Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 070

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"The Wicked Spirit"
EnglishThe Wicked Spirit
Japanese name
Japanese神隠しの森 スリーピービューティ
RōmajiKamikakushi no Mori Surīpī Byūtī
TranslatedForest of Spiriting Away - Sleepy Beauty
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"FREEDOM"
Japanese ED"-OZONE-"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation directorTea Sun In
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 5, 2009
EnglishOctober 9, 2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 2)
Previous"A Duel With Interest"
Next"French Twist, Part 1"
Featured card"Power Tool Dragon"

"The Wicked Spirit", known as "Forest of Spiriting Away - Sleepy Beauty" in the Japanese version, is the seventieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on August 5, 2009 and in the United States on October 9, 2010.

There exists a forest with the reputation of spiriting people away. Sure enough, Luna, who was playing there, soon goes missing. In order to find Luna, Leo and Dexter request Yusei's help.


In the forest, and Haleys house[edit]

It starts off with showing a very foggy forest, and boat. After a few seconds the screen shows an eerie mansion, Haley enters a room lined with dolls. He makes his way over to a bed and says "Claire I'm here, don't be afraid, if the bad guys come, I'll take care of them." Haley then eyes his Duel Disk saying he will protect her (the girl is barely visable through the curtains bed). The screen pans away from the house.

Outside in the forest[edit]

Dexter, Leo and Luna explore the forest. A black bird flys. Creeped out, Leo suggests that they turn back. Dexter points out that it was Leo's idea to explore in the first place. Pulling a crafty face, he asks if Leo is scared. Leo says he's not scared, but right after yells, and then points his fingers to Luna saying he was just thinking about whether or not Luna is scared. Luna simply says she's fine. Leo then says is that so, and continiues saying then so is he. The group proceed, with Leo still a bit scared and holding onto Dexters back as they walk. Luna however stops (while the others walk ahead, having not seen her stop).

Luna says while looking at a different direction "This atmoshere...there's something here." Suddendly Luna's eyes turn yellow as she enters a trance, and walks in the direction, while Leo and Dexter continue to walk ahead. As Luna does, an image of Kuribon appears, as it tries to tell her something urgent. Shortly after, an image of Regulus appears telling Luna that he can feel a strong spirit, and suggests that she turns back. An unseen force then causes the image of Kuribon and Regulus to disappear as Luna keeps walking (in the dub version after Regulus's image disappears, Regulus can be heard calling Luna's name).

In the basement of the Poppo Time shack[edit]

Yusei says/asks "The forest that spirits away?". Crow says yes, and that rumors about it have been appearing lately, that many people have gone missing from the forest. Crow finishes saying talking about the monster that lives in the forest, and that's what kids have been saying. Yusei asks if could there be some relation to the incident from Ghost. Crow finishes his sandwich saying Yusei is thinking too hard, and says kids love talking about legends and those sort of things after all. Crow finishes saying he's heading off to do his work, and leaves on his Blackbird. Yusei seems to have a worried/tensed look on his face as he watched Crow leave.

Back in the forest[edit]

Luna steps on a twig, causing her eyes to return to normal. Luna begins to wonder where she is. Luna calls out Leo, and then Dexters name. A creepy noise is then heard which get's Luna alertive, and she says that she knew it, and that something is here. Suddendly vines begin to come down and surround her. Luna get's scared and calls Leo's name, and then closes her eyes saying for him to help her (in the dub version Luna said "Leo, Dexter, someone please help me"). Almost right after, a "Heavy Storm" Spell Card is seen, which activates and destroys the vines closing around Luna. A voice then calls "Are you alright?". The smoke clears, revealing Haley who asks if she's hurt. Luna says he's, while he finishes by saying his name is Haley, and then says she's. She answers saying her name is Luna. Haley says It's nice to meet her, and continues saying but It's dangerous being alone, and finishes saying there are lots of bad guys in the forest. Luna says/asks bad guys, while Haley remembers something and asks her to come to his house. He says Claire will be happy to have visitor, and that Luna will be safe. Luna is surprised to hear there is a house out here in a place like this.

Back in the basement of the Poppo Time shack[edit]

Yusei is working on parts of his Duel Runner when Dexter yells Yusei's name urgently. Dexter runs in the basement saying Yusei's name again, to which Yusei asks what's wrong because he's raising his voice. Dexter says Luna has gone missing in the forest, slightly shocking Yusei. Dexter says Leo went looking for Luna in the forest too. Yusei get's up and asks could this have to do with the forest that spirits away, which Dexter nods. Yusei slightly gasps as a concerned/worried look can be seen on his face.

Back in the forest[edit]

Leo is running through the forest calling out Luna's name. After stopping he calls out her name again. A creepy noise is then heard, which he get's a bit scared and wonders what it was. Leo calms himself down thinking don't be scared, and that he has to hurry up and find Luna. Leo then keeps running calling out Luna's name.

Meanwhile at Haley's house[edit]

They're outside his house, and he tells Luna they're here. Haley opens the door and they proceed to walk in, with Haley closing the door behind them. Luna says/asks so is he defeating the bad guys in the forest through duels. Haley replies yes, and says but nobody believes him. Luna however says she believes him, and says she can see the Duel Monster Spirits. Haley responds saying so that's how it is, and says he was able to feel it when he first met her, and finishes saying she has an interesting power. Luna appreciates the compliment and walks forward.

The screen pans further with them outside Claire's door, which Haley opens. He tells Claire they have a guest, to which Luna introduces herself saying hello. Haley tells Claire she should greet Luna as well. No movement comes from the bed Claire is in. Luna asks if she is sleeping. Haley says she always sleeps because she's ill, and goes on to say she is always scared of the bad guys. Haley finishes saying he's the only one who can protect Claire. Luna asks if they're the only ones in the house, and what about their parents. Haley answers saying they've gone away a long time ago, and that they didn't even say anything. Luna thinks to herself that this person is the same as her (she is comparing herself to Claire who is afraid of the bad guys like Luna is, and because Luna tends to be ill and frail, while Leo protects and takes care of her, but Luna is also comparing herself to Haley because like her, he is discouraged how his parents went away long ago and never said anything).

Haley then senses something and goes over to his window, while Luna asks what's wrong. Haley says something is coming, and that It's a bad guy. Haley tells Luna to stay here with Claire and don't leave the room as he leaves. Luna says wait and she will go too, but is cut off by the door mysteriously shutting, which shocks her.

Outside Haley's house[edit]

Leo arrives at the house, and says it looks like a big house, and finishes saying it couldn't be that Luna is in there. Suddenly the doors to the house open up with so much force, the wind causes Leo to cover his eyes for a second. Leo uncovers his eyes and asks what is this. Haley points at him saying "You bad guy, I won't let you take another step here!". Haley readies his Duel Disk, and tells Leo to come duel him. Leo is a bit confused from Haley calling him a bad guy. Luna, who is in the house goes over to the window and opens the curtains, and says Leo's name having spotted him. Leo asks what Haley is talking about, but stops when he hears Luna say/yell his name. Looking up at the window on the top floor of the house he notices Luna. Leo says her name and runs forward towards the house, but the doors close (Haley is still standing in-front of Leo). Haley tells Leo he told him he won't let him through. Leo asks if Haley was the one who took Luna, and continues asking why is he doing such a thing. Haley remains silent. Leo takes out his Duel Disk from his academy back pack saying "I'll definitely take Luna back!" Luna walks over to the bed Claire is in and tells her her brother is (Luna stops after opening the curtains realizing It's just a doll).

Leo's cards shuffle in his Duel Disk. Both pick up five cards and say duel. Leo looks at Luna, who is watching from the window and says "Luna...I'll definitely save you!". Luna mutters Leo's name. The duel starts off with Haley beginning his turn and draws. Haley activates the continiues Spell Card "Circle of Life" (yellow circle appears on the field). Haley walks onto it and explains they can't use any Spell Cards unless they discard a Spell card during their turns, surprising Leo. Haley says "Let me show you my combo." Haley sends "Mirror Prison" to the graveyard, and activates the continues Spell card "Circle of Terror"(a second circle appears on the outside of the yellow one). Haley explains now they can't Summon monsters unless they discard a monster card from their hand during their turns (a dark/black aura surrounds the house Luna is in).

Leo thinks to himself wondering if trapping Luna in there is part of Haleys powers. Leo continues to think while looking at his hand saying now he can't do anything unless he discards cards from his hand. Haley looks at his hand, which contains "Sleepy Beauty","Hollow Spirit", and "Hollow Ghost". He then sends the Zombie-type monster Sleeping Beauty to the graveyard to activate It's effect. Haley explains as long as Sleeping Beauty is in the graveyard, the Zombie-type monsters in his hand have their Levels reduced by 1. He finishes saying therefore his level 5 Hollow Spirit becomes level 4, and can be normal Summoned. Haley normal Summons it, and it is revealed to have 1200 ATK. Haley tells Leo that attacks can't be declared on his first turn, but he will have him take Hollow Spirit's effect. Haley explains that when there's a Zombie-type monster in the graveyard, he can inflict 800 points of damage to the opponent. Hollow Spirit forms blue energys of light that appear to be sucked out of Leo, who's Life Points go from 4000 to 3200, and he yells in pain from the attack. Haley ends his turn.

Leo steps forward a bit, and asks weakly what was that, and it felt like an actual shock. He wonders if Haley is a Psychic duelist. Luna who is watching looks worried. Leo however shakes his head, and thinks to himself saying "Get a hold of yourself, if I get scared of something like this, I can't save Luna!" Leo begins his turn and draws "Morphtronic Scopen". Leo thinks to himself saying he needs to break this combo, or else. Leo then sends "Morphtronic Datatron" to the graveyard. Haley however says but there's no meaning in just Summoning a monster to break this combo. Haley further explains that Mirror Prison he just sent to the graveyard, prevents most monsters from attacking, although Zombie and Machine-type monsters are safe. Leo smirks saying then that means it won't have any effect on his deck, and Summons the level 3 tuner Morphtronic Scopen in attack mode, which it has 800 ATK. Haley is surprised Leo has a machine deck. Leo says that's right, and continues saying he special Summons the level 4 normal "Morphtronic Videon" through Morphtronic Scopens effect. Leo places the monster on his monster zone. Once it appears on the field, it is revealed to have 1000 ATK.

Leo then tunes the level 4 Morphtronic Videon with the level 3 Morphronic Scopen. As the monsters fly up Leo chants "Docking strength with courage in order to protect world peace! Syncro Summon! The envoy of love and justic, Power Tool Dragon!" (in the dub version Leo says as he tunes his monsters "A beast with some major motor, a beast made out of pure bronze, here he is, the Power Tool Dragon!")."Power Tool Dragon" appears, having 2300 ATK. Haley tells Leo he is quite lucky, and continues to tell Leo but he won't lose to something without a soul. Leo says don't make a fool of Power Tool Dragon and activates It's effect. Leo explains he adds one random equip spell to his hand (the deck shuffles as he says this, and he draws "Break! Draw!"). Leo discards "Morphtronic Cord" from his hand to the graveyard, and equips Power Tool Dragon with "Break! Draw!". A blue/yellow light goes into Power Tool Dragon.

Suddenly a Duel Runner can be heard, which causes both Leo and Haley to look in the direction the noise is coming from (the wheel part of it is briefly seen for a second). A red Duel Runner comes forward, revealing Yusei. Yusei stops next to Leo and asks him if he's okay, to which Leo happily says his name. Haley says another bad guy has appeared. Yusei realizes something about the duel field, but Leo cuts him off saying he's fine so go rescue Luna. Leo points at the window saying she is trapped up there. Yusei says Luna's name worried, but looks at Haley. Haley tells Yusei he won't let him take a step into the house. A dark aura begins to surround Haley, making Yusei gasp a bit. Leo steps in saying Haley will be his opponent, and commands Power Tool Dragon to attack Hollow Spirit, and then says "Crafty Break!". Power Tool Dragon hits Hollow ghost, destroying it, causing Haleys Life Points to go from 4000 to 2900.

Yusei notices Haley let his guard down, and seizes the chance by driving his Duel Runner towards Haleys house, which Haley get's out of the way. Yusei breaks the doors down as he drives inside and stops. Yusei calls out Luna's name, which she responds by saying his name and turning away from the window. Haley looks mad, but Leo interuppts saying when Power Tool Dragon destroys an opponents monster, he draws one card. Leo draws "Morphtronic Impact Return". Haley get's angry and says "Unforgivable...I won't forgive anyone who hurts my most precious person!". An evil demonic dark skull envelopes and surrounds Haley, as Leo yells. Yusei having heard Leo's scream says his name, and then focuses on the picture hanging on the wall in-front of him (he also got off His Duel Runner at this point). Yusei says this is, and continues saying a long time ago, there were some people living in the forest, among them there were two siblings. Yusei continues saying a brother was taking care of his sisters illness, but it made him sick , and the brother passed away, and then it looks like she (Claire) followed her brothers path as well.

Back with Haley; the darkness continues to surround him, and Leo wonders/says "It couldn't be that he himself is a demon?!". Leo says in that case he can't lose, and that he won't hand Luna over to a demon. Haley explains when Hollow Spirit is sent to the graveyard, another door to the graveyard opens, and finishes saying "Show yourself, Hollow Ghost!". A darkness appears on the ground as Hollow ghost appears out of the ground, revealing to have 2600 ATK. Leo is shocked to see it has 2600 ATK, and finishes saying just when he had defeated the Hollow Spirit. Leo calms down, and mentally says find a way to beat this guy. Luna says Leo's name worried, but stops and turns when she hears someone crying. The screen pans over to Claire, who is crying in a corner near the bed. Claire says tearfully "Onii-chan, where are you?" (Onii-chan means big brother in Japanese). Luna says you, could you be, while Claire says "Don't leave me alone here." As she rubs the wall saying Onii-chan once more. Luna realizes this is Claire, and asks her to tell her where she (Claire) is right now. Claire however continues to say "Onii-chan" while rubbing the wall with her hands.

The duel between Leo and Haley continues, as Leo looks at "Morphtronic Impact Return". Leo sets it face-down in his Spell/Trap card zone, and ends his turn. Haley tells Leo "Even if you try to take my sisters life, It's ussless! I will protect my little sister Claire...even if I have to give up my own life!". This surprises Leo to hear Haley say little sister. Haley begins his turn, and draws. He commands Hollow Ghost to attack Power Tool Dragon. A darkness-like blast hits Leo's monster, as Leo's Life Points drop from 3200 to 2900. Leo sends "Break! Draw!" to the graveyard in order to negate the destruction of "Power Tool Dragon" (the aura surrounding Power Tool Dragon vanishes).

Haley then activates the effect of "Hollow Ghost", explaining when a card is sent to the Graveyard, 600 points of damage are inflicted to the opposing player. "Hollow Ghost" flies around Leo, as a blue energy is sucked out of Leo who yells from the pain, and who's Life Points go from 2900 to 2300. Haley says next through the effects of "Circle of Life" and "Circle of Terror", he sends two cards, a Spell, and a monster card to the graveyard. He finishes saying he will have Leo take 1200 points of damage through the effect of "Hollow Ghost". Leo continues to yell as "Hollow Ghost" sucks more blue energy out of him, and his Life Points drop from 2300 to 1100.

In the house[edit]

Yusei spots a dark aura enveloping the door ahead and begins to walk over to it, but stops when he hears voices coming from a door next to him. Yusei wonders what the voices are and opens the door. Opening it he see's cards with people trapped in them (similar to what Pegasus Crawford (DOR) did to Mokuba Kaiba and Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but not entirely). One of the voices can be heard saying help me, while another is saying let me out of here. Yusei says could this be the people that disappeared in the forest.

Back with Haley and Leo[edit]

Haley says he will now end his turn. Leo huffs, a bit tired from the attacks, and says he sees Haley was trying to protect his sister. Leo tells Haley he completely understands those feelings, and says that's why he definitely can't lose. Leo thinks to himself saying "Luna is an irreplaceable sister to me!" (in the dub version Leo said "This isn't about me It's about Luna", and then thinks to himself saying "Which is why one way or another, I'm going to win this duel"). Leo begins his turn, and draws "Morphtronic Datatron". He observes his field saying if this circles powers are what's trapping Luna, then. Leo immediately reveals his face-down Trap card, Morphtronic Impact return. He explains by returning a Morphtronic from his hand to his deck, he can return Circle of Life, and Circle of Terror to Haley's hand. This shocks Haley as the cards go back to his hand. The circles disappear, and the darkness that surrounded the house vanishes.

In the house[edit]

As the aura around the room Luna is in disappears, Yusei opens the door saying Luna's name, to which she turns and says his name. Yusei walks over asking Luna if she's okay. Luna however points to Claire saying they have to save her, or at this rate they won't be able to save either Haley or her. Claire is still crying asking where Onii-chan is, and turns to Luna and Yusei. Luna suddendly spots a glow on the doll in the bed. Taking off part of the covers, it is revealed to be a glowing card.

Back with Haley and Leo[edit]

Haley get's angry, but then says since a card was sent to the graveyard, he will have Leo take Hollow Ghost's effect. Hollow Ghost sucks more blue energy out of Leo who yells from the pain, as his Life Points go from 1100 to 500. Leo however activates Power Tool Dragon's effect to add a random equip spell from the deck to his hand. As Leo is about to look at the card, he says "Come to me...the power needed to protect my most precious one!". Leo smiles as he drew what he needed. He plays the equip spell "Power Pickaxe" and equips it to Power Tool Dragon. Leo explains that through Power Pickaxe's effect, he removes one monster from Haley's graveyard that has a lower level then Power Tool Dragon (after Leo says this, a giant scyth is formed on Power Tool Dragon's arm). Leo choses to remove Hollow Spirit. He also states that when Hollow spirit is not in Haleys graveyard, Hollow Ghost's attack points go to 0. Leo finishes by saying Power Tool Dragon's attack points are then raised by half the removed from play monsters ATK (Power Tool Dragons ATK goes from 2300 to 2900). Leo commands Power Tool Dragon to attack Hollow Ghost, and finishes saying "Crafty Break!". Power Tool Dragon slices Hollow Ghost in half, which it is destroyed, creating a small explosion of smoke. After the smoke clears, Haley is kneeling on the ground as his Life Points go from 2900 to 0.

Haley then says "Am I unable to protect Claire with my strength?" Luna's voice calls out saying that's not true, which causes Haley to face her. Leo yells Luna's name in a happy tone, while Luna puts both her hands on her heart and says his name in the same happy tone. A voice says Onii-chan, causing everyone to face the direction the voice came from. Claire appears from the door way of the house and goes over to Haley (as she does, she can be seen through). Haley asks her what happened, and says It's no good if she leaves her room. Claire says Onii-chan please don't hurt these people. Claire looks at Leo saying "That person is trying to protect his little sister as well." This causes Haley to look at Leo confused. Leo runs over to him, but then Luna runs over to Leo calling his name, and grabbs his hands. Leo says she's safe, while Luna says yes, all thanks to him, and Leo says thank goodness. They then let go and turn their attention to Haley, who looks away.

Claire then says to him he doesn't have to protect her anymore. She continues saying Haley is hurt as well, and says they're no longer (she doesn't finish that sentence). Haley opens his eyes and looks at Claire saying her name, and says he couldn't protect her. Claire responds by saying he protected her more than enough. Haley then turns to Leo and Luna saying their names. He continues saying it looks like he did something horrible. Luna however says It's okay, and that he was trying so hard to protect Claire. Luna looka at Leo, who nodds. Haley looks away again, but Luna approaches him telling him to take this. She holds out the card, and he takes it (the cards picture looks just like the doll on Claire's bed). After Haley takes it, Claire says Onii-chan let's go, which Haley replies yes. They look at the twins one last time as Haley says "Leo...for me as well?". Leo answers saying "I will protect Luna!" (in the dub Haley said "Hey, thanks for everything", and Leo responds saying "No prob, you're one great duelist").

Haley and Claire grab hands and float into the air. They then vanish completely, and the house begins to disappear leaving only small remains of it. A bunch of kids are then shown, which Leo wonders why they're there. Yusei answers saying the people taken away by the forest. Yusei goes on to say Haley didn't realize he was dead, but his strong feelings to protect Claire held him there, and then he saw the people here as bad guys, and trapped them here. Leo turns to Luna saying he somehow understands Haley's feelings, and says if he was still alive, he might have been friends with him. Luna agrees, and says her too. The episode ends with them leaving, and Yusei says they better get back or Dexter will be worried. Leo says he forgot about Dexter, to which Luna says Leo's name and then laughs (a picture/photo of Haley and Claire can be seen as they leave).

Featured Duel: Leo vs. Haley[edit]

Turn 1: Haley
Haley draws "Circle of Life" and subsequently activates it. Now once per turn, the turn player can discard one Spell Card. If the turn player doesn't do this, then they can't activate Spell Cards this turn. Haley then activates the effect of "Circle of Life" to discard "Mirror Prison" from his hand. Since "Mirror Prison" is now in Haley's Graveyard, any monster that Leo controls that isn't a Machine-Type or Zombie-Type monster can't declare an attack unless he Tributes a monster of the same Type.

Haley then activates "Circle of Terror". Now once per turn, the turn player can discard one Monster Card. If the turn player doesn't do this, then they can't Summon any monsters this turn. Haley's hand contains "Sleepy Beauty", "Hollow Spirit", and "Hollow Ghost".

Haley then activates the effect of "Circle of Terror" to discard "Sleepy Beauty" from his hand. Since "Sleepy Beauty" is now in Haley's Graveyard, the Level of every Zombie-type monster in Haley's hand is reduced by one. Haley then Normal Summons "Hollow Spirit" (CG Star.svg5/1200/1000) in Attack Position. Since there is a Zombie-type monster in Haley's Graveyard, Haley activates the effect of "Hollow Spirit", inflicting 800 damage to Leo (Leo 4000 → 3200).

Turn 2: Leo
Leo draws "Morphtronic Scopen". He then activates the effect of "Circle of Terror" to discard "Morphtronic Datatron" from his hand. Leo then Normal Summons "Morphtronic Scopen" (CG Star.svg3/800/1400) in Attack Position. Leo then activates the Attack Position effect of "Morphtronic Scopen" to Special Summon "Morphtronic Videon" (CG Star.svg4/1000/1000) from his hand in Attack Position. Leo then tunes "Morphtronic Videon" with "Morphtronic Scopen" in order to Synchro Summon "Power Tool Dragon" (CG Star.svg7/2300/2500) in Attack Position. Leo then activates the effect of "Power Tool Dragon" to add a random Equip Spell Card from his Deck to his hand ("Break! Draw!"). Leo's hand contains "Factory of 100 Machines", "Morphtronic Cord", and "Morphtronic Bind".

Leo then activates the effect of "Circle of Life" to discard "Morphtronic Cord". Leo then activates "Break! Draw!", equipping it onto "Power Tool Dragon". Now whenever "Power Tool Dragon" destroys a monster by battle, Leo can draw one card. If this effect is used three times, "Break! Draw!" is destroyed. "Power Tool Dragon" then attacks and destroys "Hollow Spirit" (Haley 4000 → 2900). The effect of "Break! Draw!" activates, allowing Leo to draw one card ("Morphtronic Impact Return"). Haley then activates the effect of "Hollow Spirit" in order to Special Summon "Hollow Ghost" (CG Star.svg7/2600/0) in Attack Position. Leo sets a card ("Morphtronic Impact Return").

Turn 3: Haley
Haley draws "Skull Servant". "Hollow Ghost" then attacks "Power Tool Dragon". Damage is calculated (Leo 3200 → 2900), but Leo sends "Break! Draw!" to the Graveyard in order to prevent "Power Tool Dragon" from being destroyed. The effect of "Hollow Ghost" activates, inflicting 600 damage to Leo (Leo 2900 → 2300).

Haley then activates the effect of "Circle of Life" to discard one Spell Card. The effect of "Hollow Ghost" then activates (Leo 2300 → 1700). Haley then activates the effect of "Circle of Terror" to discard one Monster Card. The effect of "Hollow Ghost" then activates (Leo 1700 → 1100).

Turn 4: Leo
Leo draws "Morphtronic Datatron". He then activates his face-down "Morphtronic Impact Return" to return "Morphtronic Datatron" from his hand to his Deck in order to return "Circle of Life" and "Circle of Terror" to Haley's hand. The effect of "Hollow Ghost" activates (Leo 1100 → 500). Leo activates the effect of "Power Tool Dragon" to add a random Equip Spell Card from his Deck to his hand ("Power Pickaxe").

Leo then activates "Power Pickaxe", equipping it to "Power Tool Dragon". He then activates the effect of "Power Pickaxe" to remove from play "Hollow Spirit" from Haley's Graveyard in order to increase the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" by half the ATK of "Hollow Spirit" ("Power Tool Dragon": 2300 → 2900/2500). Since "Hollow Spirit" is no longer in Haley's Graveyard, the ATK of "Hollow Ghost" becomes 0 ("Hollow Ghost": 2600 → 0/0). "Power Tool Dragon" attacks and destroys "Hollow Ghost" (Haley 2900 → 0).


  • When Luna is in Haley's house, when he walks to his sister's bed, the Duel Disk he's holding in his right hand is positioned so that its blade is in front of him. A few seconds later as he walks out, leaving Luna in the room, the Duel Disk is still in his right hand, but the blade is behind him. Then when he goes to slam the door shut with his powers, the blade is back in front of him.
  • In one scene, Leo has six fingers on his left hand.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • In the dub, Haley's story is changed considerably. He and Claire are the first victims of a "wicked spirit" that inhabits the forest. (It is only implied that they died, but that does seem to be the case.) Yusei later says that he believes that this spirit simply wanted someone to play with, which Claire seemed to realize all along. Haley does not realize that he has become a spirit himself, and vows to protect Claire from the wicked spirits; however, he becomes paranoid, and sees almost everyone coming into the forest as such.
  • In the dub, Luna and Leo mention that Haley and Claire can return to the human world to visit any time they want, and are not stuck in a spirit world. This aspect was not present in the original(?).
  • The scene with Luna and Claire in Claire's room is changed between the two versions. In the dub, when Claire is facing the wall and covering her face with her hands, she is heard to be laughing and states that she wants to play a game with the spirits inhabiting the house. In the original, she was crying instead, and wanted Haley to stop attacking the people who entered the forest.

Mistakes in the dub[edit]

  • In the dub, when Leo considers the effects of Haley's Circles, he says he will have to discard cards from his Deck to play cards, when he actually has to discard from his hand.
  • After Leo activates "Morphtronic Impact Return" to return Haley's Circles to Haley's hand, Haley then says the effect of "Hollow Ghost" activates because Leo destroyed the Circles. However, the Circles were not destroyed but returned to Haley's hand, and Hollow Ghost's effect activated because "Morphtronic Impact Return" was sent to the Graveyard after its activation.

Tenth Anniversary Tribute[edit]

The first 15 seconds of this episode features Yusei and his most famous cards (Stardust Dragon, Junk Synchron, Nitro Synchron, Turbo Synchron, Road Synchron, Hyper Synchron, Tuningware, Stardust Xiaolong, Junk Warrior, Nitro Warrior, Turbo Warrior, and Road Warrior).

Featured cards[edit]

Cards that made their debut within this episode are in italics.