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The Carnival Games stand.

Carnival Games was the theme of Yugi Mutou's classes event at the school festival, in Duel 6 of the manga. Their booth consisted of three games, "Bluebeard's Attack", "Bottle Toss" and "Shooting Gallery".

They spent 25000 yen of their 50000 yen budget on building materials, lighting and paint, 20,000 on Bluebeard's Attack and 5000 was used for prizes.


Bluebeard's Attack[edit]

Bluebeard's Attack

Bluebeard's Attack was a life size version of the game Bluebeard's Attack.

The cost of materials for this game amounted to 20,000 yen. The barrel was taken from a nearby winery. Katsuya Jonouchi worked on it, installing holes on the sides, with switches hidden behind random ones and, a nested barrel mounted on a spring and a lid, with a hole. Yugi made the pirate's mask out of papier-mâché. Jonouchi also played the pirate.

In the game players would insert wooden knives into holes in the hopes of hitting a switch, causing the pirate to spring out.

Bottle Toss[edit]

Bottle Toss

The Bottle Toss was a simple game, which cost the class nothing. It consisted of 6 stacked empty milk bottles and a ball. Players were to try knock over the bottles using the ball, in order to win a prize.

Shooting Gallery[edit]

Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery was a shooting game. It consisted of items on a conveyor belt, operated by two class members and Hiroto Honda's air rifle. If the player could hit an item on the belt, they'd win a prize.


Anzu Mazaki won the most popular spot at the school festival in a lottery for them to build the booth on. However Goro Inogashira's class stole the booth. Dark Yugi later met up with Inogashira and defeated him in a Shadow Game, "Griddle Ice Hockey" to win back the spot.

On the day of the festival the games proved to be a huge hit.