Jam Breeding Machine

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Jam Breeding Machine
Suraimu Zōshokuro
Slime Breeder Reactor
Card type Spell
Property Continuous
Password 21770260
Effect types


During each of your Standby Phases: Special Summon 1 "Slime Token" (Aqua-Type/WATER/Level 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) in Attack Position. You cannot Summon any monsters, except "Slime Tokens" (but you can Set).

English sets


2004-10-12DB1-EN229Dark Beginning 1Common
2004-12-01LON-EN026Labyrinth of NightmareRare
2013-10-11LCJW-EN124Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackCommon

North America

2003-03-01LON-026Labyrinth of NightmareRare


2004-03-01LON-E026Labyrinth of NightmareRare

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Machine à Spectre

Durant chacune de vos Standby Phases : Invoquez Spécialement 1 "Jeton de Slime" (Type Aqua/EAU/Niveau 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) en Position d'Attaque. Vous ne pouvez pas Invoquer de monstres ("Jeton de Slime" exclu), mais vous pouvez Poser.

German Schleimbrutmaschine

Während jeder deiner Standby Phasen: Beschwöre 1 „Schleim-Spielmarke“ (Typ Aqua/WASSER/Stufe 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) als Spezialbeschwörung in die Angriffsposition. Du kannst keine Monster beschwören, außer „Schleim-Spielmarken“ (aber du kannst setzen).

Italian Macchina Genera Gelatina

Durante ogni tua Standby Phase: Evoca Specialmente 1 "Segna-Melma" (Tipo Acqua/ACQUA/Livello 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) in Posizione di Attacco. Non puoi Evocare nessun mostro, eccetto "Segna-Melma" (ma puoi Posizionare).

Portuguese Máquina de Reprodução de Geleia

Durante cada uma das suas Fases de Apoio: Invoque por Invocação-Especial 1 "Ficha de Limo" (Tipo Aqua/ÁGUA/Nível 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) em Posição de Ataque. Você não pode Invocar monstros, exceto "Fichas de Limo" (mas pode baixá-los).

Spanish Máquina de Reproducción de Gelatina

Durante cada una de tus Standby Phases: Invoca de Modo Especial 1 "Ficha de Gelatina" (Tipo Aqua/AGUA/Nivel 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) en Posición de Ataque. No puedes Invocar ningún monstruo excepto "Fichas de Gelatina" (pero sí puedes Colocar).

Japanese スライムぞうしょく


Suraimu Zōshokuro
Slime Breeder Reactor
Korean 슬라임 증식로

자신의 스텐바이 페이즈마다 자신의 필드 위에 "슬라임 몬스터 토큰"(물족/물 속성/레벨 1/공격력 500/수비력 500) 1장을 공격 표시로 특수 소환한다. 이 카드가 앞면 표시로 필드 위에 존재하는 한, 자신은 몬스터("슬라임 몬스터 토큰" 이외)를 일반 소환/반전 소환/특수 소환할 수 없다.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2004-04-15LDC-F026Labyrinth of NightmareLe Labyrinthe des CauchemarsRare
2013-10-10LCJW-FR124Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackCollection Légendaire 4: Le Monde de Joey Méga PackCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2004-03-24LON-G026Labyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of NightmareRare
2004-12-17DB1-DE229Dark Beginning 1Dark Beginning 1Common
2013-10-10LCJW-DE124Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackLegendary Collection 4 Mega PackCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2004-04-01LDI-I026Labyrinth of NightmareLabirinto dell'IncuboRare
2013-10-10LCJW-IT124Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackCollezione Leggendaria 4 Mega-PackCommon


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2013-10-11LCJW-PT124Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackMega-Pacote da Coleção Lendária 4: O Mundo de JoeyCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2004-12-01DB1-SP229Dark Beginning 1Principio Oscuro 1Common
2013-10-10LCJW-SP124Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackColección Legendaria 4: El Mundo de Joey Mega PackCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2001-04-19SM-25Spell of MaskSpell of Maskスペル・オブ・マスクめんじゅばくRare
2004-03-25SDM-024Structure Deck: Marikストラクチャーデッキ -マリクへんCommon
2002-12-12DL3-064Duelist Legacy Volume.3DUELISTデュエリスト LEGACYレガシー VolumeボリュームCommon
2004-06-24BE1-JP229Beginner's Edition 1BEGINNER'Sビギナーズ EDITIONエディションCommon
2011-05-14BE01-JP189Beginner's Edition 1BEGINNER'Sビギナーズ EDITIONエディション 1 [2011]Common


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2004-09-02LON-KR026Labyrinth of Nightmare악몽의 미궁Rare
2006-04-11BP1-KR229Beginner's Edition 1비기너즈 팩 1Common


2003-06-26LON-026Labyrinth of NightmareRare

In other media

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Jam Breeding Machine (manga) Manga 2000-04-24
Jam Breeding Machine (anime) Anime 2001-07-24
Jam Breeding Machine (DM6) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6: Expert 2 2001-12-20
Jam Breeding Machine (ROD) Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction 2003-03-20
Jam Breeding Machine (SDD) Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel 2003-04-15
Jam Breeding Machine (World Championship 2006) Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 2006-02-23
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Video games

Video gameDate#NameCostStatus
Nightmare Troubadour2005-07-21Present

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Nightmare TroubadourVisitor from Beyond
OnlinePack 19