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Queue cutter
Queue cutter
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 02424: "Capsule Monster Chess"
Appears in
Queue cutter

The queue cutter is an elementary or junior high school kid, who appeared once in the manga.


The boy cut past Yugi in a queue to a Capsule Monster Chess coin machine, outside Old Man Dentures store. Yugi tries to tell him off, but the boy says that Yugi was just "spacing out". He asks isn't Yugi in high school, despite not looking like it, pointing out that he is too old to play Capsule Monsters. Yugi is rebuked, but tries to hide it saying that age doesn't matter to a real gamer. The boy decides that if it means that much to him, Yugi can go first this time. However when Yugi takes his turn, the machine takes his money, without giving him a capsule.[1]

The boy starts laughing at Yugi when Old Man Dentures tells him off for hitting the machine. However, he goes quiet when Mokuba Kaiba arrives.[1]


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