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"The Last Gamble!!"
Title page
EnglishThe Last Gamble!!
Japanese name
RōmajiSaigo no Kake!!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World
Subseries number64
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 2004 #14
English magazineShonen Jump 2007 #12
Tankōbon volume38: "Through The Last Door"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 22
Release dates
JapaneseMarch 1, 2004[1]
Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters
Previous"The Master of Servants"
Next"The Journey of the King"

"The Last Gamble!!" (最後の賭け!! Saigo no Kake!!) is the 342nd chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 64th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Both Duelists are down to a single card, but the "Dark Magician" still opposes Yugi in his Duel with Atem.

Featured Duel: Yugi Mutou vs. Atem[edit]

Duel continues from the previous chapter

Turn 12: Yugi
Yugi Sets a card.

Turn 13: Atem
Atem Sets a card. "Dark Magician" attacks Yugi directly. As a Spellcaster-Type monster attacked, Yugi activates his Set Trap Card "Magician's Circle", allowing both players to Special Summon a Spellcaster monster from their Decks. Yugi Special Summons "Silent Magician" (1000/1000), and Atem Special Summons "Dark Magician Girl" (2000/1700). Each time Atem draws a card, "Silent Magician" will gain 1 LV and 500 ATK. As he controls two Spellcaster-Type monsters, Atem activates his Set Permanent Spell Card, "Magicians Unite", allowing his two Spellcaster-Type monsters to attack as one monster with 3000 ATK. Yugi activates his Set Spell Card "Card of Sanctity", forcing both players to draw until they hold six cards in their hand. The effect of "Silent Magician" activates as Atem drew cards ("Silent Magician" 1000 → 3500 ATK). The attack continues, and "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl" are both destroyed as they were attacking together. (Atem: 3000 → 2500)

Turn 14: Yugi
"Silent Magician" attacks Atem directly. Atem activates his Set Spell Card, "Monster Reborn", Special Summoning one monster from either player's Graveyard. He Special Summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon" (X000/X000).[note 1] The effect of "Slifer" makes its ATK and DEF equal to 1000 times the number of cards in Atem's hand ("Slifer" 6000/6000).

Duel continues in the next chapter

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. Atem sent this card to the Graveyard on the first turn, discarding it to Special Summon "The Tricky"


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