Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures - Chapter 005

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"The Four Kings Assemble!!"
Title page
Japanese name
RōmajiShitennō Shūketsu!!
TranslatedThe Four Kings Assemble!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures
Japanese magazineV Jump 2019 #11
Volume1: "Struct Start!!"
Release dates
JapaneseOctober 21, 2019
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"The Four Kings Assemble!!" (てんのうしゅうけつ!! Shiten'ō Shūketsu!!) is the fifth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga. It was first published October 21, 2019, in the V Jump magazine.

Shoma Yusa is ready to use the new Deck he's built, but is very suddenly challenged by a new opponent, who's looking to use Shoma as a testing board for even greater challenges.


A young man stands just outside the Satellite Shop in Tokyo, Japan. According to his sources, Shoma Yusa always appears here on the day a new product releases in the OCG, and today marks the release of Structure Deck R: Warriors' Strike. The young man laughs to himself and declares that Shoma will become the stepping stone on his path to greatness.

Inside the shop, sure enough, is Shoma, as well as his three friends, Jukyu Goriki and the Kuroda siblings, Yami and Tsukiko. Shoma has just acquired three sets of the new Structure Deck and is putting together his Deck. As he is wont to do, Shoma soon gets lost in his own little Structure World. In this imaginary world staged as a castle full of arms and armor, he is welcomed by the burning knights "Roland" and "Expaladin", and the "Evocator Eveque". And of course, sitting on his burning throne, "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried".

Much like his previous meetings with the "Tenyi", Shoma discusses various cards that would play well with the FIRE Warrior/Equip Spell Deck offered by Warriors' Strike; for example, "Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights" or the various "Eyes Restrict" cards (who can be brought out instantly with cards like "Instant Fusion". "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried" reminds Shoma that there's no one right answer when it comes to Deck Construction - building the Deck that's optimal for its user, that's what counts. Shoma thanks them all for their advice, and snaps back to reality to build his Deck.

In a flash, Shoma's Deck is finished, and he's ready to play. Kuroda marvels at how quickly Shoma can pick up on what a card does and build a solid Deck. Tsukiko asks if he already has all the cards memorized, and Shoma affirms, stating he only needs to see a card once, and he'll remember. Jukyu is also impressed, seeing as how there's over 10,000 cards in the OCG now. For him, card effects are in one ear and out the other if he doesn't have it in front of him. Kuroda remarks that it's for that reason that Jukyu was the weakest of the Four Duel Kings in elementary school. Jukyu bristles at the provocation, and Kuroda suggests they Duel then and there to put things in light and dark. Kuroda snaps that the phrase is "black and white", and no, he won't Duel Kuroda, because Kuroda is a pain in the neck.

Tsukiko, ignoring them, asks Shoma what inspired him to build this new Deck. Shoma explains that it was really cool when Kuroda Summoned "Geomathmech Final Sigma" in their Duel, and afterwards, he wanted a Deck with a FIRE monster as the central card. Jukyu and Kuroda, putting their argument aside for the moment, agree with Shoma that "cool" is one of, if not the best, reasons for building a Deck. Tsukiko smiles and says that Shoma really is a bit of a child. Shoma also sheepishly admits that he thought Kuroda's Summoning speeches were pretty cool, and he wanted to try one as well. Kuroda enthusiastically supports Shoma's idea, but Jukyu starts to worry if one day, Shoma will be just as bad as Kuroda.

Tsukiko asks if Shoma would like to Duel against her with his new Deck, since he already promised to play with her previously. Before he can respond, a voice calls out to the group, saying that he's finally found his target, and challenges Shoma to a Duel. Jukyu takes a moment to recognize the young man with the oversized glasses, but realizes it's Psychic Tendo, another of the Four Duel Kings from elementary school. Tsukiko's face darkens as she turns to this new pest, and sternly tells him that Shoma promised to Duel her already. Various other patrons of the Satellite Shop turn to the scene, and realize that all four of the Four Duel Kings are gathered in one spot now: "Strong" Jukyu Goriki, Yami "Dark" Kuroda, Saiko "Psychic" Tendo, and "Light" Tsukiko Kuroda. The crowd cheers, as it's been a while since the last time they were together.

Shoma doesn't really know what's going on, and Des, a friendly part-timer at the Satellite Shop, explains that all four of them have proven track records at official events, and are considered the best of the next generation of Duelists. However, they can't really be considered the Four Duel Kings of elementary school anymore, as Jukyu and Kuroda moved up to middle school this year. Shoma realizes with a start that that would make him the oldest member of the group, being a year older than Kuroda. Kuroda reddens slightly and says nothing on hearing this bit of news.

Ignoring the crowds, Tendo explains to Shoma that this is the last chance he has to qualify for the elementary school branch of the World Championships, and that tomorrow is the National Qualifiers. All he wants is his chance to see what the World Championship is like with his own eyes, like "him". Shoma wonders who this "him" could be, but Tendo continues that he came to battle Shoma after he heard that Shoma defeated Dark Kuroda, the strongest of the Four Duel Kings. This, he believes, is his best chance to practice what the real tournament will be like.

Tsukiko is silent for a moment, then states that the World Championship doesn't matter to her at all. However, since it means something to Tendo, then she won't get in the way, and promises Shoma that they'll play another time. Shoma, however, has already equipped his Duel Disk, and says that it's all the same who he Duels. Shoma has already beaten two of the Four Duel Kings, and is now playing against the third, Des notes from the crowd. This will surely be a fun Duel. Shoma himself wonders what sort of Deck Tendo will use to go for the World Championships.

Shoma soon has his answer, as Tendo takes the first turn. In no time at all, he finishes his beginning move, and ends his turn with "Some Summer Summoner" and the powerful "Thunder Dragon Colossus", which prevents Shoma from adding cards from his Deck to his hand except by drawing them. Kuroda notes that for a "Thunder Dragon" Deck, that's not a bad field to start with. Jukyu agrees, but internally, he's trying to remember what the "Thunder Dragon" Deck does.

Shoma begins his turn by Special Summoning "Super Quantum Red Layer" by its own effect, then Normal Summoning "Evocator Eveque". Tendo thinks to himself that with no more Normal Summon, Shoma will have to start trying to Special Summon something that can overcome his "Thunder Dragon Colossus". In that case, he activates the effect of "Maxx "C"" in his hand, sending it to the Graveyard. Now he'll be able to draw a card whenever Shoma Special Summons this turn.

Shoma is shocked to see that card, while Des is excited, and Tsukiko is disgusted. Her face darkens as she says to nobody in particular that she hates cockroaches, and would never put one in her Deck. Shoma considers his options. He could use his monsters to Link Summon "Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights", but "Colossus" would prevent him from using her first effect. But he could still use her second effect to send "Supervise" from his Deck to the Graveyard and Summon "Infernoble Knight - Roland" from his Deck, then use "Isolde" and "Roland" as Material to Link Summon "Draco Masters of the Tenyi", who would benefit from his Deck's focus on Gemini monsters. After that, he could banish "Supervise" from his Graveyard to Special Summon the "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried" in his hand.

However, the problem with that strategy is that Tendo would then draw four cards, while Shoma wouldn't be able to defeat him before he could make the most of them. Kuroda points out that one should never make a move that lets their opponent gain advantage, and Shoma would do better to stop here. Jukyu, who still can't exactly remember what "Colossus" does, says that Shoma should keep going, as he'll never be able to overcome Tendo's monster unless he goes on the attack. The two go back and forth on the matter and go nowhere. Jukyu tells Kuroda point blank that he doesn't like him, and Kuroda says that that's his line.

Des wonders which path Shoma will choose, and Tendo calls out to Shoma that it's not good to think too long. Shoma hesitates for another second, then activates "Supermagic Sword of Raptinus" and equips it to "Evocator Eveque". He then activates the effect of "Immortal Phoenix Gearfriend" in his hand, banishing "Supermagic Sword of Raptinus". "Oh warrior who flows with the power of fire! And whose body carries the flames of the phoenix! Now, blazing inferno, ascend to godhood!!" Shoma declares, and Special Summons "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried". Tendo draws a card, and Kuroda gives the speech 75 points for using 3 different words for fire.

Shoma smiles to himself. Even though it gave Tendo an extra card, he just really wanted to Summon "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried".

Featured Duel: Shoma Yusa vs Psychic Tendo[edit]

Turn 1: Psychic Tendo
Note: Tendo's full turn is not depicted during the chapter itself; however, a page from the end of the chapter describes the full turn in detail.

Tendo Normal Summons "Batteryman Solar" (L4|1500/1500), then activates its effect, allowing him to send a Thunder monster from his Deck to the Graveyard. He chooses "Thunder Dragonroar". He then activates the effect of "Thunder Dragonhawk" in his hand, discarding it to Special Summon 1 of his "Thunder Dragon" monsters that is banished or in his Graveyard. Tendo Special Summons "Thunder Dragonroar" (L6|2400/0) in Defense Position. As a Thunder monster was Normal or Special Summoned, Tendo activates the effect of "Batteryman Solar" to Special Summon a "Batteryman Token" (L1|0/0) in Defense Position.

Tendo sets "Batteryman Solar" and the "Batteryman Token" (2 Thunder monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Some Summer Summoner" (1600|↙ ↘) into the Extra Monster Zone. Since a Thunder monster's effect in the hand was activated this turn, he also Tributes "Thunder Dragonroar" to Special Summon "Thunder Dragon Colossus" (L8|2600/2400) from his Extra Deck to the center Main Monster Zone that "Some Summer Summoner" points to. While on the field, Shoma cannot add cards from his Deck to his hand, except by drawing them. Since it was sent from the field to the Graveyard, Tendo activates the effect of "Thunder Dragonroar" to Special Summon 1 "Thunder Dragon" monster from his Deck, but he must return it to his hand during the End Phase. Tendo Summons "Thunder Dragondark" (L5|1600/1500) in Defense Position.

At the end of Tendo's turn, "Thunder Dragondark" is returned from his field to his hand. Also during the End Phase, Tendo activates the effect of "Thunder Dragondark" in his hand, discarding it to add another copy of "Thunder Dragondark" from his Deck to his hand.

Turn 2: Shoma Yusa
Since he controls no monsters, Shoma Special Summons "Super Quantum Red Layer" (L5|2000/800) from his hand in Attack Position. Next, he Normal Summons "Evocator Eveque" (L4|1500/1000). In response, Tendo activates the effect of "Maxx "C"" in his hand, sending it to the Graveyard. For the rest of this turn, immediately after Shoma Special Summons a monster, Tendo can draw a card. Shoma activates "Supermagic Sword of Raptinus", equipping it onto "Evocator Eveque". He then banishes the Equip Spell to Special Summon "Immortal Phoenix Gearfried" (L9|3000/2200) from his hand in Attack Position.

Duel continues in the next chapter.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.

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