Find the Keyring!

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Find the Keyring!
Find the Keyring!
EnglishFind the Keyring!


Game details
LocationDomino High School
Chapters41: "Let's Find "Love"!"

Find the Keyring![1] was a game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga that Dark Yugi, Katsuya Jonouchi, Hiroto Honda, and Tsuruoka played in an attempt to find Anzu's Lovely Two.


Prior events[edit]

Tsuruoka mocked the low achievement test grades of Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda to their peers as punishment for playing the Achievement Test Bingo Game while having low test scores.[2]

Tsuruoka then snatched the Lovely Two keychain Anzu had given to Yugi as a gift, from Yugi's pocket, citing that students are not allowed to bring games to school. Yugi objected that it was not a game. Jonouchi and Honda protested, ordering Tsuruoka to give it back and said that being a teacher doesn't give him the right to take other people's possessions. However, Tsuruoka retorted that unskilled slackers like them don't have the right to talk back to a teacher. Being a teacher, he claimed meant he could do whatever he wanted to slackers like them, even smash the keychain. As he went to step on it, Dark Yugi emerged.[2]

Dark Yugi said that they have more skills than he ever will and claimed to have never lost a game. Tsuruoka decided not to smash the keychain and instead use it in a game. He gave Yugi and his friends sixty minutes to find the game in the school. If they found it in time, they would get the game back, but if they didn't, they would get expelled and the game would be destroyed.[2]

The game[edit]

The game began 30 minutes later after the device had been hidden. Dark Yugi quickly deduced that the tester was within the building, having checked Tsuruoka's outdoor shoes. Anzu who had been bashful, seeing Dark Yugi out, gave him her love tester in the last few minutes of the game, hoping it would be of some help. Thinking people usually hide items where they can see the hiding spot, Dark Yugi went to Tsuruoka's office and Tsuruoka's adamant orders for them to get out confirmed this suspicion. Dark Yugi also believed it was hidden on Tsuruoka's body. With students not allowed to touch him and no way of proving this, Tsuruoka thought he had won. However Dark Yugi switched on Anzu's Lovely Two, which got a reading this time. The noise came from Tsuruoka's head, revealing he had a wig. Honda and Jonouchi recovered the tester, winning the game and Tsuruoka begged them not to tell anyone about his baldness.[2]