Dark Beginning 1

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Dark Beginning 1
Dark Beginning 1
  • Dark Beginning 1
GermanDark Beginning 1
SpanishPrincipio Oscuro 1
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • DB1-EN (en)
  • DB1-DE (de)
  • DB1-SP (sp)
Number of cards250
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • October 12, 2004
  • December 17, 2004
  • December 1, 2004

Dark Beginning 1

Dark Beginning 1 is the 14th booster pack in the TCG. It is the first set to feature Yugi Muto on the pack, as all the other sets usually have Yami Yugi.

This set is the TCG version of the OCG reprint set Beginner's Edition 1.


Dark Beginning 1 is the first reprint set in the TCG, containing the Japanese sets Duelist Legacy Volume.1, Duelist Legacy Volume.2, and the first "half" of Duelist Legacy Volume.3 (i.e., most cards from LOB-LON). It contains all 5 pieces of "Exodia the Forbidden One", as well as many other cards with decreased rarity. Also, it contains a few cards never before seen in boosters.

Designed for beginners, every pack has 12 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Beginning (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 rares.

Yugi Muto's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 47.


12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box. Includes 250 cards, comprised of:



Dark Beginning 1
Unlimited Edition galleries

Card numberNameRarityCategory
DB1-EN001"Penguin Knight"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN002"Axe of Despair"RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN003"Black Pendant"RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN004"Horn of Light"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN005"Malevolent Nuzzler"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN006"Spellbinding Circle"RareContinuous Trap
DB1-EN007"Electric Snake"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN008"Ameba"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN009"Maha Vailo"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN010"Minar"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN011"Griggle"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN012"Hiro's Shadow Scout"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN013"Invader of the Throne"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN014"Slot Machine"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN015"Relinquished"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
DB1-EN016"Red Archery Girl"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN017"Gravekeeper's Servant"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN018"Upstart Goblin"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN019"Toll"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN020"Final Destiny"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN021"Snatch Steal"Ultra RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN022"Chorus of Sanctuary"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN023"Confiscation"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN024"Delinquent Duo"Super RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN025"Fairy's Hand Mirror"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN026"Tailor of the Fickle"CommonQuick-Play Spell
DB1-EN027"Rush Recklessly"CommonQuick-Play Spell
DB1-EN028"The Reliable Guardian"CommonQuick-Play Spell
DB1-EN029"The Forceful Sentry"RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN030"Chain Energy"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN031"Mystical Space Typhoon"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
DB1-EN032"Giant Trunade"RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN033"Painful Choice"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN034"Horn of the Unicorn"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN035"Labyrinth Wall"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN036"Eternal Rest"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN037"Megamorph"Super RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN038"Manga Ryu-Ran"CommonToon monster
DB1-EN039"Toon Mermaid"CommonToon monster
DB1-EN040"Toon Summoned Skull"RareToon monster
DB1-EN041"Hyozanryu"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN042"Toon World"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN043"Cyber Jar"RareFlip monster
DB1-EN044"Banisher of the Light"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN045"Giant Rat"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN046"Senju of the Thousand Hands"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN047"UFO Turtle"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN048"Flash Assailant"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN049"Karate Man"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN050"Giant Germ"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN051"Nimble Momonga"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN052"Shining Angel"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN053"Mother Grizzly"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN054"Flying Kamakiri #1"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN055"Ceremonial Bell"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN056"Sonic Bird"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN057"Mystic Tomato"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN058"Kotodama"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN059"Gaia Power"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN060"Umiiruka"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN061"Molten Destruction"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN062"Rising Air Current"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN063"Luminous Spark"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN064"Mystic Plasma Zone"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN065"Messenger of Peace"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN066"Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon"Super RareToon monster
DB1-EN067"Jinzo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN068"Parasite Paracide"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN069"Lightforce Sword"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN070"Chain Destruction"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN071"Time Seal"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN072"Graverobber"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN073"Gift of The Mystical Elf"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN074"The Eye of Truth"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN075"Dust Tornado"RareNormal Trap
DB1-EN076"Call of the Haunted"Super RareContinuous Trap
DB1-EN077"Enchanted Javelin"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN078"Mirror Wall"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN079"Numinous Healer"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN080"Forced Requisition"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN081"DNA Surgery"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN082"Backup Soldier"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN083"Ceasefire"Super RareNormal Trap
DB1-EN084"Light of Intervention"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN085"Respect Play"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN086"Imperial Order"Ultra RareContinuous Trap
DB1-EN087"Magical Hats"RareNormal Trap
DB1-EN088"Nobleman of Crossout"Super RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN089"Nobleman of Extermination"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN090"The Shallow Grave"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN091"Premature Burial"Super RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN092"Morphing Jar #2"RareFlip monster
DB1-EN093"Kiseitai"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN094"Sky Scout" (as "Harpie's Brother")CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN095"Buster Blader"Super RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN096"Dark Sage"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN097"Big Shield Gardna"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN098"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Ultra RareNormal Monster
DB1-EN099"Hitotsu-Me Giant"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN100"Flame Swordsman"RareFusion Monster
DB1-EN101"Skull Servant"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN102"Dark Magician"Ultra RareNormal Monster
DB1-EN103"Gaia the Fierce Knight"RareNormal Monster
DB1-EN104"Celtic Guardian"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN105"Mammoth Graveyard"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN106"Silver Fang"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN107"Flame Manipulator"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN108"Dark King of the Abyss"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN109"Aqua Madoor"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN110"Masaki the Legendary Swordsman"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN111"Dragon Capture Jar"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN112"Umi"CommonField Spell
DB1-EN113"Dark Hole"Super RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN114"Raigeki"Ultra RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN115"Red Medicine"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN116"Hinotama"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN117"Fissure"RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN118"Trap Hole"RareNormal Trap
DB1-EN119"Polymerization"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN120"Mystical Elf"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN121"Beaver Warrior"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN122"Gaia the Dragon Champion"RareFusion Monster
DB1-EN123"Curse of Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN124"Giant Soldier of Stone"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN125"Uraby"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN126"Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (as "Red-Eyes B. Dragon")Super RareNormal Monster
DB1-EN127"Reaper of the Cards"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN128"Stop Defense"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN129"Swords of Revealing Light"Super RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN130"Armed Ninja"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN131"Man-Eater Bug"RareFlip monster
DB1-EN132"Hane-Hane"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN133"Monster Reborn"Ultra RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN134"Pot of Greed"Super RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN135"Right Leg of the Forbidden One"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN136"Left Leg of the Forbidden One"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN137"Right Arm of the Forbidden One"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN138"Left Arm of the Forbidden One"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN139"Exodia the Forbidden One"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN140"Feral Imp"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN141"Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN142"Summoned Skull"Super RareNormal Monster
DB1-EN143"Armored Lizard"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN144"Larvae Moth"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN145"Harpie Lady"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN146"Harpie Lady Sisters"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN147"Kojikocy"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN148"Cocoon of Evolution"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN149"Armored Zombie"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN150"Mask of Darkness"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN151"White Magical Hat"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN152"Big Eye"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN153"Black Skull Dragon" (as "B. Skull Dragon")Super RareFusion Monster
DB1-EN154"Masked Sorcerer"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN155"Petit Moth"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN156"Elegant Egotist"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN157"Sanga of the Thunder"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN158"Kazejin"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN159"Suijin"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN160"Mystic Lamp"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN161"Blast Juggler"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN162"Jinzo #7"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN163"Magician of Faith"RareFlip monster
DB1-EN164"Fake Trap"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN165"Tribute to The Doomed"RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN166"Soul Release"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN167"The Cheerful Coffin"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN168"Change of Heart"Ultra RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN169"Makyura the Destructor"Super RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN170"Exchange"Super RareNormal Spell
DB1-EN171"Minor Goblin Official"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN172"Gamble"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN173"Attack and Receive"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN174"Solemn Wishes"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN175"Skull Invitation"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN176"Bubonic Vermin"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN177"Burning Land"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN178"Fairy Meteor Crush"RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN179"Limiter Removal"RareQuick-Play Spell
DB1-EN180"Rain of Mercy"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN181"Monster Recovery"CommonQuick-Play Spell
DB1-EN182"Shift"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN183"Dimensionhole"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN184"Ground Collapse"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN185"Magic Drain"RareCounter Trap
DB1-EN186"Infinite Dismissal"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN187"Gravity Bind"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN188"Type Zero Magic Crusher"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN189"Shadow of Eyes"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN190"The Legendary Fisherman"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN191"Sword Hunter"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN192"Drill Bug"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN193"Deepsea Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN194"Thousand-Eyes Idol"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN195"Thousand-Eyes Restrict"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DB1-EN196"Hayabusa Knight"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN197"Bombardment Beetle"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN198"4-Starred Ladybug of Doom"CommonFlip monster
DB1-EN199"Gradius"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN200"Vampire Baby"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN201"Mad Sword Beast"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN202"Goblin Attack Force"Super RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN203"The Fiend Megacyber"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN204"Gearfried the Iron Knight"RareEffect Monster
DB1-EN205"Insect Barrier"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN206"Swordsman of Landstar"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN207"Humanoid Slime"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN208"Worm Drake"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN209"Humanoid Worm Drake"CommonFusion Monster
DB1-EN210"Revival Jam"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN211"Amphibian Beast"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN212"Shining Abyss"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN213"Grand Tiki Elder"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN214"The Masked Beast"Super RareRitual Monster
DB1-EN215"Melchid the Four-Face Beast"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN216"Nuvia the Wicked"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN217"Chosen One"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN218"Mask of Weakness"CommonNormal Trap
DB1-EN219"Curse of the Masked Beast"CommonRitual Spell
DB1-EN220"Mask of Dispel"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN221"Mask of Restrict"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN222"Mask of the Accursed"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN223"Mask of Brutality"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN224"Return of the Doomed"CommonNormal Spell
DB1-EN225"Lightning Blade"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN226"Tornado Wall"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN227"Fairy Box"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN228"Torrential Tribute"Ultra RareNormal Trap
DB1-EN229"Jam Breeding Machine"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN230"Infinite Cards"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN231"Jam Defender"CommonContinuous Trap
DB1-EN232"Card of Safe Return"CommonContinuous Spell
DB1-EN233"Amazon Archer"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN234"Fire Princess"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN235"Spirit of the Breeze"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN236"Dancing Fairy"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN237"Cure Mermaid"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN238"Hysteric Fairy"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN239"The Forgiving Maiden"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN240"St. Joan"CommonFusion Monster
DB1-EN241"Darklord Marie"CommonEffect Monster
DB1-EN242"Jar of Greed"RareNormal Trap
DB1-EN243"Scroll of Bewitchment"CommonEquip Spell
DB1-EN244"United We Stand"Ultra RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN245"Mage Power"Ultra RareEquip Spell
DB1-EN246"The Portrait's Secret"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN247"The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN248"Headless Knight"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN249"Earthbound Spirit"CommonNormal Monster
DB1-EN250"The Earl of Demise"CommonNormal Monster
!:header::Tip Cards
DB1"As a result of battle"Tip Card
DB2"Special Summon-only monsters"Tip Card
DB3""Call of the Haunted" + "Jinzo""Tip Card
DB4"Easy Tribute Summoning"Tip Card
DB5""Trap Hole""Tip Card
DB6"Exodia Decks"Tip Card
DB7"Removed from play"Tip Card
DB8""Fairy Meteor Crush", etc."Tip Card
DB9""Gravity Bind""Tip Card
DB10"Equip Spell Cards"Tip Card
DB11"Deck Shrinking"Tip Card
DB12"Attack order"Tip Card
DB13""Mystical Space Typhoon""Tip Card
DB14""Dust Tornado""Tip Card
DB15"Monster Tokens"Tip Card
DB16"Play order"Tip Card
DB17"Deck formulas"Tip Card
DB18""Upstart Goblin""Tip Card
DB19"Stall Decks"Tip Card
DB20"Defense"Tip Card
DB21"Tribute ratios"Tip Card
DB22"Flip Monsters: Two-for-one"Tip Card
DB23"3 is better than 2"Tip Card
DB24"Choosing monsters"Tip Card
DB25"Deck size"Tip Card
DB26"Pick a theme"Tip Card
DB27"Setting Normal Spell Cards"Tip Card
DB28"Main Phase 2"Tip Card
DB29"Attack!"Tip Card
DB30"Conserve your hand"Tip Card
DB31"Effect Monster + Equip Spell Card"Tip Card
DB32""Dark Hole""Tip Card
DB33"Do not brag"Tip Card
DB34"Side Deck basics"Tip Card
DB35"Side Deck strategy"Tip Card
DB36"Shuffling"Tip Card
DB37"Re-targeting equipment"Tip Card
DB38"First-turn plays"Tip Card
DB39"Searching effects"Tip Card
DB40""Nimble Momonga""Tip Card
DB41""Fire Princess" Deck"Tip Card
DB42"Be polite!"Tip Card
DB43""Harpie Lady Sisters""Tip Card
DB44"How to play Toons"Tip Card
DB45"Special Summons"Tip Card
DB46""Ceasefire""Tip Card
DB47""Swords of Revealing Light""Tip Card
DB48""Magician of Faith""Tip Card
DB49""Backup Soldier""Tip Card
DB50"Monsters that attack directly"Tip Card