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"99%" (99%キュウジュウキュウパーセント, Kyūjūkyū Pāsento) is the second Japanese opening theme to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX anime series. The song is performed by a Japanese group called BOWL. The lyrics were written by Maruyama Kazuhiro while the music was composed by the collaboration of him and Nishikido Atsushi. It debuted in Japan on October 5, 2005. This opening theme was used during the second half of the first season. The song replaced Fine Weather Rising Hallelujah in episode 34 and was replaced by the same song with a different sequence of pictures in episode 53.

The second OP sequence was played during season 2. There are two slightly different versions of the sequence; the first version plays the same scene of Aster summoning "Archlord Zerato" and features Dr. Crowler smiling at the end; the second replaces the summoning scene with a clip of the current episode's Duel, and Dr. Crowler's expression becomes a defeated one.

This was followed by Teardrop.

Version 1 characters[edit]

Version 2 and 3 characters[edit]

Featured cards[edit]

Season 1 version[edit]

Jaden is shown looking through his Deck and holding several Monster Cards.

Season 2 version[edit]

Each character is shown standing in front of their Decks.

Winged Kuriboh collage

Monster Cards

Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

Ritual Monsters



Rōmaji English
Kagi o kaketa heya hitoribocchi de kimi ga naiteta In a locked room, you wept alone
Utsumuku sono me ni kinou bakari utsushite mo susume ya shinai sa Even if only yesterday reflects in your downcast eyes, you won't move forward
Asa ni nattara mukae ni yuku yo minna onaji sa, yowai kedo When it's morning, I'll go greet you; everyone is the same, weak
Soko ni katte nante hontou wa nai n da kimi ga kanjiteru hodo But the truth is, there is no wall there as much as you feel there is
Ikigurushī nara kakuretecha dame da to shitteru kuse ni sa Even when you know that you mustn't hide it if it's suffocating
Kimi o tsuredashite doko e mukaou ka machi no kaze wa mada tsumetai kedo Where will we head to when I take you out? The town's wind is still cold
Ashita o kimetsuke unzarishinaide ikou shiranai basho e But without scolding or getting tired of tomorrow, let's go to an unknown place
Seotta sono omori wa kimi dake no mono ja nai n da yo The weight that you carried doesn't belong to you alone
Boku ni wakete goran kono te o hanasanaide ite Share it with me; don't let go of my hand
Asa ni nattara mukae ni yuku yo kimi o… When it's morning, I'll go greet you…
Soto e tsuredashite doko e mukaou ka machi no kaze wa mada tsumetai kedo Where will we head to when I take you outside? The town's wind is still cold
Kyūjūkyū pāsento wakaranai kara asu o tashikame ni ikou Because we don't understand 99 percent, let's go ascertain tomorrow