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The delinquents

The delinquents (不良 Furyō), known as thugs in the English Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, are a trio of boys in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Dungeon Dice Monsters video game.

The delinquents were hired by Mr. Hanasaki to stage fights for his son, Tomoya Hanasaki to break up. The delinquents would then pretend to be fought off by Tomoya, in order to boost his confidence.[1]


The first staged fight

The delinquents were paid by Mr. Hanasaki to create false crime scenes and allow Hanasaki, dressed as Zombire to fight them off. At first two of them pretended to attack the third in front of Hanasaki. When Hanasaki intervened, they pretended to attack him, but deliberately fell back, pretending to have been hit, when Hanasaki flinched. They then fled, claiming Hanasaki was too strong. As the staged fight went well, Mr. Hanasaki paid the delinquents to do another.[1]

The maze of fire

The next day at school, two of the delinquents questioned Yugi Mutou about knowing Hanasaki.[1] However Hanasaki arrived and told them to leave.[2]

For the next act, the delinquent threw a rock with a message through Hanasaki's window. The message falsely claimed they had kidnapped Yugi, prompting Hanasaki to come save him. However his father was unable to meet the delinquents price demands, so the trio attacked Hanasaki and revealed that his father had paid them to let him beat them earlier.[2]

Dark Yugi arrived to save Hanasaki. As the gang chased him, he left a trail of spray paint, starting at a cigarette butt, one of the three had dropped. As the butt burned away, it acted as a fuse. When the paint caught fire, it created a maze of fire, leaving the gang dash out and jump into the water.[2]



Dungeon Dice Monsters[edit]


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