Prismatic Secret Rare

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Prismatic Secret Rare

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Prismatic Secret Rare

A Prismatic Secret Rare card is a special variety of Secret Rare card where the holographic foil pattern follows a distinct horizontal and vertical parallel pattern as opposed to the usual diagonal pattern. In addition, the card name contains multiple speckled holofoil colors as opposed to one solid holofoil color.

In the TCG, this rarity is seldom seen in sets; on the other hand, almost all standard OCG Secret Rares use this prismatic pattern. Early TCG video game promotional cards (such as the Reshef of Destruction promotional cards) were Prismatic Secret Rare, but this rarity disappeared after video game promotional cards became Super Rare. The pattern was later re-introduced to the TCG with World Superstars (April 2015).

On the Official Card Database, this rarity was labelled as Secret Rare. For cards released in the 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin Mega Pack (August 2019) and later, it is identified as Prismatic Secret Rare.[1]

As of the OCG release of Rise of the Duelist in April 2020, the 20th Secret Rare rarity was replaced with Prismatic Secret Rares. However, OCG Prismatic Secret Rares are different from TCG Prismatic Secret Rares; in the OCG, Prismatic Secret Rares resemble TCG Starlight Rare cards.

Similar rarities[edit]

In Rising Rampage, the TCG silently introduced Starlight Rare to main series Booster Packs, a brand-new rarity that bares some resemblance to the OCG's 20th Secret Rare, but at the time it was unnamed. While this rarity was officially denied to be Prismatic Secret Rare[citation needed] and simply referred to as an "alternate foil",[2] because the official Card Database refers to it as Prismatic Secret Rare[3] it was commonly referred to as such within the community and by vendors. In January 2020, at a German Konami community day event, official representatives stated to community members that the rarity is called Starlight Rare.[4][5]



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