Weighing of the Heart

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Section of the Book of the Dead depicting the Weighing of the Heart

The Weighing of the Heart, also known as the Judgment of the Dead, is a ritual in Ancient Egyptian religion that is used to judge whether the soul of a dead person may pass to the afterlife or if they should be fed to the soul eating Ammit.

In the manga and toei anime, holders of the Millennium Scale are capable of performing the same ritual to living people to determine if they should be punished.


The Feather of Ma'at is placed in one side of a set of a scales. This side represents the good deeds of the person being judged. The other side represents their bad deeds. If the side of good deeds outweighs that of the bad deeds, the person may pass to the afterlife. If their bad deeds outweigh their good deeds, they would have their soul devoured by Ammit. Osiris would be the judge at the ritual, while Anubis would hold the scales.

Individuals who hold the Millennium Scales are also capable of performing this test, although they do it on living people to measure their sins. It is sometimes done in the form of a Shadow Game, where the individual being tested may be subject to a Penalty Game if they have a high level of bad deeds

List of weighings[edit]

Game Events Image
Tragoedia's Weighing of the Heart Akhenaden, Seto's predecessor and Karim's predecessor performed the Weighing of the Heart on Tragoedia. Winged Kuriboh assimilated Tragoedia's sins and rested in one side of the Millennium Scales. The Feather of Ma'at was placed in the other. The side of sins, Winged Kuriboh's side, immediately hit the ground and the magnitude of the sins was so much that Winged Kuriboh turned from white to black. White Winged Kuriboh v Feather of Ma'at.jpg
Question of Truth Shadi performed the Weighing of the Heart on Curator Kanekura. Shadi placed the Feather of Ma'at on one side of the Millennium Scales and asked Kanekura a series of questions. If Kanekura told the truth, the side with the feather would lower. If he lied the other would lower. The side of lies hit the table after a few questions and Kanekura suffered a Penalty Game, which killed him.[1][2] FSx005 Kanekura's Weighing.png


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