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English name
  • Tsuruoka
Japanese name
  • Male
OccupationGuidance counselor
SchoolDomino High School
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 04141: "Let's Find "Love"!"
Appears in

Tsuruoka is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He is the guidance counselor at Domino High School. He tends to abuse his position as a teacher to be unfair to the students.


Tsuruoka mocked the low achievement test grades of Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda to their peers as punishment for playing the Achievement Test Bingo Game while having low test scores.[1]

Tsuruoka then snatched the Lovely Two keychain Anzu had given to Yugi as a gift, from Yugi's pocket, citing that students are not allowed to bring games to school. Yugi objected that it wasn't not a game. Jonouchi and Honda protested, ordering Tsuruoka to give it back and said that being a teacher doesn't give him the right to take other people's possessions. However, Tsuruoka retorted that unskilled slackers like them don't have the right to talk back to a teacher. Being a teacher, he claimed meant he could do whatever he wanted to slackers like them, even smash the keychain. As he went to step on it, Dark Yugi emerged.[1]

Dark Yugi said that they have more skills than he ever will and claimed to have never lost a game. Tsuruoka decided not to smash the keychain and instead use it in a game. He gave Yugi and his friends sixty minutes to find the game in the school. If they found it in time, they would get the game back, but If they didn't, they would get expelled and the game would be destroyed.[1]

Tsuruoka without his wig.

Tsuruoka hid the keychain under his wig and went to the teachers' lounge as students aren't allowed inside.[1]

Dark Yugi approached Tsuruoka and deduced that he had the device hidden on him somewhere. Tsuruoka threatened to expel them if they touched him and laughed that they couldn't prove he had the keychain without doing that. However, Dark Yugi used Anzu's Lovely Two to test their love compatibility. This caused his own to start ringing, revealing it was somewhere in Tsuruoka's head. Jonouchi and Honda pulled off Tsuruoka's wig, revealing the game with five seconds left until time would be up. Tsuruoka begged for Yugi and his friends not to reveal that he wears a wig.[1]

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