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Collectors Pack





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Collectors Pack

Collectors Packs (コレクターズパック), also known as Collection Packs (コレクションパック), are a series of OCG-exclusive Booster Packs that introduce cards from the anime and manga that have not previously been released in the OCG. Collectors Packs were succeeded by the Animation Chronicle series starting from 2021.

In the TCG, their equivalents are not formally a series, but typically include "of Legend" in their names: originally they were titled "Dragons of Legend" in the TCG, then later "Battles of Legend".


The following is a list of Collectors Pack sets.

 Japanese release dateKorean release date
Collectors Pack: ZEXAL Version10 August 201318 November 2013
Collectors Pack: Duelist of Legend Version17 May 201420 August 2014
Collectors Pack: Duelist of Destiny Version16 May 201516 October 2015
Collectors Pack: Duelist of Flash Version14 May 201610 November 2016
Collectors Pack 201713 May 201711 August 2017
Collectors Pack 201812 May 20185 September 2018
Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version18 May 201916 July 2019
Collection Pack 202020 June 20209 September 2020