Five-Eyed Horned Ogre (manga)

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Five-Eyed Horned Ogre
Five-Eyed Horned Ogre
English name
  • Five-Eyed Horned Ogre
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 309309 (Millennium World Duel 31): "Ripples in the Shadows"
Appears in
Five-Eyed Horned Ogre (manga)
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Five-Eyed Horned Ogre was a ka in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


Five-Eyed Horned Ogre was a monster ka, residing in the soul of a man taken prisoner during the ka hunt. When taken captive, it was a small weak ka.[1]

Gebelk discovered that he could quickly increase the strength of such ka by forcing the wielders to struggle for survival, and forced ten criminals—including Five-Eyed Horned Ogre's host—to engage in a Diaha, where only one wielder could leave the arena alive. After 34 hours of on and off battling, Five-Eyed Horned Ogre and Gudoul were the only surviving ka and had significantly grown in strength.[1]

Gebelk and Akhenaden hoped to test Kisara and her ka, The White Dragon, and led her to the arena. However, as the prisoners focused their ka on her, Seto intervened; his ka, Duos, cut the arena's suspension chains, causing Five-Eyed Horned Ogre and its host to fall to their deaths.[2]


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