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An Official Proxy is a mock image of a card that is usually used in place of an unreleased card. These are commonly used in articles to advertise upcoming sets. Official Proxy images can be identified by the lack of Passcode and an Eye of Anubis Hologram.

Websites using Official Proxies include Konami's official Yu-Gi-Oh! sites and social media, as well as VIZ Media's official site. Official Proxies can also be found in issues of Weekly Shōnen Jump and Shonen Jump, as well as on Sneak Peek posters.

In modern OCG Official Proxies, a capitalized semi-transparent SAMPLE is normally rendered over the card's text field.

Official Proxies are not guaranteed to match the released card, although they typically do. For example, "Seismic Crasher" had a different artwork on its Official Proxy to its eventual print, and several cards have had their card text changed before their release.