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"The Super Genius"
EnglishThe Super Genius
Japanese name
RōmajiNazo no Sūpā Mekanikku
TranslatedThe Mysterious Super-Mechanic
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"FREEDOM"
Japanese ED"-OZONE-"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation directorIchizou Kobayashi
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 14, 2009
EnglishNovember 13, 2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 2)
Previous"Putting It All Together"
Next"Get With The Program, Part 1"
Featured card"Mirror Force"

"The Super Genius", known as "The Mysterious Super Mechanic" in the Japanese version, is the eightieth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It first aired in Japan on October 14, 2009 and in the United States on November 13, 2010.

Mina and Trudge ask Yusei, Jack, and Crow to take care of an amnesiac youth named Bruno.


Yusei is riding on his Duel Runner saying "This kind of speed is no good!" and then thinks back to Vizor's words which is "Surpass your limits, Yusei!". Yusei continues to think saying he needs a new engine that can surpass the limits no matter what. Later in the night, Yusei, Jack, and Crow are out to a fancy restaurant. Crow digs in, and then says thanks. He continues by saying he doesn't know what this about but (he stops in mid sentence and tells/urges Yusei and Jack to eat). Jack though says this is strange while his arms are folded. After Mina and Trudge cough, Mina stutters asking what is it. Yusei says Martha always told him "Nothing in this world is free. Be thankful to those who speak strict words to you. Watch out for a person who talks too nicely". Jack says It's just as Yusei says, and adds these people (Trudge and Mina) wouldn't treat them like this for no reason. Trudge and Mina get nervous as Trudge stutters/asks what is it, like Mina did. Jack then asks so there's no strings attached. After being hesitant, Trudge tells them "Truth is, I have a small favor to ask of you." Jack says he knew it, Mina says It's nothing that's too difficult. She continues by saying they found a person with memory loss, and were wondering if they could take care of him. Yusei asks why should they do something like that. Mina says right now, New Domino City is busy with the tourists and Turbo Duelists, and finishes saying It's okay if just for a little while. Jack tells her their garage isn't a hotel. Crow adds while eating that they can't take care of anyone right now anyways.

Trudge begs Yusei, and he refuses, while Mina begs Jack, but he also refuses. Trudge continues to beg saying can't they do something, and Crow intervenes saying he refuses. This gets Trudge mad and he says they're being treated to something like this, and they plan to refuse. This makes Crow think, and then asks where he is right now. Trudge remarks he should have been here a long time ago. Crow then tells him if he doesn't come, then they can't do anything.

As they walk, Crow says that was close because they were about to take in a stranger. Jack However remarks saying that's because Crow eat all that food without paying attention to the details. Crow retorts saying that's because he never knows when he'll eat food like that again. They then spot a person working on Jacks Duel Runner Phoenix Whirlwind. Angered, Jack asks what he is doing to his Duel Runner. Jack continues by asking if he is one of those Duel Runner thieves, and then punches him in the face so hard that he flies to the ground (this is shortened in the dub). Jack finishes by stating "Don't ever come near my Duel Runner again! Be glad I'm only doing this to you!". He then drives off, while Mina and Trudge (who were about to get in their vehicle) wonder what's wrong with Jack. Yusei grabs the person, asking if he's okay. Crow tells Yusei to just leave that guy alone, but Yusei does not agree. Trudge and Mina then run over asking what happened. Crow says it wasn't Jacks fault, and points at the person Yusei is next to saying It's because this guy messed with Jacks Duel Runner. After overcoming her shock, Mina angrily says the persons name (which is Bruno), and then asks why is he in a place like this. Bruno gets on his knees apologizing, by saying he thought Jacks Duel Runner was amazing, and he got sucked up into it. Yusei asks if this could be the person Trudge and Mina wanted them to look after, to which Mina affirms. Crow turns to Yusei asking what they should do. Yusei starts by saying even if he asked him to (he doesn't finish that sentence, because Jack shows up). Jack rides by them and grabs Bruno saying he'll return him later, before riding off. Crow wonders what's going, and Yusei says for them to go. After getting on their Duel Runners, Yusei tells Trudge and Mina to let them handle the rest.

Bruno gets thrown to the ground, and then begs Jack to please stop, saying he hates violence. Crow asks Jack what's gotten into him all of a sudden. Jack ignores him, asking Bruno what he did to his Runner. Yusei wonders what he is talking about. Jack answers by saying his Runners power has increased, surprising Yusei. Bruno tells Jack all he did was adjust the computer in his Runner a bit. Crow is surprised, and says Yusei tried to increase the power of their Runners so much, and this guy (Bruno) did all of that in that short amount of time. Jack adds that's the only thing he can think of. Yusei puts his hands on Bruno's shoulders, kindly asking him to tell him how he did it. Bruno is then shown to be on a computer that has Jacks Runner on it. Bruno states he changed the timing of the boosters, so now it can power up slightly. Yusei admits he hadn't noticed it before. Crow wonders what they're talking about, and Jack replies saying he has no idea, and adds for Crow to not let his guard down. Jack finishes saying he can't think of him being an ally. Turning their attention back to Bruno and Yusei, Bruno says these also apply to Yusei and Crow's Duel Runners as well, and if he tweaks the program, the power should be greater then now. Crow surprised by this, asks really. Jack says his name, asking if he's listening to what he's saying. Bruno turns to Crow saying he'll adjust it right away, which Crow is thrilled. Jack face-palms, while Yusei asks if his name is (Yusei doesn't finish his sentence because Bruno tells Yusei his name). Bruno then says Yusei and Crows names, and shortly finishes by saying Jacks (indicating he knew their names).

Yusei says with Bruno's skills, he wants him to look at this, and that It's not moving so well. The computer screen then changes, and Bruno says this is the Ener-D engine using the Yusei project. Crow asks if it still rotates, to which Yusei says it doesn't yet. Bruno states It's just using a program right now, and then says but It's better for them to use it. He continues by saying the Ener-D in a Duel Runner engine gets worn down as it is used, but they can use the program to improve the speed. Jack asks Yusei saying isn't that what the new engine was for, and if he's making a mistake. Yusei tells Jack to stay quiet for a while, as he and Bruno are talking about something important right now. Jack gets mad asking if Yusei wasn't serious when talking to him, but Yusei ignores him and continues to talk to Bruno. After Jack says Yusei's name once more, Crow walks over and tells him to leave it to Yusei, because they're talking about something important. After getting mad, Jack walks off saying Crow can do what he wants. Some time passes, and Crow says It's like Yusei is a fish that found water, and then yawns.

The next day, Crow sleeps while Yusei and Bruno talk. Yusei thanks Bruno, and says his suggestions have been very helpful. Bruno though says Yusei's basics for it were solid, and finishes saying "As expected of Dr Fudo's son." While getting some food and drink from a stool next to them, Yusei asks if he knew his father. Bruno doesn't answer and says Dr Fudo's Ener-D is in all the Duel Runner engines. Bruno continues saying any Duel Runner mechanic would know, and then asks if Yusei's name came from the Yusei gear. Yusei replies he thinks so. Bruno asks if that's true, and then say It's an interesting name, and then says the "Yusei gear" is an interesting name. He then says one gear won't do anything, and states the central gear uses the surrounded gears to rotate. Bruno continues saying if they were just using parts of the Duel Runner, what's the central gear that moves them (this time he is referring to themselves). Yusei answers it is the Duel Monsters that are with them in Turbo Duels, and above that he has bonds with Jack and Crow. Bruno comments it sounds wonderful. Yusei then says Mina told him that he lost his memories. Bruno answers by saying when he realized it, he was washed up on the beach. Yusei asks if he was in some sort of accident, but Bruno says he doesn't remember it at all. Bruno states when he works on Duel Runners and Duels, it feels like he can remember something. Yusei understands, and asks if Bruno could stay for a while. Bruno asks if that's okay, to which Yusei says yes, for the WRGP they need a new machine. Bruno says if Yusei's okay with him, he'll become part of the gear that reaches towards Yusei's dreams. Yusei thanks Bruno and holds out his hand. Just as Bruno is about to shake his hand, he switches to his other one (showing that he is left handed).

A while later, Jack and Crow are then shown to be sitting on a couch near them, with bored/annoyed expressions on their face. Just then, Leo and Luna come up, as Leo asks Yusei to come play, and Luna adds Leo found a new combo. Seconds later, Akiza comes in saying Yusei's name, and says she has a problem with her physics. After Crow shushes them, Leo asks who that person (Bruno) is. Jack says he's a refuge entrusted to them by Sector Security. Crow adds in right now he's a super mechanic that's working with Yusei. Leo likes this, and asks if he could work on his Duel Board. Crow answers maybe (in the dub Crow said no). As everyone turns their attention back to Yusei and Bruno, Luna comments It's strange, and wonders if there could be that much to talk about. Crow states now the amount that they've talked to each other (Yusei and Bruno) has surpassed how much he's talked to Yusei. Leo comments "They're like two ducks side by side." Luna however says that's only used for describing a man and a woman. Leo rubs his head saying is that so (in the dub, Leo said Yusei was his best friend, and Luna argued asking who said Yusei was his best friend). Akiza then sighs annoyed, which Leo asks her what's wrong. Akiza turns saying she's going home, and that it looks like she's a bother if she's there. Leo asks if she by some chance is jealous. Akiza turns around saying "Stop talking about other peoples business, you're just children!" and then leaves (in the dub version she threatened Leo that she could squish him like a grape). Leo looks at Luna saying Akiza is really angry, and Luna looks at Jack asking is this really fine. Jack states like he would know that, and Leo agrees. Crow comments It'll be worth all the trouble if they can get one step closer to the completion of the new engine.

Later on, Bruno is typing on the keyboard, as well as Yusei (as they do, images of Yusei, Crow and Jacks Runners are on the screen, as well as the gear). More time passes, and Bruno says they did it, and finishes saying "This program is a miracle!", to which Yusei agrees. Bruno then asks to rest a bit since he hasn't had rest for two days (three days in the dub version). Yusei agrees saying he hasn't ether, and finishes saying they'll install it (the program they made) into the machine tomorrow. They leave the Shack, turning off the lights as they do so. As they sleep, a mysterious figure goes over to their computer.

The next day, Jack is angry because the data (what Yusei and Bruno worked on) is stolen. Yusei admits he was careless, and that he should have kept a backup. Bruno says both himself and Yusei were careless, and that there is nothing they can do about it. Jack grabs Bruno though, and asks if he was the culprit, and adds he thought Bruno was suspicious from the start. Bruno however tells Jack he is wrong, and that It's not him. Yusei then walks over telling Jack to let Bruno go. Jack though tells Yusei to not stop him because he'll get everything out of Bruno. Crow walks over telling Jack to stop it already, causing him to ask Crow if he's trying to protect him as well. Crow states there is nothing to protect, because if Bruno was the culprit, then he would have run away after stealing the data. He finishes by saying what kind of thief would stick around after stealing something. Jack agrees and let's Bruno go. Bruno then states creating a program needs lot's of work, and that It's complicated. He folds his arms saying It's near impossible to create it (the program he and Yusei made). Jack concludes then that the only way is to find the thief. Crow blows on the computer keyboard saying the thief hadn't left behind any evidence, and finishes saying he can't even find a finger print. Jack then says without any evidence, how will they find the thief. Bruno realizes something, which prompts Yusei to ask what's wrong. Bruno walks over to the table where he got a cup ramen, and notes one of them have disappeared. Jack gets ticked off because one of the GoGo cup ramen is gone. Bruno walks over to the desk and gets out a Metal chop stick. Going over to the Trash can, he gets out a Piece of a Cup ramen pack.

Examining it, he notices a finger print, and says he found the thief's print. Bruno concludes the thief ate cup ramen while stealing the data, surprising everyone. He continues saying the thief couldn't get the cover off, and he removed his gloves (what Bruno picked up was the cover part). As Yusei and Bruno start typing on the computers, Jack asks Yusei if he's really doing this, to which Yusei replies yes, and says if they enter the fingerprint into the Security's database, they can find the thief. Jack however states that Security's database is protected by a strong firewall, and if they make a mistake in hacking they'll get caught. Yusei though says if they use all the world's servers to hack, they can get in within 5 minutes (after saying this, the computer screen shows different parts of the world, and a red line is connecting them). Yusei asks Bruno if he can get in within 5 minutes, to which he says he should be able to. Yusei then asks Jack if they should stop. Jack folds his arms replying that he'll leave that decision to Yusei. Bruno tells Jack to not get angry if they fail, but Jack says of course he'll get mad. Bruno starts to hack in, and seconds later, Yusei states they're in. Yusei asks Bruno if he can get through, to which Bruno says yes, it seems like a simple system.

Jack says he doesn't get it, while Crow says Bruno is really amazing. Bruno then explains if they can pass this one, they'll be in the database (the computer screen is shown, and after going through a slight digital maze, a door opens revealing Duel Monster Cards on a Duel field). Crow wonders what this is. Yusei realizes It's a simulation Duel. Bruno understands, and explains Sector Security set up this simulation duel as the password. Crow asks if this means they can't proceed any farther unless they solve it. Yusei concludes that it seems so, and states they have 4 minutes remaining. Bruno says the information on the screen (he doesn't finish that sentence). He notes the opponents Life Points are at 2300, why their own life is at 1000, and continues by saying the opponent has 5 monsters, while in the opponent Spell/Trap zone, there is a set card, and an activated continues spell card known as "The Dark Door" (when Bruno explains there are 5 monsters on the opponents field, 3 of them are revealed to be "Red Gadget", "Green Gadget"and "Yellow Gadget", while the other two are "Ancient Gear Soldier" and "Stronghold the Moving Fortress". "Red Gadget and "Yellow Gadget" are in defense mode, while "Green Gadget", "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" and "Ancient Gear Soldier" are in attack mode). Bruno then says on their field, they have "Tragoedia" who gains 600 ATK for each card in your hand, so it currently has 3600 because there are 6 cards in their hand. Crow reads the computer text, which says "Win in this turn". Yusei states since It's like this, the set card on the opponents field is troublesome. Crow adds in any case, they just have to make the opponent's Life Points go to 0 this turn.

Crow walks over to the computer Bruno was sitting on, and tells him and the others to leave this to him (a small avatar version of Crow appears in the computer screen). Crow then states with a monster with 3600 ATK and "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" (which was one of the cards in their hand), the answer is simple. He then equips the equip Spell to "Green Gadget", which lowers Its ATK from 1400 to 400, while the ATK of "Tradoedia" goes from 3600 to 3000. Crow now commands "Tragoedia" to attack "Green Gadget" (a Dark/Purple blast shoots out of its mouth), but the computer activates the Face-down Trap card "Mirror Force", which deflects the blast and destroys Crow's Monster, shocking him that he lost. Yusei realizes through the effects of " The Dark Door", both players can only attack once, and finishes saying this won't do them any good. Jack grabs Crow roughly telling him he is wasting their precious time. Yusei however states but now they've learned something, and continues by saying that Face-down card is "Mirror Force". Crow explains it means all of your monsters will be wiped out if they attack, and says this is bad.

Jack let's go saying his duel wasn't even worth watching (After sitting down on the computer, a small avatar version of Jack appears on the screen). Jack then says "Equipping an equip Spell to an opponents monster to lower their attack points, is something you do when you're out of tricks! A duel is power! Trusting in your own power is a duel!" Jack then equips the equip Spell "Axe of Despair" to "Tragoedia", bringing It's ATK to 4000 (the Axe now appears in the hand of "Tragoedia"). Jack Commands it to attack "Green Gadget", but the computer once again activates "Mirror Force", destroying the Monster.

Crow grabs Jack calling him an idiot, and that Yusei said it was "Mirror Force". Grabbing Crow, Jack gets angry saying he was just checking to see if that set card would change, but Crow says they don't have time for that, to which Jack retorts stating he didn't ask him. They're interrupted as Yusei explains they only have 2 minutes left, and that this is their last chance. Bruno offers to do it, surprising them. Yusei asks if he can win, to which he replies yes. Bruno explains inside his memory, there are only Duel Runners and duels, and finishes by saying he might remember something. Yusei understands and let's him do it. Jack is about to complain, but Crow tells him not to, because there's no time.

Bruno looks at the screen once again, as Crow asks if they can solve this in just 2 minutes (after this, a small avatar version of Bruno appears in the computer screen). Bruno states the first problem is that "Mirror Force" Trap card, and that they must not let that card activate. He concludes the one thing that can seal off "Mirror Force" is "Ancient Gear Soldier", which has the power to stop Traps from activating when it battles. Jack however says "Ancient Gear Soldier" is on the opponent's side of the field. Bruno explains this is where the effect of "Tragoedia" comes into play. He states by discarding a card from your hand, once per turn you gain control of an opponents monster that has the same level as the discarded card. He then states that "Ancient Gear Soldier" is a level 4, and the only card in his hand is the level 6 "Bird King Alector". He now notices he has the spell "Cost Down" in his hand, which can reduce all monsters level in his hand by 2, if he discards a card first. Crow then asks if that means he'll change "Bird King Alector" level to 4, to which Bruno replies exactly. Bruno now activates "Cost Down" (he discards the "Remove Trap" Spell card from his hand), and changes "Bird King Alector" from level 6 to 4. Bruno then explains through the effect of "Tragoedia", by discarding "Bird King Alector", he takes control of "Ancient Gear Soldier" (the monster now appears on Bruno's side).

Jack sees, and says he'll equip "Axe of Despair" to "Ancient Gear Soldier" and then attack "Green Gadget". Yusei though says not yet, and Bruno says It's just as Yusei told him. He explains if he raises the ATK of the stolen "Ancient Gear Soldier" with "Axe of Despair", and even if he uses "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" to lower the ATK of "Green Gadget" to 400, the damage inflicted to the opponent will only be 1900, and concludes it won't be enough. Jack asks him what they should do, but Bruno tells him to look at the screen once more. He says there is one thing that stands out, which is the effect of "Stronghold the Moving Fortress:. Crow though says its ATK is 3000, but Bruno explains its ATK will only be 3000 when "Green Gadget", "Yellow Gadget" and "Red Gadget" are on the field, and finishes saying if those 3 aren't there, then its original ATK is 0. Yusei realizes Bruno saw through it. Bruno now discards "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" to activate "Tribute to The Doomed", and destroys "Green Gadget" (The ATK of "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" goes from 3000 to 0, and it shrinks Note: destroying any of the gadgets would have given the same results). Now equipping "Axe of Despair" to "Ancient Gear Soldier", Its points go from 1300 to 2300 (the axe now appears in the monsters hand). Bruno then commands "Ancient Gear Soldier" to attack "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" (the monster tries to run away, but gets hit by the axe. The Robots points go from 2300 to 0).

The Security bot's light now turns from red to green, and It's door opens (the computer screen now says "Clear"). Everyone is glad Bruno did it, but he says they need to hurry and match the fingerprint. Seconds later, a match is found on the computer, and the figure appears on screen. Everyone is shocked, to which Bruno asks if they know this person. Yusei answers him by saying "This guy is...the Vice-Directer of Sector Security, It's Lazar.

Featured Puzzle Duel[edit]

On Jack, Crow and Bruno's field, they have "Tragoedia" (CG Star.svg10/?/?) in face-up Attack Position, have six cards in their hand ("Axe of Despair", "Remove Trap", "Cost Down", "Tribute to the Doomed", "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" and "Bird King Alector"), and 1000 Life Points. Due to the second effect of "Tragoedia", it gains 600 ATK for each card in Jack, Crow, and Bruno's hand ("Tragoedia": ? → 3600/? → 3600). Crow, Jack, and Bruno must win in one turn.

The Password Robot has "Red Gadget" (CG Star.svg4/1300/1500) and "Yellow Gadget" (CG Star.svg4/1200/1200) in Defense Position, "Green Gadget" (CG Star.svg4/1400/600), "Ancient Gear Soldier" (CG Star.svg4/1300/1300), and "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" (CG Star.svg4/?/2000) in Attack Position, a set card ("Mirror Force"), "The Dark Door", and 2300 Life Points. Due to the effect of "The Dark Door", both players can only attack with one monster during their respective turns. Due to the last effect of "Stronghold the Moving Fortress", its ATK becomes 3000 as "Green Gadget", "Red Gadget", and "Yellow Gadget" are all present on the Password Robot's side of the field.

Crow's attempt
Crow activates "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal", equipping it to "Green Gadget" and decreasing its ATK by 1000 ("Green Gadget": 1400 → 400/600; "Tragoedia": 3600 → 3000/3600 → 3000). "Tragoedia" attacks "Green Gadget", but the Password Robot activates its face-down "Mirror Force" to destroy "Tragoedia".

Jack's attempt
Jack activates "Axe of Despair", equipping it to "Tragoedia" and increasing its ATK by 1000 ("Tragoedia": 3600 → 3000 → 4000/3600 → 3000). Assuming the system swapped out the face-down card, Jack uses "Tragoedia" to attack "Green Gadget", but the Password Robot activates its face-down "Mirror Force" to destroy "Tragoedia".

Bruno's attempt
Bruno activates "Cost Down" to lower the Level of every monster in his hand and field by two ("Tragoedia": CG Star.svg 10 → 8; 3600 → 3000/3600 → 3000) by discarding "Remove Trap" ("Tragoedia": 3000 → 2400/3000 → 2400). This lowers the Level of "Bird King Alector" ("Bird King Alector": CG Star.svg 6 → 4). Bruno then activates the third effect of "Tragoedia" to send "Bird King Alector" from his hand to the Graveyard ("Tragoedia": 2400 → 1800/2400 → 1800) and take control of "Ancient Gear Soldier" (as their Levels were the same).

Bruno activates "Tribute to the Doomed" to destroy "Green Gadget" by discarding "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" ("Tragoedia": 1800 → 600/1800 → 600; "Stronghold the Moving Fortress": 3000 → 0/2000).

Bruno then activates "Axe of Despair", equipping it to "Ancient Gear Soldier" and increasing its ATK by 1000 ("Ancient Gear Soldier": 1300 → 2300/1300; "Tragoedia": 600 → 0/600 → 0). "Ancient Gear Soldier" attacks and destroys "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" (Password Robot 2300 → 0) (The Password Robot can't activate "Mirror Force" in response as the effect of "Ancient Gear Soldier" forbids it from activating Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step).

Differences in adaptations[edit]

The English version, the following differences are shown:

  • Jack thinks that Bruno is a thief in the Japanese Version, in the English Dub, Jack thinks Bruno is trying to ruin his Duel Runner.
  • When Jack punched Bruno, the scene was cut short.
  • Bruno claims to be a pacifist in the dub. He never claimed that in the Japanese version.
  • In the Japanese version, Akiza never said that "she could squash Leo like a grape."
  • While Crow was telling them about how Bruno and Yusei were the "best friends", Leo argues that he was Yusei's best friend and Luna begins to argue as well.
  • Bruno and Yusei weren't talking in the background in the Japanese version while Jack and Crow were explaining to Akiza, Leo, and Luna about Bruno and that Yusei is spending more time with him and ignoring the others altogether because of that.
  • In the English Version, when Yusei and Bruno were working on a Duel Runner program, Hyper Drive was playing in the background. In the Japanese Version, they did not use the opening music FREEDOM as background music. Instead, they used standard music.


  • In the Japanese version, when Yusei, Jack and Crow were treated at the fancy restaurant, Yusei speaks in a Tendou Souji fashion from Kamen Rider Kabuto.
    • Quote: Martha always told me, "Nothing in this world is free, be thankful to those who speak strict words to you. Watch out for people who talk too nicely."
  • When Bruno reaches to shake Yusei's hand, he reaches with his left hand, but then realizes his mistake and switches to the right. This shows that Bruno is left-handed, and supports the evidence that he is actually Vizor.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.