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Retro Pack
Retro Pack
  • Retro Pack
FrenchRetro Pack
GermanRetro Pack
ItalianRetro Pack
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • RP01-EN (en)
  • RP01-FR (fr)
  • RP01-DE (de)
  • RP01-IT (it)
Number of cards101
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (eu)
  • July 8, 2008
  • July 8, 2008
  • July 8, 2008
  • July 8, 2008

Retro Pack

Retro Pack is a Europe-exclusive booster pack. It is followed by Retro Pack 2.


Retro Pack introduces new cards never released in the European markets, making it easy for collectors and new players alike to find previously difficult-to-find cards. The product comprises of 3 Booster Packs and 1 "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" Variant Card with every box.


There are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 101 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
RP01-EN000"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon"Secret RareFusion Monster
RP01-EN001"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Ultra RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN002"Flame Swordsman"CommonFusion Monster
RP01-EN003"Dark Magician"Ultra RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN004"Gaia the Fierce Knight"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN005"Raigeki"Ultra RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN006"Fissure"RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN007"Trap Hole"CommonNormal Trap
RP01-EN008"Polymerization"CommonNormal Spell
RP01-EN009"Curse of Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN010"Giant Soldier of Stone"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN011"Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (as "Red-Eyes B. Dragon")Ultra RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN012"Swords of Revealing Light"Super RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN013"Armed Ninja"CommonFlip monster
RP01-EN014"Man-Eater Bug"CommonFlip monster
RP01-EN015"Hane-Hane"CommonFlip monster
RP01-EN016"Monster Reborn"Super RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN017"Right Leg of the Forbidden One"RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN018"Left Leg of the Forbidden One"RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN019"Right Arm of the Forbidden One"RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN020"Left Arm of the Forbidden One"RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN021"Exodia the Forbidden One"Ultra RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN022"Gaia the Dragon Champion"Super RareFusion Monster
RP01-EN023"Gate Guardian"Ultra RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN024"Summoned Skull"Super RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN025"Harpie Lady"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN026"Harpie Lady Sisters"RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN027"Mask of Darkness"CommonFlip monster
RP01-EN028"Black Skull Dragon" (as "B. Skull Dragon")RareFusion Monster
RP01-EN029"Elegant Egotist"CommonNormal Spell
RP01-EN030"Sanga of the Thunder"RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN031"Kazejin"RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN032"Suijin"RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN033"Magician of Faith"RareFlip monster
RP01-EN034"Baby Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN035"Time Wizard"Super RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN036"Sangan"Super RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN037"Kuriboh"Super RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN038"Catapult Turtle"Super RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN039"Jirai Gumo"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN040"Thunder Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN041"Cannon Soldier"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN042"Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon"CommonFusion Monster
RP01-EN043"Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN044"Barrel Dragon"RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN045"Solemn Judgment"Super RareCounter Trap
RP01-EN046"Magic Jammer"CommonCounter Trap
RP01-EN047"Seven Tools of the Bandit"CommonCounter Trap
RP01-EN048"Heavy Storm"RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN049"Thousand Dragon"CommonFusion Monster
RP01-EN050"Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon"RareToon monster
RP01-EN051"Axe of Despair"RareEquip Spell
RP01-EN052"Black Pendant"CommonEquip Spell
RP01-EN053"Maha Vailo"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN054"Relinquished"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
RP01-EN055"Gravekeeper's Servant"CommonContinuous Spell
RP01-EN056"Upstart Goblin"CommonNormal Spell
RP01-EN057"Mystical Space Typhoon"CommonQuick-Play Spell
RP01-EN058"Giant Trunade"CommonNormal Spell
RP01-EN059"Painful Choice"RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN060"Black Illusion Ritual"CommonRitual Spell
RP01-EN061"Megamorph"RareEquip Spell
RP01-EN062"Manga Ryu-Ran"CommonToon monster
RP01-EN063"Toon Mermaid"CommonToon monster
RP01-EN064"Toon Summoned Skull"CommonToon monster
RP01-EN065"Hyozanryu"CommonNormal Monster
RP01-EN066"Toon World"CommonContinuous Spell
RP01-EN067"Giant Rat"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN068"Senju of the Thousand Hands"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN069"UFO Turtle"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN070"Giant Germ"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN071"Nimble Momonga"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN072"Shining Angel"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN073"Mother Grizzly"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN074"Flying Kamakiri #1"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN075"Sonic Bird"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN076"Mystic Tomato"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN077"Gaia Power"CommonField Spell
RP01-EN078"Umiiruka"CommonField Spell
RP01-EN079"Molten Destruction"CommonField Spell
RP01-EN080"Rising Air Current"CommonField Spell
RP01-EN081"Luminous Spark"CommonField Spell
RP01-EN082"Messenger of Peace"RareContinuous Spell
RP01-EN083"Wall of Illusion"CommonEffect Monster
RP01-EN084"Card Destruction"RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN085"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"Super RareNormal Monster
RP01-EN086"Lord of D."RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN087"The Flute of Summoning Dragon"RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN088"Graceful Charity"RareNormal Spell
RP01-EN089"Penguin Soldier"Super RareFlip monster
RP01-EN090"Scapegoat"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell
RP01-EN091"Blast Sphere"Secret RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN092"Copycat"Secret RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN093"Relieve Monster"Secret RareNormal Trap
RP01-EN094"Cloning"Secret RareNormal Trap
RP01-EN095"Kaibaman"Secret RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN096"Cyber Harpie Lady"Secret RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN097"Amazoness Chain Master"Secret RareEffect Monster
RP01-EN098"Embodiment of Apophis"Secret RareContinuous Trap
RP01-EN099"Exchange of the Spirit"Secret RareNormal Trap
RP01-EN100"Ancient Lamp"Secret RareEffect Monster