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"Operation: Capture Yeager II!"
Japanese name
RōmajiYēgā Hokaku Sakusen Tsū!
TranslatedOperation: Capture Yeager II!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese ED"Close to you"
ScreenplayToshifumi Kawase
DirectorYuji Yanase
StoryboardShogo Komoto
Animation directorChika Kojima
Air dates
JapaneseJune 16, 2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 2)
Previous"Burning, Seething Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon"
Next"Press Him About the Mystery! The Endgame Riding Duel!!"
Featured card"Blackwing - Boobytrap"

"Operation: Capture Yeager II!" is the one hundred and fourteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on June 16, 2010.

Jack, Yusei, Bruno and Crow find Lazar as they shop for Oshiruko Noodles. Lazar escapes the gang, so they later put on a Red Demon's Noodle promotional event to lure in Lazar and force him into a Duel.


Shopping area[edit]

A few mice run around a sewerage tunnel, before a man walks through with a big grin on his face.

The Oshiruko Noodles sold out.

Elsewhere, Yusei, Jack, Crow and Bruno are at the R.A. Market. Jack is frustrated over all the Oshiruko Noodles being sold out. Crow insists that it's not a big deal; The ramen is just popular and yells at Jack for dragging them out here just to buy this food. The two of them clench fists and glare at each other. Jack shouts back at Crow asking if he has any idea how much trouble he went though to get information on this store. Crow points out that Jack has more important stuff to be doing. As they argue, the man from the sewer secretly dashes past them through a nearby building. Bruno tries to calm the two down, suggesting that they come back later to buy them.

The theft.

A man on a Duel Runner drives past the group and snatches a shopping cart from an old lady. Yusei, Bruno, Jack, and Crow are distracted by this. Before they have time to react, someone fires a rope at the thief, which wraps around his arm, pulling him off the Duel Runner. The man falls to the ground and drops the cart, which was full of Oshiruko Noodles. Yusei, Bruno, Jack, Crow and the shopkeeper watch this wondering what just happened.

The man who fired the whip, who is the same man from the sewer, leaps down and collects the ramen. He thanks the man for them and laughs. The old lady walks over and thanks him for risking his life to save her ramen. She says that he is like a god. The man reluctantly tries to explain that he was trying to get them for himself. Before he can tell her, the lady takes the ramen back and gives him one of the five cups as a reward. The man thanks her and grabs two more before running away.

Lazar's first disguise.

The woman looks in the direction the man left, holding her remaining two cups of ramen, stunned by what just happened. Yusei, Jack, Crow and Bruno recognize from his laugh that the man was Lazar in disguise and wonder what he is doing here.

Inside an alley, Lazar celebrates his theft. It's been a while since he feasted. The food he stole is even the new Oshiruko Noodles. Someone calls him by name and says he looks happy. Lazar stands up and sees Yusei and Crow. He tries to insist that they have him confused with someone else. At his other side, someone shouts that that is enough. Lazar turns to find Jack and Bruno at the other side of the alley. Jack says that there is no denying it is Lazar; It doesn't matter what he wears. Crow adds that it doesn't hide his henchman voice. The four close in on him and remove his disguise. Jack takes the ramen.

Lazar escapes.

They want Lazar to answer some questions. Since Lazar is vice-director of the Public Security Maintenance Bureau, they say that he must know about Iliaster. Lazar asks what they want to know about Iliaster and what is in it for him. Jack slaps one of the cups in his face, ordering him to just tell them and reminding Lazar that he stole Jack's cup ramen before.[Note 1] Crow tries calming Jack down, but Jack says that Crow is not one to tell him what to do.

As Crow and Jack argue, Lazar crouches down and kicks the ramen out of Jack's arm. He fires his grapple hook at an overhead stairway on the side of a building. As the grapple hook pulls him up, he takes back two of the cup ramen. Lazar says that this is the best cup ramen of its time and bids farewell. He starts jumping upwards, skipping flights of stairs until he's on the roof of the building and disappears from sight.

Poppo Time[edit]

Jack has an idea.

Later at Poppo Time, the four boys tell Akiza, Leo and Luna about their encounter with Lazar. The cup that Lazar didn't get away with is on the table. Akiza is surprised that Lazar escaped while being chased by four guys. Luna asks "why" and Leo asks "what?". Crow says that at least he doesn't hold a grudge against someone for stealing his ramen. Jack argues that he's not to blame. Akiza, Leo and Luna sigh as he and Crow start to bicker. Bruno asks why Lazar was hiding. Yusei believes it is because people from Iliaster had tried to kill him. Lazar is in danger because he has information that they don't want him knowing, Yusei explains. Jack asks if they should try to find him again, but Bruno doesn't think he can be found that easily. Yusei and Crow agree. Jack thinks and gets an idea as he looks at the ramen. Everyone looks at him surprised. Jack chuckles and Crow with a bad feeling wonders what he just thought of.

Lazar's hideout[edit]

Lazar with Atsuko and Kaoru.

At Lazar's hideout in a drainage tunnel, he sits at a table with his wife, Atsuko and son, Kaoru. The two cups of ramen are present on the table and Lazar laughs. Kaoru says that they haven't feasted like this in a long time. Atsuko asks where he got the food. Lazar peels the lid off one of the ramen, which have been cooked. He gets excited over how savory it looks. He resists and hands it to Kaoru. With one cup for Kaoru and one for Atsuko, Karou asks if his father is going to eat. Lazar says that has already eaten outside. Before the two dig in, Lazar's stomach starts to rumble. Atsuko's starts to cry, while Kaoru obliviously eats his ramen.

Red Demon's Noodle promotion[edit]

Out in the street, Luna and Leo, dressed as ingredients, are on a stage presenting a Red Demon's Noodle event. They say it is their third anniversary sale and welcome their special guest, Cup Ramen Man. Someone dressed as a giant cup ramen comes out of the curtains behind them. He welcomes everyone and apologizes for keeping them waiting. Akiza, dressed as a witch, comes over to his side, honking a horn. The audience look up blankly at the performance. Inside the cup ramen outfit, Crow asks what he did to deserve this. Akiza says that it is because he lost the game of jyanken. Crow vows to make Jack regret this. Backstage, Yusei and Jack peer through the curtains. Jack asks what Crow is mumbling about. To start off, Luna says that they will have a "spicy Red Demon's Noodle Duel tournament". Leo says that they will have to face the strongest duelist, Cup Ramen Man in a Duel. If they wins, they will receive a year's supply of Red Demon's Noodles. Bruno, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a fake beard points to boxes of the product. The audience get keen, wanting to participate.

Lazar's second disguise.

Crow, still wearing the costume, defeats a number of opponents, leaving their cards flutter as they lose. The audience are impressed. Out of breath, Crow asks "who the heck is next?". Lazar disguised like a punk leaps up and says that he shall be the next opponent and he's not like the others. Yusei, Jack, Bruno, Akiza, Leo and Luna all recognize him. Crow says that it is a pleasure to see him again. Lazar looks confused and asks if he has seen him before.

Crow traps Lazar.

Akiza and Bruno get behind Lazar, while Yusei and Jack appear in front of him. Jack says that Lazar won't get away this time. Crow removes giant cup and slams it over Lazar, trapping him inside. Lazar calls them persistent and drops a smoke bomb. He escapes the cup and leaps away. However, Yusei throws a transmitter, which attaches itself to Lazar. The audience wonder what just happened. Crow curses at Lazar and Leo and Luna sigh that he got away again. However, Yusei smiles and says that they will track him.

As Lazar runs to his tunnel, he laughs that those guys will not catch up to him. Jack and Crow then leap down in their Duel Runners and ask if he meant them. Jack and Crow land down next to Lazar. Yusei and Bruno then pull up in their Duel Runners. Lazar asks how they found him and Yusei tells him about the transmitter.

Jack cracks his knuckles and calls Lazar a cup ramen thief. Yusei asks Lazar to tell them about Iliaster. Lazar and Jack both look at Yusei angrily. Lazar says that he won't tell them anything, but Crow suggests that they settle it with a Duel; If Lazar wins, they will leave him alone. If Crow wins, Lazar will tell them everything he knows about Iliaster. Lazar looks at a tunnel and looks back at Crow. He agrees and comments that Crow won't win against his talent. Lazar removes his disguise and prepares to Duel.

The Duel[edit]

Lazar and Crow start a ground Duel. Yusei, Jack and Bruno watch from the sides.

Lazar goes first. He Sets 4 cards in his Spell & Trap Card Zone, astonishing Bruno. He Summons "Jester Lord", who Crow remembers from their last Duel.[Note 2] Since "Jester Lord" is the only monster on the field, it gains 1000 ATK for each card in the Spell & Trap Card Zone. "Jester Lord" starts juggling 4 fireballs and its ATK goes up to 4000. Crow says that Lazar is as tricky as before. Lazar snickers and points at Crow, saying that he has nothing against the vice-director of the Public Security Maintenance Bureau. Lazar ends his turn.

Crow laughs that a clown like Lazar should stop bluffing and begins his turn. Since Lazar controls and monster and Crow controls none, Crow is able to Summon "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn", without Releasing any monsters. Since "Jester Lord" is no longer the only monster on the field, its ATK drops to 0. It stops juggling and drops its arms forward. Lazar activates "Imperial Register", restoring its ATK until the End Phase. "Jester Lord" starts juggling again.

Since Crow controls a "Blackwing" monster, he is able Special Summons "Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind" from his hand through its own effect. Since Crow just Summoned a "Tuner monster, Lazar suspects that he is going to perform a Synchro Summon, so Lazar activates "Discord", forbidding Synchro Summons for three turns. Crow recognizes this strategy from their last Duel and tells Lazar not to underestimate his "Blackwings".

Crow uses "Gale the Whirlwind's" effect to halve "Jester Lord's" ATK, lowering it to 2000. Next he uses "Sirocco the Dawn's" effect to transfer the ATK of all "Blackwing" monsters he controls to 1 "Blackwing" monster. He chooses "Gale the Whirlwind", whose ATK rises to 3300. Lazar laughs that he has Crow now and uses "Tuning Barrier" preventing a player from attacking if they have a Tuner monster on their field or in their Graveyard for three turns.

Bruno starts to panic that Crow can't attack. Jack says that Lazar is trying to protect himself and Yusei has a feeling that Crow has something up his sleeve.

The aura around "Aurora of the Northern Lights" taking the form of "Silverwind the Ascendant".

Crow says that things are going as planned. He removes his 2 monsters from play to Special Summon "Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights" from his hand. Its Level is equal to that of the removed monsters. Crow uses its effect to remove from play a "Blackwing" Synchro Monster of the same Level from his Extra Deck from play to have "Aurora of the Northern Lights" gain its ATK and effects. Crow selects "Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant" The blue aura around "Aurora of the Northern Lights" takes the form of "Silverwind the Ascendant". Lazar stumbles back, surprised that "Aurora of the Northern Lights" now has 2800 ATK. Bruno is glad that it not only gained ATK, it's also not a Tuner monster, so Crow should be able to attack. Yusei points out how "Gale the Whirlwind" was removed from play, so "Tuning Barrier" should have no effect on Crow. Jack nods, commenting that Crow can still fight with Synchro sealing. Yusei compliments Crow's thinking. Lazar looks mad and Crow explains that since he already fought Lazar, he has already figured out his anti-Synchro Deck.

"Aurora of the Northern Lights" attacks "Jester Lord" and Crow discards "Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow" to its ATK to "Aurora of the Northern Lights". "Aurora of the Northern Lights'" ATK rises to 4200 and it destroys "Jester Lord", lowering Lazar's Life Points to 1800. Crow Sets a card in his Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

Atsuko and Kaoru arrive to support Lazar.

Crow asks Lazar how that feels. Suddenly a can comes flying and hits Crow in the head. Crow shakes his fist at the attacker and asks who he is. Lazar looks behind him and sees Atsuko and Kaoru. Kaoru waves his arms and tells Crow not to mess with his father. He says they are always messing with his father and calls him a bully. Crow says that he is not bullying and he didn't know Lazar had a family. Lazar says that it is to be expected; While he may not look like it, he is a respectable family man. Jack laughs at Lazar calling himself a respectable family man. Lazar asks his family to stay back as this is dangerous. Kaoru cheers for his father to beat that "freakishly weird bad guy". Crow starts hopping in frustration, asking how he is the bad guy. Lazar tells his family to rest assured justice is sure to win. Jack stands up and asks where the justice is in him who steals cup ramen. Lazar tells Jack to can it; He has a Duel to continue.

Lazar starts his turn and plays "Imperial Custom" and Summons "Jester Queen", whose effect destroys all his Spell and Trap Cards. However only "Imperial Custom" is destroyed as its effect prevents his other Continuous Trap Cards from destruction. No matter how much Lazar elaborates, Jack says, its ATK is still 800. Kaoru yells at Jack not to call his father an idiot; His father is thinking of something. Lazar activates "Hidden Passage". Since Crow's monster has higher ATK than his and Lazar has the monster with the lowest ATK, one of Lazar's monsters can attack Crow directly. Crow panics, thinking that he is about to take 800 damage from a direct attack. Lazar shakes his head and explains "Jester Queen's" effect; she can attack once for every Spell and Trap Card he controls. Bruno counts up Lazar's Spell and Trap Cards and to his horror sees that Crow will take four attacks. Crow starts to worry. Lazar's four Spell and Trap Cards stack together and "Jester Queen" leaps inside. The four cards fly over to Crow and Jester Queen leaps out and fires four blasts at Crow, dropping his Life Points to 800.

Atsuko and Kaoru cheer for Lazar. Lazar tells them that he will not allow himself to get caught by Iliaster or those guys. Crow angrily shouts that that is why Lazar is running; To save himself. He asks why Lazar doesn't realize that he can fight Iliaster with them. Lazar is surprised, but doesn't reply.

Crow sees that Lazar is fighting to protect his family.

Crow starts his turn. The effect of "Aurora of the Northern Lights" wears off. Crow Special Summons "Blackwing - Bora the Spear" from his hand, through its effect. He Releases both of his monsters to Summon "Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake". Lazar sweats, worrying about the 2600 ATK of "Abroholos of the Megaquake". Jack urges Crow to finish Lazar off. Atsuko clasps her hands onto her jaw and calls "my dear". Kaoru confidently tells her not to worry as his father is not going to lose. His calls at Lazar telling him to do his best. Lazar insists that he keeps running from Iliaster not just for his life but also for his family. This is why he cannot lose. Seeing that Lazar is fighting to protect his family has an effect on Crow. Lazar's Life Points are at 1800, he thinks and reconsiders his move. He uses "Abroholos of the Megaquake" effect to reduces its ATK by 1000 and return all Lazar's Spell and Trap Cards to his hand. Lazar is surprised by this. Crow looks down and gets "Abroholos of the Megaquake" to attack "Jester Queen". Lazar's Life Points drop to 1000 and "Abroholos'" effect returns "Jester Queen" to Lazar's hand. Jack calls Crow an idiot and asks what he is doing. Bruno points out that if Crow had attacked without using "Abroholos'" effect, Lazar's Life Points would be at 0. Crow rubs the back of his head and says that he must have miscalculated and ends his turn.

Kaoru cheers for his father to win. Lazar begins his turn. He Summons "Jester Queen" and activates "Jester's Panic". He chooses 1 of Crow's face-down cards to reveal and if he sends 1 card of the same type from his hand to the Graveyard, to destroy it and allow 1 of his "Jester" monsters to attack directly. The face-down card is revealed to be "Blackwing - Boobytrap". Kaoru celebrates that his father is going to win. Bruno sees a problem; If "Blackwing - Boobytrap" is destroyed the opponent will take 1000 damage. However Lazar doesn't have to or need to destroy it. Lazar thinks to himself; If he activates "Hidden Passage" again and attacks with "Jester Queen", he will win. He thinks about Crow's last turn and wonders if Crow was trying to lose on purpose. However, he needs his son to keep believing in him, so he cannot lose right now. Lazar chooses to destroy "Blackwing - Boobytrap". Crow curses Lazar as "Blackwing - Boobytrap" activates and inflicts 1000 damage to Lazar, dropping his Life Points to 0.


Kaoru starts crying after his father loses.

Everyone acts surprised. Kaoru starts crying. He says that it is a lie, his father would never lose to Crow. Crow asks Lazar why. Lazar replies that he cannot be defeated. He had to lose to Crow in order to protect his family from Iliaster. Atsuko tries to comfort Kaoru. Lazar comes over to Kaoru and says that there is no need to cry. His father has just lost a fight to truly protect the two of them. He hugs his family. Crow says that Lazar isn't such a crooked guy after all. Yusei says that it probably seems to be the mutual way.

Lazar walks over to the group and says that as promised he shall tell them all about the Public Security Maintenance Bureau and Iliaster, before erupting into a twisted laughter.

Featured Duel: Lazar vs. Crow Hogan[edit]

Yeager (Lazar) VS Crow.

Turn 1: Lazar
Lazar draws. He then sets four cards and Normal Summons "Jester Lord" (CG Star.svg1/0/0) in Attack Position. Since "Jester Lord" is the only monster on the field, it gains 1000 ATK for each Spell/Trap Card on the field ("Jester Lord": 0 → 4000/0).

Turn 2: Crow
Crow draws. He then Normal Summons "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn" (CG Star.svg5/2000/900) in Attack Position without Tributing as Lazar controls a monster, but Crow doesn't ("Jester Lord": 4000 → 0/0). Lazar activates his face-down "Imperial Register" and activates its effect to increase the ATK of "Jester Lord" by the ATK change ("Jester Lord": 0 → 4000/0). Crow Special Summons "Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind" (CG Star.svg3/1300/400) in Attack Position via its own effect. Lazar activates his face-down "Discord". Now both players can't perform Synchro Summons for three turns. During Lazar's third End Phase after activation, he must send "Discord" to the Graveyard.

Crow activates the effect of "Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind" to halve the ATK and DEF of "Jester Lord" ("Jester Lord": 4000 → 2000/0) until the End Phase. Crow activates the effect of "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn" to increase the ATK of "Gale the Whirlwind" by the ATK of all other Blackwing monsters Crow controls until the End Phase ("Gale the Whirlwind": 1300 → 3300/400). Lazar activates his face-down "Tuning Barrier". Now both players can't attack if they have a Tuner on their side of the field or in their Graveyard. Three turns later, Lazar must send "Tuning Barrier" to the Graveyard.

Crow removes "Sirocco the Dawn" and "Gale the Whirlwind" from play in order to Special Summon "Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights" (CG Star.svg10/0/0) in Attack Position. The Level of "Aurora the Northern Lights" becomes the combined Levels of the removed monsters due to its first effect ("Aurora the Northern Lights": CG Star.svg 10 → 8). Crow then activates the second effect of "Aurora the Northern Lights" to remove from play "Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant" from his Extra Deck and grant "Aurora the Northern Lights" the effects and ATK of "Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant" ("Aurora the Northern Lights": ? → 2800/0).

"Aurora the Northern Lights" attacks "Jester Lord". Crow then sends "Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow" from his hand to the Graveyard in order to increase the ATK of "Aurora the Northern Lights" by 1400 ("Aurora the Northern Lights": 2800 → 4200/0). "Aurora of the Northern Lights" destroys "Jester Lord" (Lazar 4000 → 1800). Crow sets a card. On Crow's End Phase, the effect of "Kalut the Moon Shadow" expires ("Aurora the Northern Lights": 4200 → 2800/0).

Turn 3: Lazar
Lazar draws. He then activates his face-down "Imperial Custom". Now Continuous Trap Cards besides "Imperial Custom" can't be destroyed by cards. Lazar then Normal Summons "Jester Queen" (CG Star.svg2/800/800) in Attack Position. The first effect of "Jester Queen" then activates, destroying all of Lazar's Spell and Trap Cards, however only "Imperial Custom" is destroyed. Lazar activates "Hidden Passage" to allow "Jester Queen" to attack directly since it has lower ATK than "Aurora the Northern Lights". Due to the effect of "Jester Queen", it can attack once for each card in Lazar's Spell and Trap Card Zone. "Jester Queen" attacks directly four times (Crow: 4000 → 3200 → 2400 → 1600 → 800).

Turn 4: Crow
Crow draws. On Crow's Standby Phase, the effect of "Aurora the Northern Lights" expires ("Aurora the Northern Lights": 2800 → 0/0). He then Special Summons "Blackwing - Bora the Spear" (CG Star.svg4/1700/800) in Attack Position via its own effect. Crow then Tributes "Bora the Spear" and "Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights" in order to Tribute Summon "Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake" (7/2600/1800) in Attack Position. Crow is about to use "Abrolhos the Megaquake" to attack "Jester Queen" (which would win him the Duel), but he chooses not to attack right away. Crow then activates the third effect of "Abrolhos the Megaquake" to decrease its ATK by 1000 ("Abrolhos the Megaquake": 2600 → 1600/1800) and return all of Lazar's Spell and Trap Cards back to his hand. "Abrolhos the Megaquake" then attacks "Jester Queen". Due to the first effect of "Abrolhos the Megaquake", "Jester Queen" is not destroyed (Lazar 1800 → 1000). After damage calculation, the second effect of "Abrohlos the Megaquake" returns "Jester Queen" to Lazar's hand.

Turn 5: Lazar
Lazar draws. He then Normal Summons "Jester Queen" (CG Star.svg2/800/800) in Attack Position. Lazar then activates "Jester's Panic" to select Crow's face-down "Blackwing - Boobytrap" and reveal it. Lazar is about to activate "Hidden Passage" which would allow "Jester Queen" to attack directly and win Lazar the Duel, but Lazar chooses not to. Instead, he activates the second effect of "Jester's Panic" to discard a Trap Card ("Discord") from his hand and destroy "Blackwing - Boobytrap". The effect of "Blackwing - Boobytrap" then activates, letting Crow draw a card and inflicting 1000 damage to Lazar (Lazar 1000 → 0).


Yusei with no criminal mark
  • In the preview of this episode in Japan one scene showed Yusei without his criminal mark. However, this was fixed when the episode aired.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards which debuted here are in italics.

The opponents are people Crow defeated as Cup Ramen Man.


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