Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 262

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"As a Friend"
EnglishAs a Friend
Japanese name
RōmajiTomo to shite!!
TranslatedAs a Friend"!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number203
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 2002 #21
Tankōbon volume30: "Ra the Immortal"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 17
Release dates
JapaneseApril 22, 2002[1]
Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters
Previous"Beyond Hatred"
Next"The Monster of Victory or Defeat"

"As a Friend", titled "As a Friend!!" (友として!! Tomo to shite!!) in the Japanese version, is the 262nd chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 203rd chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Featured Duel: Seto Kaiba VS Dark Yugi[edit]

Turn 20: Seto Kaiba
Yugi has just Fusion Summoned "Dark Paladin" (2900/???), while Kaiba controls "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" (4500/???). "Dark Paladin" gains 500 ATK for each Dragon-Type on the field. There are currently 2 ("Blue-Eyes" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon") (Dark Paladin: 2900→3900). Since Fusion Monsters cannot attack on the turn they are Fusion Summoned, Kaiba ends his turn.

Turn 21: Dark Yugi
Yugi Sets 1 card and ends his turn.

Turn 22: Seto Kaiba
Kaiba Sets a card, then attacks Yugi's "Dark Paladin" with his "Ultimate Dragon". Yugi activates his Set card, "Magic Formula", to increase "Dark Paladin's" ATK by 500, but Kaiba activates his Set Trap Card, "Spell Absorption", to make his "Ultimate Dragon" gain that much instead (Ultimate Dragon: 4500→5000). Yugi activates his Set card, "De-Fusion", to split Kaiba's "Ultimate Dragon" into his 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" (3000/2500) (3000/2500) (3000/2500) again (Dark Paladin: 3900→3400). Since there are now 4 dragons on the field, "Dark Paladin's" ATK becomes 4400 (Dark Paladin:3400→4900). Since Kaiba's "Ultimate Dragon" left the field, the attack is negated.

Turn 23: Dark Yugi
Yugi activates "Diffusion Wave-Motion" from his hand, so by paying 1000 Life Points (Yugi: 1500→500), his "Dark Paladin" can attack all of Kaiba's monsters. It attacks his first "Blue-Eyes" (Kaiba: 1900→0), then his second "Blue-Eyes" (Kaiba: 0→0), then his third (Kaiba: 0→0).

Yugi wins.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.


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