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This a listing of chapters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga.

Image Number English title Japanese title
OCG Structures 001.png
#1 "Struct Start!!" 構築開始ストラクトスタート!!
Sutorakuto Sutāto!!
"Struct Start!!"
Shoma Yusa, newly arrived in Tokyo, visits the Satellite Shop to participate in the Rising Rampage Deck Construction event. He very quickly meets his first opponent, Strong Jukyu.
OCG Structures 002.png
#2 "Tenyi VS Simorgh" てんVSバーサスシムルグ
Ten'i Bāsasu Shimurugu
"Tenyi VS Simorgh"
Shoma continues his Duel against Strong Jukyu, promising to bring down his opponent's powerful field in a single turn.
OCG Structures 003.png
#3 "Light and Darkness" ひかりやみ
Hikari to Yami
"Light and Darkness"
After a harmless misunderstanding, Shoma now finds himself in a Duel against the (self-proclaimed) servant of darkness - Dark Kuroda.
OCG Structures 004.png
#4 "Tenyi VS Mathmech" てんVSバーサス斬機ザンキ
Ten'i Bāsasu Zanki
"Tenyi VS Mathmech"
Shoma continues his Duel against Dark Kuroda, who swears to make Shoma pay for "dishonoring" his beloved sister.
OCG Structures 005.png
#5 "The Four Kings Assemble!!" てんのうしゅうけつ!!
Shitennō Shūketsu!!
"The Four Kings Assemble!!"
Shoma Yusa is ready to use the new Deck he's built, but is very suddenly challenged by a new opponent, who's looking to use Shoma as a testing board for even greater challenges.
OCG Structures 006.png
#6 "Immortal Phoenix VS Thunder Dragon" 神不死鳥ゴッドフェニックスVSバーサス雷竜サンダー・ドラゴン
Goddo Fenikkusu Bāsasu Sandā Doragon
"Immortal Phoenix VS Thunder Dragon"
Shoma continues his Duel against Psychic Tendo, ready to do battle with a Deck built for the World Championships.
OCG Structures 007.png
#7 "Duel Date!?" デュエルデート!?
Dyeueru Dēto!?
"Duel Date!?"
Yami Kuroda rushes to save his sister Tsukiko Kuroda after overhearing terrible news - she and Shoma Yusa are set to do battle in a "Duel Date!"
OCG Structures 008.png
#8 "Immortal Phoenix VS Herald" 神不死鳥ゴッドフェニックスVSバーサス宣告者デクレアラー
Goddo Fenikkusu Bāsasu Dekurearā
"Immortal Phoenix VS Herald"
Shoma Yusa continues his Duel Date with Light Tsukiko. But will Shoma be able to contend with Tsukiko's master plan?
OCG Structures 009.png
#9 "Ageha's Abilities" アゲハのじつりょく
Ageha no Jitsuryoku
"Ageha's Abilities"
Ageha Yusa heads out to Adult's Night at the Satellite Shop, and runs into a familiar face while she's there.
OCG Structures 010.png
#10 "The New Master Rule!!" あらたなるマスタールール!!
Aratanaru Masutā Rūru!!
"The New Master Rule!!"
A rule change is coming to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game, and Des, friendly local part-timer, has offered to give a demonstration to the younger Duelists. Shoma Yusa had better learn quickly though, because this instructor is giving out a harsh lesson in the New Master Rule.
OCG Structures 011.png
#11 "Gaia Knight VS Adamancipator" ガイアVSバーサス魔救アダマシア
Kishi Gaia Bāsasu Adamashia
"Gaia Knight VS Adamancipator"
Shoma has Des on the ropes, but she hasn't been defeated yet. Digging deep within herself and in her Deck, Des swears that she will win this Exhibition Duel no matter the cost!
OCG Structures 012.png
#12 "Team Battle" チームせん
"Team Battle"
Shoma Yusa and Jukyu Goriki team up together to participate in a Team Battle Tournament. However, when their remaining trio of friends forms their own separate team, the Strong duo will have to find an unlikely third teammate.
OCG Structures 013.png
#13 "Darklord VS Jinzo" てん使VSバーサスサイコ・ショッカー
Datenshi Bāsasu Saiko Shokkā
"Darklord VS Jinzo"
The Team Battle continues, with Des facing off against Tsukiko. Des has the advantage now, but a dark force is swelling up in Tsukiko's heart. Can Des ride out the coming storm?
OCG Structures 014.png
#14 "A Duel You Cannot Lose" けられないデュエル
Makerarenai Dyueru
"A Duel You Cannot Lose"
After a shocking finish in the first round, the Team Battle continues. However, if Team Structures wants to win it all, Shoma must once again face Saiko Tendo, the one Duel King he has never defeated.
OCG Structures 015.png
#15 "Pressure...!!" 重圧プレッシャー・・・!!
The Team Battle continues with Shoma Yusa versus Saiko Tendo. The tournament setting is a heavy burden to Shoma, however, and he finds himself quickly losing ground to Tendo's calm focus. Can Shoma pull himself together, or will he crack under the pressure?
OCG Structures 016.png
#16 "Virtual World VS Eldlich" でんのうかいVSバーサスエルドリッチ
Dennōkai Bāsasu Erudoritchi
"Virtual World VS Eldlich"
Shoma Yusa's rematch against Saiko Tendo continues, and while Shoma's managed to find his nerve, Tendo has brought out his secret weapon. For the sake of Team Structures, Shoma must once again try to push through "Maxx "C""!
OCG Structures 017.png
#17 "Weakest VS Strongest" さいじゃくVSバーサスさいきょう
Saijaku Bāsasu Saikyō
"Weakest VS Strongest"
Jukyu Goriki - derided as the weakest of the Four Duel Kings. Yami Kuroda - lauded as the strongest of the Four Duel Kings. For the sake of Team Structures, Strong Jukyu will have to live up to his name! The last Duel of the Team Battle starts now!
OCG Structures 018.png
#18 "Dragunity VS Chaos" ドラグニティVSバーサスカオス
Doraguniti Bāsasu Kaosu
"Dragunity VS Chaos"
The Duel between Jukyu Goriki and Yami Kuroda continues.
OCG Structures 019.png
#19 "Conclusion of the Team Battle!!" チーム戦 決着!!
Chīmu-sen Kecchaku!!
"Conclusion of the Team Battle!!"
After a fierce competition, the Team Battle comes to a conclusion with the end of the match between Jukyu Goriki and Yami Kuroda.
OCG Structures 020.png
#20 "Impression Recovery Operation" 心証回復作戦
Shinshō Kaifuku Sakusen
"Impression Recovery Operation"
Tsukiko initiates an operation to change the impression Ageha had of her, and they end up in a friendly Amusement Park Duel.
OCG Structures 021.png
#21 "Amazement VS Chronodiver" アメイズメントVSバーサスクロノダイバー
Ameizumento Bāsasu Kuronodaibā
"Amazement VS Chronodiver"
After a fierce exchange of effects, the Duel between Tsukiko and Ageha comes to a touching conclusion.
OCG Structures 022.png
#22 "Perfect Champion!!" 完璧王座パーフェクト・チャンピオン!!
Pāfekuto Chanpion!!
"Perfect Champion!!"
An old comrade of the Four Duel Kings - who is called the "Perfect Champion" - returns to the Satellite Shop, and Shoma asks him for a Duel so they can become friends. What kind of Duel will the "Perfect Champion" show?
OCG Structures 023.png
#23 "Magikey VS Dragma Invoked Beast" 魔鍵VSバーサスドラグマ召喚獣
Maken Bāsasu Doraguma Shōkanjū
"Magikey VS Dragma Invoked Beast"
Shoma quickly learns the Perfect Champion's true strength. At the aftermath of their Duel, an exciting event is announced.
OCG Structures 024.png
#24 "Galaxy Wars!!" 銀河戦争ギャラクシー・ウォーズ!!
Gyarakushī Wōzu!!
"Galaxy Wars!!"
The tournament for a Duel with Ohza begins with a fierce galactic match between Shoma and Kuroda.
OCG Structures 025.png
#25 "Bearcti VS Drytron" ベアルクティVSバーサスドライトロン
Bearukuti Bāsasu Doraitoron
"Bearcti VS Drytron"
Kuroda keeps pushing against Shoma, using his "Drytron" Deck that carries his and his sister's feelings. Can Shoma and his "Ursarctic" Deck top the Duel King of Darkness?
OCG Structures 026.png
#26 "Destiny Draw" 運命のドロー
Unmei no Dorō
"Destiny Draw"
Faced with a tough situation, Shoma is left with no choice but to trust his Deck. The galactic Duel against Kuroda comes to an explosive conclusion!
OCG Structures 027.png
#27 "Impregnable Formation" 鉄壁の布陣
Teppeki no Fujin
"Impregnable Formation"
Shoma and Jukyu, who were once teammates, now face off in a fierce final match for the right to challenge the world champion.
OCG Structures 028.png
#28 "Holy Knights vs Lyrical Luscinia Tri-Brigade" ホーリーナイツ VSバーサス LLリリカル・ルスキニア鉄獣戦線トライブリゲード
Hōrī Naitsu Bāsasu Ririkaru Rusukinia Toraiburigēdo
"Holy Knights vs Lyrical Luscinia Tri-Brigade"
Shoma and Jukyu clash at full strength. When Shoma uses his trump to corner Jukyu, the latter shows his resolve for reaching Ohza!
OCG Structures 029.png
#29 "Clash of Feelings" 想い激突
Omoi Gekitotsu
"Clash of Feelings"
While they deeply enjoy Dueling one another, neither Shoma nor Jukyu can back down. After a series of impressive moves, the friends' do-or-die Duel comes to a conclusion!
OCG Structures 030.png
#30 "Feelings for a Friend" 仲間への想い
Nakama e no Omoi
"Feelings for a Friend"
After a series of grueling Duels, Shoma finally reaches Ohza. Before his great rematch with the "Perfect Champion", he is entrusted with the feelings of the Four Duel Kings towards their former comrade.
OCG Structures 031.png
#31 "Rematch!! Shoma VS Ohza" 再戦!!尚磨VS王座
Saisen!! Shōma Bāsasu Ōza
"Rematch!! Shoma VS Ohza"
Everyone is surprised to see both Shoma and Ohza are using the same Decks from their first match; however, after a fierce exchange, Ohza reveals he hadn't shown the true power of his Deck on their previous Duel.
OCG Structures 032.png
#32 "Magikey VS Branded Invoked" 魔鍵VS烙印召喚獣
Maken Bāsasu Rakuin Shōkanjū
"Magikey VS Branded Invoked"
The rematch between Shoma and Ohza continues with a fierce exchange of effects. Even with the champion's full power, Shoma seems to be able to breakthrough! How will the "zero feelings" Duelist respond...?
OCG Structures 033.png
#33 "Binding Curse" 呪縛
"Binding Curse"
Amidst a fierce battle, Shoma and the Four Duel Kings learn about the "curse" that chains Ohza. Can their feelings reach the world champion...?
OCG Structures 034.png
#34 "Precious Bonds" 大切な絆
Taisetsu na Kizuna
"Precious Bonds"
At the end of the breath-taking match between Shoma and Ohza, the "Perfect Champion" bids farewell to his former and new companions - however, what they gained after those fierce battles will never fade.
OCG Structures 035.png
#35 "A New Encounter" 新たな出会い
Aratana Deai
"A New Encounter"
Shoma meets a girl who also holds a special love for the card game.
OCG Structures 036.png
#36 "P.U.N.K. VS Flash Sword" P.U.N.K.VSバーサス閃刀姫
Panku Bāsasu Sentōki
"P.U.N.K. VS Flash Sword"
Despite her inexperience, Motokariya exchanges fierce effects with Shoma with her "Sky Striker" cards!