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"Monster World"
Monster World
EnglishMonster World
Monsutā Wārudo
First chapter41: "Let's Find "Love"!"
Last chapter59: "Millennium Enemy 10: The Last Die Roll"
Next"Duelist Kingdom"

Section 3: "Monster World" arc (だいしょう モンスター・ワールドへん Daisanshō Monsutā Wārudo-hen) is a story arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

Dark Bakura traps Yugi and his friends in his RPG board game Monster World. With Yugi, Anzu, Jonouchi and Honda as pieces, Dark Yugi uses them to face Dark Bakura.




Winners are in bold.

Game Player(s) Penalty Game
Sock Concentration Yugi Mutou
Lovely Two
  • Yugi Mutou
  • Anzu Mazaki
Achievement Test Bingo Game Yugi Mutou Katsuya Jonouchi Hiroto Honda
Find the Keyring! Tsuruoka
  • Dark Yugi
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Hiroto Honda
The Get the Million Game Katsuya Jonouchi
Darts of Fortune
The Electric Helmet
The Wheel of Fate
Red Paint Lottery ZTV producer Dark Yugi Mind on Air, True Nature Exposure
Monster Fighter (game 1) Katsuya Jonouchi Yugi Mutou
Monster Fighter (game 2) Koji Nagumo Yugi Mutou
Monster Fighter (game 3) Koji Nagumo Dark Yugi Face Collapse
Clock solitaire Trump Bomber Dark Yugi
Dragon Cards (game 1) Imori Yugi Mutou Xing Zhen Hu
Dragon Cards (game 2) Imori Dark Yugi Xing Zhen Hu
Super yo-yo Hirutani's gang
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Yugi Mutou
Shadow Game Dark Bakura Karita Mind Doll
Monster World (game) Dark Bakura Dark Yugi


Image Number English title Japanese title
#41 "Let's Find "Love"!" “恋”を見つけよう!!
"Koi" o Mitsukeyō!!
"Let's Find "Love"!!"
Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda end up facing the guidance counselor Tsuruoka in a game where they must find a hidden keychain or risk expulsion.
#42 "Get the Million!!" 100万円をゲットせよ!!
Hyaku-man En wo Gettoseyo!!
"Get the Million Yen!!"
Katsuya Jonouchi takes part in a TV game show, called The Get the Million Game in order to pay off his father's gambling debts.
#43 "Monster Fight!! (Part 1)" モンスターファイト!! <前編>
Monsutā Faito!! <Zenpen>
Yugi Mutou takes-up playing the game Monster Fighter, which quickly becomes popular at school. Yugi is soon challenged to a game by Koji Nagumo, who has a reputation for stealing.
#44 "Monster Fight!! (Part 2)" モンスターファイト!! <後編>
Monsutā Faito!! <Kōhen>
Dark Yugi and Koji "the Spider" Nagumo continue their Shadow Game of Monster Fighter. After trying to cheat cost him the previous game, Nagumo begrudgingly agrees to play fair.
#45 "13 O'clock Terror!!" 13の恐怖!!
Jūsan no Kyōfu!!
Anzu and Yugi go on a date to Domino Park. In Anzu's attempts to make the other Yugi appear, she ends up used in one of the Playing Card Bomber's dangerous games.
#46 "The Evil Dragon Cards (Part 1)" 龍札ドラゴン・カードぜんぺん
Ma no Doragon Kādo ❬Zenpen❭
Yugi's classmate Imori arrives at the Kame Game, asking about an ancient game, he has found. Sugoroku Mutou recognizes it as the ancient game, Dragon Cards, and warns Imori not to open it as yin and yang would clash, creating a warped power.
#47 "The Evil Dragon Cards (Part 2)" 龍札ドラゴン・カードこうへん
Ma no Doragon Kādo ❬Kōhen❭
Dark Yugi faces Imori in another game of Dragon Cards. Dark Yugi plays to win back Yugi's soul, while Imori plays to take the Millennium Puzzle and become the Guardian of Darkness.
#48 "Jonouchi!! Soul Battle!! (Part 1)" 城之内!! 魂のバトル!! <前編>
Jōnouchi!! Tamashii no Batoru!! <Zenpen>
Jonouchi hears of a gang using a yo-yos to mug people and vows to teach them a lesson.
#49 "Jonouchi!! Soul Battle!! (Part 2)" 城之内!! 魂のバトル!! <後編>
Jōnouchi!! Tamashii no Batoru!! <Kōhen>
Jonouchi and Dark Yugi battle Hirutani and his yo-yo-wielding gang.
#50 "Millennium Enemy 1: The Mysterious Transfer Student" 千年の敵1 -謎の転校生-
Sen'nen no Teki Ichi -Nazo no Tenkōsei-
Yugi and his friends meet Ryo Bakura, a gentle new student with an interest in role-playing games. Little do they know of the danger that dwells within him.
#51 "Millennium Enemy 2: Monster World" 千年の敵2 -モンスター・ワールド-
Sen'nen no Teki Ni -Monsutā Wārudo-
Dark Bakura posing as Ryo Bakura starts playing Monster World with Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda.
#52 "Millennium Enemy 3: The Fumble of Doom" 千年の敵3 -モンスター・ワールド-
Sen'nen no Teki San -Monsutā Wārudo-
"Millennium Enemy 3: Monster World"
Yugi and his friends continue to play Monster World with Dark Bakura. In the game, they encounter a stranger, who has been attacked and decided to help him.
#53 "Millennium Enemy 4: Role-Playing Miniatures" 千年の敵4 -役割の人形-
Sen'nen no Teki Yon -Yakuwari no Ningyō-
Dark Bakura continues to seal more of his opponents' souls in miniatures, as they play Monster World.
#54 "Millennium Enemy 5: Stop the Run of Criticals!" 千年の敵5 -連続クリティカルを阻止せよ!-
Sen'nen no Teki Go -Renzoku Kuritikaru wo Soshiseyo!
Dark Yugi rolls for his friends, who are trapped in Monster World figures, as they battle the monsters formed from Dark Master Zorc's hand. Suspecting foul play, Dark Yugi decides that he must stop Dark Bakura's "Run of Criticals".
#55 "Millennium Enemy 6: The Traps of Zorc Castle" 千年の敵6 -ゾーク城の罠-
Sen'nen no Teki Roku -Zōku Jō no Wana-
Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda enter Zorc Castle, where they get caught in a trap and rely on Dark Yugi to rescue them.
#56 "Millennium Enemy 7: I'll Fight Too!" 千年の敵7 -僕も闘う! -
Sen'nen no Teki Nana -Boku mo Tatakau!-
The adventurers battle Zorc at Zorc Castle. Despite the double hit being outlawed, Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura have ways of influencing their dice rolls.
#57 "Millennium Enemy 8: Fight! Fight!!" 千年の敵8 -バトル! バトル!!-
Sen'nen no Teki Hachi -Batoru! Batoru!!-
"Millennium Enemy 8: Battle! Battle!!"
As the adventurers continue to battle Zorc, they are aided by Ryo Bakura, who hinders Dark Bakura's play.
#58 "Millennium Enemy 9: The White Wizard Bakura" 千年の敵9 -白魔導士バクラ-
Sen'nen no Teki Kyū -Shiro Madōshi Bakura-
The adventurers, joined by the white wizard Bakura battle Zorc, who changes into his final form, Last Zorc.
#59 "Millennium Enemy 10: The Last Die Roll" 千年の敵10 -奇跡のダイス・ロール
Sen'nen no Teki Jū -Kiseki no Daisu Rōru-
"Millennium Enemy 10: The Miraculous Dice Roll"
Dark Yugi and his friends finish their game of Monster World with Dark Bakura. The result of the game rests in a final dice roll between both sides.