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"Amazoness Paladin", "Amazoness Swords Woman", and one of the "Amazoness Archers" in the artwork of "Half Counter"
"Amazoness Paladin", "Amazoness Swords Woman", and one of the "Amazoness Archers" in the artwork of "Half Counter"
  • アマゾネス
  • Amazonesu (romanized)
  • Amazonesse
  • Amazonische
  • Amazoness
  • 아마조네스
  • Amajoneseu (romanized)
  • Amazoness
  • Amazoness
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Amazoness" (アマゾネス Amazonesu) is an archetype of EARTH monsters that were introduced in Labyrinth of Nightmare. All members of this archetype are Warrior monsters, except for the Beast "Amazoness Baby Tiger", "Amazoness Pet Liger" and "Amazoness Tiger".

Mai Valentine, Tania, and the Tyler sisters (Gloria and Grace) have used "Amazoness" cards in the anime. These monsters are based on the Amazons from Greek mythology.


The "Amazoness" cards in the English dubbed anime are re-drawn to be less revealing in appearance; this is also done for the card artworks of "Amazoness" card in the TCG, though these artwork changes would be applied much later after the initial release, unlike similar archetypes such as "Harpies".

Playing style[edit]

The "Amazoness" monsters are designed either to weaken the opponent's monsters or strengthen themselves, with newer members being able to Special Summon themselves. Key cards include "Amazoness Village", "Amazoness Tiger", "Amazoness Princess", and "Amazoness Queen".

While their ATK is often weak for their Level, cards such as "Tiger" and "Amazoness Paladin" increase in strength relative to the number of other "Amazoness" Monsters on the field. "Amazoness Trainee" increases in strength for every monster she destroys. "Queen" protects all "Amazoness" monsters from destruction in battle, while "Amazoness Sage" can destroy one Spell or Trap Card at the end of each attack; with these two cards alone, a player can defend his or her monsters, while slowly dismantling an opponent's back row. "Amazoness Fighting Spirit" Boosts "Amazoness" monsters attacks when they attack stronger Monsters and "Village" grants a slight power boost but also Summons from deck when "Amazoness" Monsters are destroyed.

"Amazoness Empress" and "Pet Liger" act as the boss monsters of the archetype, with "Empress" preventing destruction by battle or card effect and giving "Amazoness" monsters piercing damage while "Pet Liger" grants ATK reduction abilities to "Amazoness" monsters. "Amazoness Princess" acts as a searcher for the archetype, allowing quick access to the archetypes Spells and Traps upon its summon and allows for the summon of "Amazoness" monsters upon attacking. "Amazoness Baby Tiger" allows for easy swarming, allowing it to be summoned from the hand or graveyard upon the summon of another "Amazoness" monster. Both "Princess" and "Baby Tiger" also count as "Queen" and "Tiger", respectively, whilst on the field or graveyard, allowing the Fusion monsters to be summoned easier. "Amazoness Call" acts as the deck's main searcher, allowing for the searching of any "Amazoness" card in the deck. It also allows one "Amazoness" monster to attack every opposing monsters if it is banished from the graveyard. "Amazoness Onslaught" allows for the removal of opponents monsters via banishing, as well as swarming via a special summon once per Battle Phase and another upon its destruction.

Within Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Amazoness has typically appeared as a control deck focusing around the effects of "Princess", "Onslaught" and "Baby Tiger" with "Queen" only being available in the game through levelling Mai Valentine (Duel Links) to her maximum level.


"Amazoness" struggles against backrow removal such as "Cosmic Cyclone" and "Harpie's Feather Duster", as "Onslaught" is their main form of Monster removal.

Depending on how the deck is built, "There Can Be Only One" and "Rivalry of Warlords" can have different effectiveness as the archetype balances Warrior and Beast Monsters, leaning more to one depending on builds.

"Skill Drain" and "Effect Veiler" can be problematic to any "Amazoness" decks, due to most of their monsters having Continuous Effects or effects that can only be useful while battling.

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