whose image is mirrored on the store's sign is handing out balloons to children. Anzu repeats the name, and Yugi explains that it is a store selling the newest games, and their grand opening is tomorrow. Anzu comments on the idea of a rival game store right across the street, and Sugoroku sadly observes the crowd outside the store before it has even opened. He comments that the games at Black Crown cannot be purchased anywhere else; they have an exclusive contract with a genius game designer and they make and sell their own games. Yugi muses on the genius game designer, and Sugoroku states that when they open tomorrow, Black Crown's latest hot game will go on sale. Yugi mentally apologizes to his grandpa, as he is curious about this latest game. He and Anzu rush over to scout the store out, and Yugi spots a sign declaring that the revolutionary new game D.D.M will be on sale tomorrow. Yugi muses that D.D.M must be the new game that Black Crown are coming out with, and he wonders what kind of game it is. The clown leans in to offer Anzu a balloon, and she grimaces and flinches away, stating that she does not want one, while thinking that he is a creepy clown. She tells Yugi to come on, they will be late for school, and she can see the look in his eyes when he heard about that new game. Yugi protests that it is not true, and Anzu asks if he wants to do something on Sunday, suggesting that hey could go to someplace. Yugi excitedly agrees.

A young man with long black hair tosses a dice and catches it as he stands next to the clown, who notes that that brat is Yugi. The teen agrees, observing that that baby-faced kid is supposed to be some kind of super-gamer, though he doesn't believe it. The clown muses that if Yugi is Sugoroku's grandson, it would not surprise him if he had his blood. The teen calls the clown his father, asking if he really lost to Mutou. The clown replies that he did; because of that game he has to wear this mask to cover his face. The teen declares that he cannot forgive them, and the clown tells his son, calling him Ryuji, that he raise him to take revenge for him. Ryuji replies that he knows, and he asks his father to watch as he takes away everything Yugi cares about one by one. He tells Yugi to get ready, as he invented all kinds of games just to fight him. He will beat him for his father and for the title of "King of Games". And to start with, today he will steal something important to him.

At Domino High School, Yugi and Anzu had told Jonouchi, Honda, and Bakura about the Black Crown. Anzu explains that it is a really tough rival store, and Yugi admits that his grandpa isn't doing so good. Jonouchi comments that he knows about the store, and Anzu expresses surprise that Jonouchi's family can afford a newspaper subscription. Jonouchi explains that he delivered it; all the prize money from Duelist Kingdom went to pay for Shizuka's operation. Honda asks how Jonouchi's sister is doing, and Jonouchi reveals that the doctors said his sister's vision will be fully restored. Anzu cries that that is great, and Honda suggests that they visit her. Jonouchi replies that she would like that, and then asks Yugi what the new game that Black Crown's coming out with tomorrow is. Yugi admits that he does not know; he thinks it is called D.D.M, but does not know what it stands for. Jonouchi repeats the name and he wonders what it is, and Yugi admits that he might buy it and not tell his grandpa.

Ryuji, impressing his classmates with his dice tricks

A groups of girls cry that something is awesome, and Yugi and his friends look over to see Ryuji at his desk surrounded by girls as he holds a cup in his hand and a stack of dice on the desk. They ask if he can do it again, and Ryuji replies that he can, but this time they will bet something. He will do it with six dice, and if he does, they will buy him lunch. He gathers up the six dice in his cup and shakes it around before planting it on the desk. When he removes it, the dice are all in a perfect stack with their faces lined up, and the girls cheer him on. Jonouchi asks who that dude is, and Honda asks if he was in their class. Yugi states that he thinks it is Ryuji Otogi, and Anzu notes that there are a lot of new faces since they went up a grade. Honda comments that there is no end in sight for their sinister team. Jonouchi grumbles that he does not like guys who use cheap tricks to pick up girls, and Anzu snarks that he is just jealous of whoever is popular. Jonouchi proudly claims that he is the kind of guy who keeps a well-sharpened sword in its sheath and he does not need to show off his talents. Honda asks if Jonouchi even has any talents, and Jonouchi angrily asks if he was at Duelist Kingdom; he awoke to his talents on that island, a talent for card games.

Ryuji looks over, and he asks if it is true that Jonouchi is good at games. Jonouchi glares at him, but then he states that it was a while ago. He asks if Ryuji has heard of Keith Howard, the American Duel Monsters champion? He was one of the world's greatest players, and while he was not bad, he was no match for Jonouchi. Anzu asks if it is just her, or is Jonouchi totally bragging? Honda laments that Jonouchi's just drawn every sword he has got. Otogi comments that it is not bad, and he claims that Duel Monsters is one of his favorite games to, and he has heard of Bandit Keith. Jonouchi modestly looks away, and Ryuji asks if Jonouchi would like to play a game now. Jonouchi, Yugi, and Anzu are all surprised, and Ryuji admits that it is more like a bet, holding up a cup and a die, suggesting that they use them. Jonouchi grins, telling Otogi to bring it on. Otogi agrees, and the girls tell Ryuji that he can do it. Jonouchi thinks that he will beat Ryuji and steal his fans. Yugi wonders what kind of game Ryuji is thinking of. Ryuji holds up the die and inserts it into the cups and shakes it. Jonouchi follows the die's progress, and Ryuji slams the cup down on the table, then holds out his hands, stating that they are empty and he flipped the cup with the die in it. He asks if Jonouchi wants to make a bet; can Ryuji move the die into his right hand without touching the cup. Jonouchi grins, thinking that he knows the die is in the cup, so there is no way he can do it. Otogi states that if he loses their bet, he will do whatever Jonouchi tells him for a week, like be his gofer, or run around the classroom like a dog. His fangirls beg him not to accept the offer, and Ryuji replies that if Jonouchi loses, he will have to do whatever Ryuji says for a week. Jonouchi agrees, and Ryuji confirms their bet.

Ryuji grabs the die.

Jonouchi thinks that unless Ryuji has some kind of mind powers, there is no way he can move the die. He has have to teleport it. He thinks that he will make Ryuji the dog he wants to be and embarrass him in front of the girls. Yugi thinks that of course the die is in the cup, so there is no way Jonouchi can lose. But Ryuji laughs and closes his right hand, claiming that he has already moved the die from the cup when they were talking. Jonouchi gasps "What!?", and Ryuji asks if Jonouchi thinks he is lying and suggests that he check. Jonouchi thinks that there is no way, and he moves to lift up the cup. Yugi gasps to himself that it is a trap, and sure enough, the die is still under the cup, much to Jonouchi's confusion. Ryuji picks it up, stating that the die moved to his right hand without him touching the cup; he wins.

Jonouchi calls him a lousy cheater, and Yugi protests that this was not fair. Ryuji asks if the object of a game is not to outwit one's opponent. Jonouchi growls, and Ryuji replies that a bet is a bet, so Jonouchi will do whatever he tells him from now on. He smirks, thinking that he will use Yugi's friend to tear apart their stupid friendship.


The following appear in this chapter. Debuts are in bold.


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