Road to Tomorrow ~Going My Way!!~

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"Road to Tomorrow ~Going My Way!!~" (へのみちGoingゴーイング myマイ wayウェイ!!〜, Asu He no Michi ~Going My Way!!~) is the fifth opening theme to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, replacing BELIEVE IN NEXUS starting on episode 130. Starting on episode 143, the opening sequence showcasing the Signers and their Marks of the Dragon also included Leo's "Heart" Mark, representing his induction in the previous episode.

It is performed by Masaaki Endoh.

Recording credits[edit]

  • Performed by: Endō Masaaki (遠藤正明)
  • Lyrics by: Endō Masaaki (遠藤正明)
  • Composed by: Toshi Ryū (俊龍)
  • Arranged by: Masaki Suzuki (鈴木マサキ)
  • Record Label: Marvelous Entertainment(マーベラスエンターテイメント)

Opening line[edit]

Rōmaji English Translation
Riding Duel. Sore wa speed no sekai de shinkashita duel.
Soko ni inochi o kakeru densetsu no aza o motsu monotachi o
Hitobito wa 5D's to yonda.
Riding Duel. That's the Duel that evolved in the world of speed.
There are those who risk their lives and bear legendary birthmarks
People started calling them 5D's!


Rōmaji English Translation
Hashire! Asu e tsuzuku shinka no michi wa
Aratana densetsu no dueru
Run! The path of evolution that connects to the future
There lies a new legendary duel
Yarikirenai kono omoi subete furikitte
Kanō-sei wa mugen dai subete tokihanate
Hajimari wa itsu datte kimi shidai
Dare mo ga samayō hikari o oimotome
The feelings of indecision, shake them all off
The possibilities are infinite, set them all free
The beginning is always dependent on you
Everyone is wandering about, pursue the light
Hakanai yume miushinai-sō sa
Kizuna tsunage kesshite make wa shinai
(Growing!! Go my way!!)
It looks like you've lost sight of the fleeting dream
The bonds that connect us will definitely never lose
(Growing!! Go my way!!)
Kaze ni nare mai odore
Yami o hikisaite
Tadoritsuku basho ima wa mienakute mo
Hashiri dase sono ashi de
Nani mo osorezu ni
Mirai e tsuzuku kono michi o
Going my way!! Kirihiraite yuke!
Become the storm, dance
and tear the darkness apart
Even if you can't see the place you're struggling towards now
Start running, with those legs
There's nothing to be afraid of
On this path towards the future
Going my way!! Cut open a path and go!
Hageshiku myakuutsu kodō enjin zenkai de
Gōru mezashi kakenukero nakama o shinjite
Taoreta tte nan-do datte Try again
Yowakina jibun ni ima sugu keri tsukete
This pulse of yours beats so violently as the engine goes full throttle
You head on forward aiming for your goal, just as you believe in your friends
You've fallen down once too many times, but you'll try again
The time has now come to pull yourself together
Mihatenuyume sora ni egaitara
Tsubasa hiroge mayowazu ni habatake
(Growing!! Go my way!!)
You see a wild dream complete with an endless sky
There's no need to hesitate, now just go spread your wings and take off
(Growing!! Go my way!!)
Kaze ni nari makiokose
Arashi hikitsurete
Furikaerazu ni omoi no mama susume
Mamori nuke inochi ka ke
Ima ga sono toki sa
Kakugo o kimete tachimukae
Going my way!! Tatakai no uzu e!
Be one with the wind, raise up a storm
and bring it alongside you
So now head on without even turning your back
Cause now is the time
to go and save them, all of those innocent lives
Raise your resolves and tear right through your enemies
Going my way!! Head to the vortex of struggle!
Kaze ni nori maiagare
Yūki torimodose
Ano hi mita yume kasaneawa se yukou
Ubaitore sono ude de
Nani mo osorezu ni
Mirai e tsuzuku kono michi o
Going my way!! Kirihiraite yuke!
Be one with the wind, soar off right now
and go regain your courage
Let us overlay our dreams from that day long gone
Now take what you have, place them in your arms
There's nothing to be afraid of
On this path towards the future
Going My Way!! Cut open a path and go!


Duel Monsters[edit]