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"Ant", "Dragonfly", "Ladybug", "Hornet" and "Firefly" in the artwork of "Final Inzektion"
"Ant", "Dragonfly", "Ladybug", "Hornet" and "Firefly" in the artwork of "Final Inzektion"
  • 甲虫装機インゼクター
  • 甲虫装機 (base)
  • インゼクター (ruby)
  • Inzekutā (romanized)
  • Inzektor
  • Insektor
  • Inzektor
  • 인잭터
  • Injekteo (romanized)
  • Inzektor
  • Inzektor
Anime appearances

"Inzektor" (甲虫装機インゼクター Inzekutā) is an archetype of DARK Insect monsters which was introduced in Order of Chaos. Most "Inzektor" monsters equip themselves with other "Inzektor" monsters from the hand or Graveyard, or have effects that trigger when they are equipped to one.


The "Inzektor" monsters appears to be humanoids wearing various insect-styled armor. They also seem to be heavily inspired by the Kamen Rider franchise.


Each "Inzektor" monster is named after a type of arthropod, with a wide variety ranging from ants to hornets to stag beetles.


Inzektor Origin
Insect basis Kamen Rider reference
Ant Ant ZECTroopers
Centipede Centipede Scissors
Dragonfly Dragonfly Drake
Earwig Earwig Earwig Fangire
Exa-Beetle Rhinoceros beetle Kabuto
Exa-Stag Stag beetle Gatack
Firefly Luciola firefly Faiz
Giga-Cricket Mole cricket Mole Cricket Mutant
Giga-Mantis Mantis OOO (Gatakiriba Combo)
Giga-Weevil Weevil Otoshibumi
Hopper Grasshopper Kickhopper
Hornet Hornet TheBee
Ladybug Ladybug Lady/Electro-wave Human Tackle
Picofalena Rosy maple moth Kamen Rider Poppy


Card Kamen Rider reference
Armor Blast Put On / Cast Off Armor
Zekt Conversion
Final Inzektion Rider Shooting
Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk WizarDragon (AxCalibur Form)
Inzektor Crossbow - Zektarrow Pegasus Bowgun
Inzektor Gauntlet Visors
Inzektor Orb Hyper Zecter
Inzektor Sword - Zektkaliber Perfect Zecter
Variable Form Worm Necklaces

Playing style[edit]

"Inzektor" is a potentially powerful, aggressive archetype that can possibly OTK with the right starting hand and build a strong field. "Dragonfly" and "Centipede" are two of the most important members of the archetype, as they allow for constant Special Summons straight from the Deck and searching for other "Inzektor" monsters from the Deck naturally, as these effects can be used whenever an equipped card is sent from the field to the GY. Combined with "Hornet" who can destroy multiple cards a turn if recycled and played at 3 copies. "Ladybug" can help out with activating the effects of "Dragonfly" and "Centipede" as well, while also manipulating Levels for Xyz and even some Synchro Monsters if necessary. Another good pair of monsters are "Giga-Mantis" and "Giga-Weevil", which allow for more swarming and in the case of "Giga-Mantis", a healthy ATK boost of 2400 while "Giga-Weevil" provides a DEF boost of 2600 though both are worth using if one wants to utilize more of their GY more often. "Earwig" is another choice for stat manipulation though it only provides an additional 1000 ATK while equipped and when sent to the GY applies another 1000. "Firefly" may provide some use as it can allow you to view all your opponent's Set cards which may not prove as impactful as one may hope along with the subpar 100 ATK/DEF boost it provides. "Ant" in comparison is more defensive as it can destroy itself to keep the equipped monster alive similar to Union Monsters. "Hopper" can allow the equipped monster to attack directly but prevents others from battling. "Giga-Cricket" on the other hand makes the equipped monster's original ATK 2000 and gives it the ability to inflicting piercing battle damage to the opponent however, this comes at the cost of potentially draining resources one would be using in combination with "Giga-Mantis" and "Giga-Weevil". The Extra Deck members consists of the Xyz duo of "Ex-Stag" and "Exa-Beetle" and the Link Monster "Picofalena"; "Exa-Stag" can serve as a non-destruction out to many monsters while gaining a potentially huge ATK boost by equipping them, while "Exa-Beetle" can equip an "Inzektor" from the GY upon being Xyz Summoned and destroys a card on both fields, triggering the effects of the earlier mentioned "Dragonfly" and "Centipede" if any combination of the two or all three are present at the same time. "Picofalena" on the other hand, equips a monster straight from the Deck when it is Link Summoned at the cost of a discard which provides an okay 500 ATK/DEF boost, this easily using multiple copies of "Hornet" in a turn. "Picofalena" can also easily recycle resources, shuffling three of your Insect monsters from the GY into your Deck and drawing a card. As a result, "Picofelana" is a valuable asset. The related Synchro monster "Powered Inzektron" doesn’t follow the theming of the Deck, instead simply making itself immune to destruction and preventing you from taking damage the turn it is Synchro Summoned.

The archetype's Spell/Trap line-up naturally plays along with the equip theming. "Armor Blast" can easily clear the opposing field of two cards for the cost of one of your "Inzektor" cards, again potentially synergizing well with other cards in the Deck. "Final Inzektion" is a costly nuke card that requires sending 5 "Inzektor" cards from your field to the GY and locking the opponent out of card effects during the Battle Phase that turn. There are also 3 Equip Spells within the archetype; "Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk", "Inzektor Sword - Zektkaliber" and "Inzektor Crossbow - Zektarrow". "Zektarrow" provides 500 ATK and makes the opponent unable to respond to the equipped monster's effects, "Zektahawk" provides 1000 ATK and locks the opponent out of using Spells/Traps when the equipped monster battles, and "Zektkaliber" which instead provides 800 ATK/DEF while also letting one retrieve used "Inzektor" monsters from the GY. "Variable Form" is a Continuous Trap that can help with equipping "Inzektor" monsters to each other OR Special Summoning equipped monsters. "Zekt Conversion" is a unique form of attack negation in that it equips the targeted "Inzektor" and taking control of it, which if used right can catch you a powerful ally. "Inzektor Orb" is a Trap that can equip itself to a monster, provide 500 ATK/DEF and sacrifice itself to negate a card effect targeting the exactly 1 "Inzektor" monster. "Inzektor Gauntlet" instead provides 1000 DEF and prevents your monster from being destroyed by card effects.

Cards like "Howling Insect" and "Armageddon Knight" can help with gathering up everything needed to start your plays. "Parasite Paranoid" and "Cocoon of Ultra Evolution" can also be helpful due to their own equip-based effects, on top of "Insect Imitation" being able to help rid the field of problematic monsters an oppponent may have by quickly getting out key "Inzektor" monsters. ""C"" cards can be used in tandem with the Deck, especially with cards like "Giant Ballpark" and "Gokipole". One may also want to look into Xyz Monsters of various Ranks due the sheer amount of Level manipulation the archetype has.

Recommended cards[edit]


"Effect Veiler", "Fiendish Chain" and "Skill Drain" will easily stop "Inzektor Dragonfly", "Centipede" and "Ladybug" from using their equip effects in the first place. "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror" can shut this Deck down, since there will be no way of equipping "Hornet". They also depend on being able to Normal Summon "Dragonfly" or "Centipede", so "Book of Moon" and "Trap Hole" stall the engine even just for a turn. Since the majority of their strength comes from "Hornet", "D.D. Crow" and Macro-based Decks in general cause problems. "Chain Disappearance" is also a detriment to this Deck since it can banish both "Hornet" and "Dragonfly", as well as "Ladybug". Virus cards such as "Deck Devastation Virus" also make it difficult to use this Deck, since most of the low-Level members have an ATK lower than 1500. Also, since this deck relies on its setup for preparing its own bombardment tactics via "Hornet", an OTK-based Deck such as "Hieratic" can usually take down this one before they can even get their setups going. Since "Centipede" is a crucial card in most practically all "Inzektor" builds, cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole" and "Chaos Trap Hole" are effective for dispatching "Centipede". "Thunder King Rai-Oh" can also stop its Deck searching effect (assuming "Hornet" does not destroy it first).

Finally because of the fact that the "Inzektor" monsters equipped to other monsters are treated as Equip Cards, giving way to certain abilities, cards like "Dark Highlander", "Eternal Rest", "Really Eternal Rest", "Tailor of the Fickle", "The Emperor's Holiday", "Disarmament", "Armored Glass", "Armor Break" and "Collected Power" can knock off their abilities on the Field.


  • This archetype is similar to "Dragunity" and "Vylon" in that they equip with themselves in order to gain various effects.