Esper Roba (manga)

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Esper Roba
Esper Roba
  • Esper Roba
RōmajiEsupā Roba
BirthApril 1
  • 1.72 m <br />5.643 ft <br />67.717 in <br />172 cm
  • 105.822 lb <br />48 kg
  • Male
Blood type
  • A
Favorite foodPizza
Least favorite foodUmeboshi
Four younger brothers
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Battle City Did not place
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 150150 (Duelist Duel 91): "The Gathering"
Appears in
BooksYu-Gi-Oh! Character Guidebook: The Gospel of Truth
Roba, Esper

Esper Roba is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. This is the original depiction of Esper Roba, known as Espa Roba in the English anime. Espa is a Duelist, who claims to have ESP. In reality he is a fraud who uses his younger brothers to spy on his opponents and reply back to him the cards in the opponent's hand.


Esper Roba is a young Duelist who enters the Battle City tournament. He Duels Dinosaur Ryuzaki, and defeats him, taking his rarest card through the ante rules. Espa claims to have the power of reading the cards in the opponent's hand. Despite Ryuzaki's warnings, Jonouchi is willing to Duel him.

Espa had an upper hand at the beginning of the Duel, claiming that the spirit of Pegasus is speaking to him. When Jonouchi puts the cards "Skull Dice" and "Graceful Dice" close together, his brothers from the building think that Jonouchi has 2 copies of "Graceful Dice", and when Esper said that, and was proven wrong, he was revealed to be a fraud, forcing his brothers to stop.

Esper Summons "Jinzo", which was strengthened with "Amplifier". He was about to win the Duel, until Jonouchi activated "Roulette Spider", which was a risky card which would make one player win the Duel, to test if Esper really had ESP, of which he should be able to tell the monster to stop at the right moment. As a fraud, Esper made "Jinzo" attack his "Reflect Bounder" instead, and due to the effect of "Reflect Bounder", "Jinzo" gets destroyed, and Esper is open to a direct attack, losing the remainder of his Life Points.

Through the ante rule, Esper gave his "Jinzo" card to Jonouchi, respecting him as a worthy opponent.


Esper Roba plays a Psycho Deck. His key card is "Jinzo", which he strengthens with "Amplifier".