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1st Edition


1st Edition

1st Edition is an edition of cards in the TCG, Korean OCG, and Asian-English OCG that is marked by the text "1st Edition". It is not used in the Japanese, Japanese-Asian, and Chinese OCG.

On 1st Edition and Limited Edition cards, the Eye of Anubis Hologram is gold; on Unlimited Edition cards, it is silver.[1]


Most retail sets (such as booster packs and Structure Decks) are initially printed in 1st Edition for the first print run, while later print runs are printed as Unlimited Edition to distinguish them. On the secondary market, Unlimited Edition prints of cards are typically worth less than their equivalent 1st Edition print of the same rarity.

Edition text[edit]

For Series 3 to 8 cards, the edition text (such as the text "1st Edition") is located under the left side of the card's artwork.

From Series 9 onward, for cards without limitation text, the edition text is located to the right of the password (leaving a space for the password even if the card has none). For cards with limitation text other than Pendulum Monsters, the edition text is located in its previous position; Pendulum Monsters with limitation text do not have edition text.


Old placement of edition text
Modern placement of edition text


  1. "New to Yu-Gi-Oh!". Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Konami. Retrieved 28 October 2021. The security foil on First Edition (or first printing) and Limited Edition cards is gold, while the security foil on Unlimited Edition cards (when products are printed again) is silver.