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"Shining Forth to the Future"
Japanese name
RōmajiHikari Sasu Mirai e
TranslatedShining Forth to the Future
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Road to Tomorrow ~Going My Way!!~"
Japanese ED"Future Colors"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorKatsumi Ono
StoryboardKatsumi Ono
Animation directorShuji Maruyama
Air dates
JapaneseMarch 30, 2011
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 2)
Previous"Clashing Souls!"
Featured card"Junk Warrior"
One-point lesson cards

"Shining Forth to the Future" is the one-hundred-and-fifty-fourth and final episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It aired together with Episode 153 ""Clashing Souls!"" as a one hour finale special on March 30, 2011. The episode was never dubbed, but became available to the world with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on March 10, 2015.

With "Red Nova Dragon" staring him down, Yusei Summons "Shooting Star Dragon" via Accel Synchro. When Yusei and Jack's fierce fight is settled, Yusei decides the road he should walk down. Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo, and Luna also decide the paths they themselves will begin to walk.

The future events of this episode are set eight years after the present day events.[2] These events show Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo, and Luna all fulfilling their dreams for their future. Yusei is the only main character not shown in this timeline despite being mentioned a few times by his friends.



Young adult Leo and Luna.

In London, just outside Big Ben's clock tower, a young man riding a Duel Runner swerves past a bus. A young woman on the back clings onto the driver and screams in terror. They stop outside Somerset House and the girl gets off. She removes her helmet and turns out to be Luna, a few years older. A bunch of boys bump into each other as they stop and stare. Luna tells the driver, Leo, off for going so fast. He replies that there is no point saying that to the future Turbo Duel champion. He closes his visor and takes off.

Two girls rush over to Luna. One of them asks if that was her brother and the other says that he is so cool. Luna fans her face with her hand, slightly embarrassed and says that he still has ways to go before he can compare to Yusei and the others.

Crow recommends Leo to his former team.

At a garage, a teammate of Crow's asks if he is really leaving the team. The other teammate slams his fist on the table and asks why he's leaving and declares that they could have been World Champions. Crow replies that he has done everything he can as part of this team and there is nothing more he can learn from them. He says that he is trying to test his own strength just like Jack did. Crow switches on a projector, showing an image of Leo and tells them that if they let this guy join the team in his place they will get a lot further.

Jack as King.

At a stadium, the King, Jack Atlas, has just won the "Duel of the century". As he is escorted away by two race queens, the press informs him that Crow Hogan from the Shingon League has just sent them a message of challenge and asks if he has any comments. Jack says to tell Crow "You may be a promising upstart, but you still stand no chance against me." Jack vows to not lose to anyone until he can beat "him".

Akiza as a doctor.

At a hospital, Akiza watches Jack responding to Crow's message. Jack is the same as always, she thinks and is then interrupted by a harried-looking nurse rushing in. She calls Akiza "Doctor" and starts crying, saying that she can't perform her task. Akiza puts her hands on the nurse's shoulders and calms her down. Akiza advises her that she mustn't give up and they must both continue to smile and support the patients. The nurse wipes a tear away and asks how Akiza can be so strong. "Never give up and continue to smile", Akiza says and looks at her picture of Team 5D's. Someone told her this, Akiza says, and that you must believe in your potential and challenge it with all you've got. She explains that she must do her best so that one day, she can thank the person who taught her that with all her heart.

The Duel[edit]

Jack has just Summoned "Red Nova Dragon", who stands at 6000 ATK. Jack then Sets a card in his Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

Yusei begins his turn. His SPC goes up to 8 and Jack's goes up to 1. Yusei removes seven of his Speed Counters to draw a card. He then Normal Summons the Level 1 "Mach Synchron" and tunes his Level 1 "Sonic Chick" to it. He chants "Clustering wishes will call out a new speeds horizon, become the path its light shines upon. Synchro Summon! The power of hope, Formula Synchron!", as he Synchro Summons the Level 2 "Formula Synchron". Since "Mach Synchron" was used as Synchro Material, he gets to add one of the other Synchro Material Monsters to his hand, so he takes back "Sonic Chick". Since "Formula Synchron" was Synchro Summoned, he also gets to draw a card.

Seeing the Tuner Synchro Monster Summoned, Jack knows what Yusei is going to Summon. Yusei performs "Clear Mind" and tunes the Level 8 "Stardust Dragon" to the Level 2 "Formula Synchron". He chants "Clustering crystal dreams, open the door to a new evolution. Become the path its light shines upon. Accel Synchro!" Jack looks back and is surprised to see Yusei disappear. Yusei reappears in front of Jack and finishes his chant "... be born, Shooting Star Dragon!", as "Shooting Star Dragon" is Accel Synchro Summoned.

Jack sees that Yusei will aim for "Crimson Blader" and reminds Yusei that he can remove "Red Nova Dragon" from play to negate an attack. Yusei points out that he can only do that once and "Shooting Star Dragon" has a potential five attacks, depending on how many Tuner monsters that are among the top five cards of his Deck.

Yusei uses the effect of "Shooting Star Dragon" and checks his top five cards: "Debris Dragon", "Starlight Road", "Drill Synchron", "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" and "Nitro Synchron". These include three Tuners, so "Shooting Star Dragon" gets three attacks. "Shooting Star Dragon" breaks into three as it uses its "Stardust Mirage" effect.

A van up ahead of Yusei and Jack and is forced to change lanes because of the ongoing Duel. Inside the van are Tank, Nervin, Blitz and Rally. Nervin asks who the heck is Dueling at such an hour in the morning. Rally insists that it is fine, because Dueling is a priority in this city. Yusei and Jack then speed past the van. The occupants are all surprised and excited to see Yusei and Jack dueling.

Yusei uses the first of the attacks "Shooting Star Dragon" has to destroy "Crimson Blader". Jack's Life Points drop to 2400 and he invites Yusei to bring on his next two attacks if he can handle the burning heart of Jack's soul. Since the 6000 ATK of "Red Nova Dragon" eclipses the 3300 "Shooting Star Dragon" has, Yusei opts not to attack. He Sets two cards in the Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

Jack begins his turn and both players' SPC increases to 2. Jack activates his Trap Card, "Red Cocoon". It becomes an Equip Card equipped to "Red Nova Dragon". Now when "Red Nova Dragon" battles, it negates the effects of the monster it battles. Leo realizes that this means "Shooting Star Dragon" won't be able to escape the attack and Luna adds that if this attack gets through Jack will win.

"Red Nova Dragon" attacks "Shooting Star Dragon" with its "Burning Soul" attack. However Yusei activates "High and Low". With it, he sends a card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and if it is a monster, its ATK gets added to the monster selected as an attack target. He can repeat this three times and if the target monster's ATK surpasses the opponent's monster it must be destroyed. Jack guesses that that move was a last resort to avoid damage. However Yusei claims that this is going to test his future. He sends "Sonic Warrior" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard, followed by "Speed Warrior" causing the ATK of "Shooting Star Dragon" to go up to 5200. With its ATK only 800 lower than "Red Nova Dragon", Luna calculates that Yusei will just barely survive the attack with 100 Life Points. Jack declares that "Shooting Star Dragon" shall now be destroyed, leaving Yusei's field empty. However Yusei announces that he is using his third chance at "High and Low". Jack is astonished, since sending a monster with more than 800 ATK will result in "Shooting Star Dragon" being destroyed. Yusei says that he is aware, but he cannot beat an opponent like Jack without taking such risks.

As Yusei prepares to reveal the last card for "High and Low" they approach a pool of molten liquid. Yusei's lane stops at the pool, while Jack's continues over it. Jack advises Yusei to give up for his own safety. However Yusei races and ramps over the pool, turning over the third card in the process. The card is "Quillbolt Hedgehog", making the ATK of "Shooting Star Dragon" 6000, which is equal to "Red Nova Dragon".

The two monsters viciously battle and destroy each other. However since "Red Nova Dragon" was destroyed while equipped with "Scar-Red Cocoon", "Red Dragon Archfiend" will be be Special Summoned during the End Phase. Yusei lands at the opposite side of the pool and activates "Crush Star". Since a Synchro Monster was destroyed, he can Special Summon a monster with 1000 of less ATK from his hand and one from his Graveyard. He Summons "Sonic Chick" and "Sonic Warrior". Jack ends his turn and "Red Dragon Archfiend" returns to his side of the field.

Jack remarks that Yusei's weak monsters cannot stand against his "Red Dragon Archfiend" for very long. To Jack's surprise, Yusei says "We'll see about that". Yusei ramps up onto a nearby pipe, while Jack continues along the road. Yusei explains that they have both found their answers and begins his turn. Yusei and Jack's SPC both go up to 3. Yusei draws and Summons "Junk Synchron". Its effect lets him Special Summon a Level 2 or lower monster from his Graveyard, so he revives "Speed Warrior". Since he controls a Tuner monster, he revives "Quillbolt Hedgehog" from his Graveyard too.

Akiza notices something about Yusei's monsters and Luna says that they are all cards which have supported Yusei all this time. Leo and Crow say that even though their ATK and Levels are low, they are all monsters Yusei has always loved and are friends that have supported Yusei in all of his Duels.

Yusei and his low Level monsters.

Yusei tunes the Level 2 "Sonic Warrior" to the Level 3 "Junk Synchron" and chants "Clustering stars will call upon a new force. Become the path its light shines upon. Synchro Summon! Show yourself, Junk Warrior!", as he Synchro Summons the Level 5 "Junk Warrior". Since "Sonic Warrior" was used as Synchro Material, all the monsters Yusei controls gain 400 ATK. The ATK of "Speed Warrior", "Sonic Chick" and "Quillbolt Hedgehog" become 1300, 700 and 1200 respectively. The "Power of Fellows" effect of "Junk Warrior" increases its ATK by the combined ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters Yusei controls, making it 5500.

Akiza realizes that Yusei's monsters powered-up with the strength of their bonds and this must be the possibility Yusei was trying to show them. As long as they have their bonds they will continue to grow stronger Crow says and declares that he has made up his mind. Akiza, Luna and Leo follow up and announce that they have also made up their minds.

Yusei says that through this Duel Jack has shown him that which has been dwelling within his own soul. Jack asks if Yusei has finally made up his mind. To everyone's surprise, Yusei answers that he is staying in the city. Yusei rides upwards along a crane and soars off of it, declaring his attack with "Junk Warrior" in the process. "Junk Warrior", enlarged by its ATK boost uses its "Scrap Fist" attack to destroy "Red Dragon Archfiend" and drop Jack's Life Points to 0.

Akiza, Crow, Leo and Luna tell Yusei that they've made their decisions.

The two Duel Runners stop and the duelists dismount. Jack is gracious in defeat and tells Yusei that it was a magnificent Duel. No one is useless in the world, Jack says and when one joins with his bonds, his lance can go further distances. Jack thumps his heart and says that his soul shall be there with Yusei every day. He sees that he has a reason to come back here. Yusei replies that Jack is welcome back any time and he shall be waiting. The two bump fists and Jack vows not to lose next time. Yusei vows to give it his best too and the two clasps their hands.

Team 5D's fist bump.

Akiza, Crow, Luna and Leo ride over to Yusei and Jack. Crow says that he has made his decision and is going to enter the pro league. Akiza says that she is going to study hard. Luna announces that she too is going to get smarter and go to school for a scholarship. Leo says that he'll be more easygoing than ever to make up for the past. Yusei holds out his fist, declaring that even if they are all in different locations, their bonds are eternal and the others all hold out their fists in union.


Luna and Leo talk about how much Leo has changed.

In Tops, Leo and Luna look out over the city. Luna says that a lot of stuff has happened to them. Leo agrees and adds that he will never forget what happened in this city. Luna looks at Leo and tells him that he has changed. Puzzled, Leo asks "Really?". Luna answers that he used to cry a lot over everything and she was just thinking that he's gotten much more lively. Leo modestly responds that he guesses so. Luna affirms that Leo is more of a man and Leo says that it just means he can protect her more. Luna says that she will be relying on him more, and pats him on the back calling him "Big brother", accidentally causing him to fall off the blocks they're standing on.

The children say goodbye to Crow.

At Martha's house, Crow has just informed Martha of his decision and she expresses her support. Crow thanks her, but explains that he doesn't know what to tell the children. They'll be lonely for sure, Martha replies, but that just can't be helped. She then calls the children into the room. They compliment Crow on joining the Pro Leagues. Crow is surprised to hear that they already know. Hikari implies that it was obvious and Kokoro says that they aren't kids anymore. They will be lonely without him, Ginga affirms, but tells Crow to go on anyway. Taiga vows that they will do their best when Crow leaves and starts to cry. Daichi starts crying too and promises that they will do their best. Ginga tells them off for starting. He reminds them that they swore to see Crow off without giving him anything to worry about, but he too breaks into tears, as do Kokoro and Hikari. Crow hugs the children and thanks them. They beg him to return sometime and Crow promises to do so when he gets stronger so he can finally realize his dream with them and also starts to cry as he says this.

Akiza prepares to leave.

At Akiza's house, Akiza has just finished packing her suitcase. Hideo asks is she is really leaving. Akiza affirms and tells him that he doesn't need to worry about her anymore, she's no longer a child. Hideo is more worried that she'll collapse from overworking. Setsuko asks if Akiza has had a proper parting with "him" yet. Akiza is uncertain what she mean and Hideo explains that they are referring to Yusei and if it wasn't for him, Akiza wouldn't be here now. He advises her to go and talk to Yusei. Setsuko tells her to burn her smile into Yusei's memory, so that he will always encourage her, no matter how far apart they are. Akiza nods in agreement.

Carly disguised as a gift.

At Cafe la Geen, Jack sips at a cup of coffee. Stephanie watches him, upset that he will be leaving. Mina approaches Jack and says that on behalf of the former Sector Security, she has brought him some parting gifts. Jack looks at a truckload of gifts. Shocked, he spits out his coffee and asks why there are so many. Mina replies that a lot of them were worried about him. Angrily, Jack takes an address card out of his jacket and tells Mina this is his address and to send the gifts there. Stephanie comes over to the table and points that Carly is hidden in one of the gifts. Mina asks what Carly is doing there. Carly says that they found her and replies that if she'd stayed like this, she would have gotten to Jack's hotel. Jack orders Carly to get out. He declares that he is going to the top of the world and he doesn't need any woman in his way.

Jack leaves Carly, Mina and Stephanie.

As Jack sits in the Wheel of Fortune ready to take off, Carly, Mina and Stephanie ask if he is really leaving. Jack tells them that he shall return when he becomes champion of the world and not until then. He then takes off. Stephanie asks if Mina is okay with letting Jack go like this. She replies that it is difficult and she's sure Stephanie would follow him if she could. Carly interrupts and says that it's the same with her; she'd follow Jack all the way to the depths of the sea. Mina hits her and explains that Jack isn't bound to any of them and she knew this from the start. Carly cries that it is because nobody can stop Jack's raging soul. The three of them vow to wait for Jack forever, but then start to bicker over which of them should be allowed to wait.

Akiza almost tells Yusei that she loves him.

At Poppo Time, Yusei opens the garage door and finds Akiza inside. He walks over to the light switch, but Akiza tells him to leave the lights off. She explains that she has been here thinking of all kinds of things and can't show Yusei her face right now. After Yusei confirms that he is the only one there, he asks what's wrong. Akiza says that she was wondering how she should say a proper goodbye to him. She starts to shake and promptly declares "I've always loved...", but then shakes her head and instead says that she loves that she met him. Yusei replies that he does too.

Yusei takes Akiza's hand and they hold hands.

Akiza informs Yusei that when she first met him, she thought that he was a scary person. Yusei laughs and says that he had felt the same about her; when he first laid eyes on her she was really scary. He admits to being nervous of what would happen to the team if they lost to her. Slightly taken aback, Akiza asks if he really thought that. Yusei reminds her to smile and then takes her hand. He says that there is no one in the world with a smile as beautiful as hers. Akiza puts her other hand on his and says that he is the one who put that smile on her face. The two stare at each other in the eye for a moment, with the other's reflection in their eyes, but then slowly let go of each other's hands. Akiza then leaves.

Yusei and Trudge discuss Team 5D's taking separate paths.

Yusei later stares out over the city. He is joined by Trudge, who asks what Yusei is up to at this hour. Yusei replies that he just can't sleep; The others are still in the city and he is trying to engrave the memory of what the air feels like tonight into his heart forever. Trudge comments that Yusei says some flashy things. He informs Yusei that he heard the others are leaving tomorrow and asks if Yusei is really okay with this. Yusei admits that it hurts and he would really like to stay with them forever, but he can't do that because they have chosen these paths themselves. Trudge asks if Yusei is sure their bonds will stand for that. Bonds tie them together and he doesn't think little of that, Yusei replies, but the future that they are meant to walk won't come to them with bonds alone and you are responsible for living your own life. They are simply stepping onto the next stage, he explains. Trudge asks when they suddenly got so mature.

Yusei looks over New Domino City.

When he dueled Jack he realized that the city is part of him, Yusei explains and he was thinking that his soul will always be a part of this city. Yusei then leaps up on the handrail and says that when they come back someday the city that they created as Team 5D's will be a wonderful place. His only job is to envelope himself into the city.

The next day Team 5D's line up on the highway on their Duel Runners and Duel Boards. Yusei tells everyone that this shall be their last run together and the six of them take off. Jack declares that he will definitely return here as a true king. Crow tells them to watch out for him and his winning streak. Leo thanks New Domino City and Luna calls it their community. Akiza thinks that she won't say goodbye, since she will return some day.

Team 5D's last ride together.
The marks return to the Crimson Dragon.

The Crimson Dragon flies past the six and their Marks of the Dragon all light up and leave their bodies. The marks disappear back into the Crimson Dragon as it flies away. Yusei guesses that the Crimson Dragon has fulfilled its role. He races ahead of the team, stops and raises his hand. The other five all high-five him as they pass and split up as they head down different roads on the highway.

Yusei himself rides towards the ring in the center of the highway and thinks that from this point forward lies the future that they create themselves. He tells everyone to ride with all their might in the Turbo Duel called life. He yells "Riding Duel Acceleration" and ramps up into the sky.

Featured Duel: Yusei Fudo vs. Jack Atlas[edit]

...continued from the previous episode

Yusei Fudo has 900 LP and 7 Speed Counters, and controls "Stardust Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position and "Sonic Chick" (300/300) in Defense Position. Jack Atlas has 2900 LP and 0 Speed Counters, and controls "Red Nova Dragon" (6000/3000) in Attack Position and "Crimson Blader" (2800/2600) in Attack Position.

Turn 8: Jack

Jack Sets a card.

Turn 9: Yusei

Yusei draws. During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World 2" activates (Yusei's SPC: 7 → 8, Jack's SPC: 0 → 1). Yusei then activates the effect of "Speed World 2" to draw a card by removing seven Speed Counters (Yusei's SPC: 8 → 1). Yusei then Normal Summons "Mach Synchron" (CG Star.svg1/0/0) in Attack Position. Yusei then tunes "Sonic Chick" with "Mach Synchron" in order to Synchro Summon "Formula Synchron" (CG Star.svg2/200/1500) in Attack Position. Since "Mach Synchron" was sent to the Graveyard as a Synchro Material Monster, Yusei activates its effect to return "Sonic Chick" from his Graveyard to his hand. Yusei then activates the effect of "Formula Synchron" to draw one card ("Crush Star").

Yusei then tunes "Stardust Dragon" with "Formula Synchron" in order to Accel Synchro Summon "Shooting Star Dragon" (CG Star.svg10/3300/2500) in Attack Position. Yusei then activates the first effect of "Shooting Star Dragon" to check the top five cards of his Deck and grant "Shooting Star Dragon" one attack for each Tuner Monster he finds. Yusei's top five cards are "Debris Dragon", "Starlight Road", "Drill Synchron", "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow", and "Nitro Synchron", so "Shooting Star Dragon" can attack up to three times. "Shooting Star Dragon" then attacks and destroys "Crimson Blader" (Jack 2900 → 2400). Yusei then Sets two cards.

Turn 10: Jack

Jack draws. During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World 2" activates (Yusei's SPC: 1 → 2, Jack's SPC: 1 → 2). Jack then activates his face-down "Red Cocoon" and equips it to "Red Nova Dragon". Now if the equipped monsters attacks a monster, the attacked monster's effects will be negated.

"Red Nova Dragon" then attacks "Shooting Star Dragon", but Yusei activates his face-down "High and Low" to allow himself to send the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard up to three times. For each monster that is sent to the Graveyard this way, "Shooting Star Dragon" will gain ATK equal to the ATK of the sent monster. If "Shooting Star Dragon's" ATK surpasses the ATK of "Red Nova Dragon", "Shooting Star Dragon" will be destroyed.

Yusei sends the first top card of his Deck to the Graveyard and reveals it to be "Sonic Warrior" ("Shooting Star Dragon": 3300 → 4300/2500). Yusei then sends the second top card of his Deck to the Graveyard and reveals it to be "Speed Warrior" ("Shooting Star Dragon": 4300 → 5200/2500). Jack believes Yusei will, at this point, let "Red Nova Dragon" destroy "Shooting Star Dragon" and survive with 100 Life Points remaining, but Yusei sends the third top card of his Deck to the Graveyard and reveals it to be "Quillbolt Hedgehog" ("Shooting Star Dragon": 5200 → 6000/2500). Both "Red Nova Dragon" and "Shooting Star Dragon" then destroy each other in a Double KO. Jack's hand contains "Vice Dragon" and "Speed Spell - End of the Storm".

Since "Red Cocoon" was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Jack activates its second effect to allow himself to Special Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend" from his Graveyard during his End Phase. Since a Synchro Monster was destroyed, Yusei activates his face-down "Crush Star" to Special Summon "Sonic Chick" (CG Star.svg1/300/300) and "Sonic Warrior" (CG Star.svg2/1000/0) from his hand and Graveyard in Defense Position.

On Jack's End Phase, the second effect of "Red Cocoon" activates, Special Summoning "Red Dragon Archfiend" (CG Star.svg8/3000/2000) from Jack's Graveyard in Attack Position.

Turn 11: Yusei

Yusei draws "Junk Synchron". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World 2" activates (Yusei's SPC: 2 → 3, Jack's SPC: 2 → 3). Yusei then Normal Summons "Junk Synchron" (CG Star.svg3/1300/500) in Attack Position. He then activates the effect of "Junk Synchron" to revive "Speed Warrior" (CG Star.svg2/900/400) in Defense Position. Since Yusei controls a Tuner Monster, he activates the effect of "Quillbolt Hedgehog" to revive itself (CG Star.svg2/800/800) in Attack Position. Yusei then tunes "Sonic Warrior" with "Junk Synchron" in order to Synchro Summon "Junk Warrior" (CG Star.svg5/2300/1300) in Attack Position.

Since "Sonic Warrior" was used as a Synchro Material Monster, its effect activates, increasing the ATK of "Speed Warrior, "Sonic Chick", and "Quillbolt Hedgehog" by 400 ("Speed Warrior": 900 → 1300/400; "Sonic Chick": 300 → 700/300; "Quillbolt Hedgehog": 800 → 1200/800). Due to the effect of "Junk Warrior", it gains ATK equal to the ATK of all Level 2 or below monsters Yusei controls ("Junk Warrior": 2300 → 5500/1300). "Junk Warrior" attacks and destroys "Red Dragon Archfiend" (Jack 2400 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


Japanese character name[3] Japanese voice actor[3]
Yusei Fudo Yuya Miyashita
Jack Atlas Takanori Hoshino
Crow Shintaro Asanuma
Aki Izayoi Ayumi Kinoshita
Lua Ai Horanai
Luca Yuka Terasaki
Tetsu Ushio Koji Ochiai
Mikage Sagari Aiko Aihashi
Carly Nagisa Aki Kanada
Stephanie Lyrian
Rally Dawson Mika Ito
Blitz Takahiro Hirano
Martha Kimiko Saito
Hideo Izayoi Tetsu Inada
Setsuko Izayoi Akira Nakagawa
Ginga Kanae Toyoda
Taiga Mai Fujita
Daichi Rumine Fukuzawa
Hikari Aika Noda
Kokoro Hisato Fukuda
Journalist Masafumi Oku
Teammate Koichi Yokota
Other Masayuki Iwashita, Mika Ishibashi


The following music was played during the episode.

Composition Scene
"Solving the Riddle" Leo taking off on his Duel Runner to Jack commenting on Crow's message.
"Clear Mind" Cut back to the Duel to Yusei Summoning "Shooting Star Dragon".
"5D's' Theme" After the Summoning of "Shooting Star Dragon" to Jack declaring his attack on it with "Red Nova Dragon".
"Yusei's Theme" Yusei using "High and Low" to the end of Jack's turn.
"Road to Tomorrow ~Going My Way!!~" Beginning of Yusei's final turn to Yusei announcing that he is staying in the city.
"Hope" Yusei and Jack getting off their Duel Runners until Team 5D's fist bump.
"Friends" Cafe la Geen
"YAKUSOKU NO MELODY" Akiza refrains from saying that she loves Yusei to the end of Yusei's conversation with Trudge.
"Future Colors" Team 5D's riding together. (TV version)
"Kizuna" Team 5D's riding together. (DVD version)


  • On the DVD release during the teams final ride, Kizuna (CD) is played instead, and afterword a new montage of clips from the series is played, ending on a new shot of Bruno's glasses on a shelf alongside the WRGP trophy and a photo of the team celebrating their victory.[4]


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