Thunder King Rai-Oh

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"Thunder King" redirects here. For the Capsule Monster, see "Thunder King" (CM).
The Chinese name given is not official. (card names)
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Thunder King
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT
Types Thunder / Effect
Level 4 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 1900 / 800
Password 71564252
Effect types


Neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them. During either player's turn, when your opponent would Special Summon exactly 1 monster: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy it.

English sets


2010-06-18GLD3-EN020Gold Series 3Gold Rare
2011-10-04LCGX-EN203Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackCommon
2012-02-17RYMP-EN074Ra Yellow Mega PackCommon
2012-06-01TU08-EN000Turbo Pack: Booster EightUltimate Rare
2014-03-28PGLD-EN075Premium GoldGold Rare

North America

2008-11-04YG02-EN001Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Volume 2 promotional cardSecret Rare

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Rai-Oh le Roi du Tonnerre

Aucun joueur ne peut ajouter de cartes depuis son Deck à sa main, sauf en les piochant. Durant le tour de chaque joueur, lorsque votre adversaire va Invoquer Spécialement exactement 1 monstre : vous pouvez envoyer cette carte face recto au Cimetière ; annulez l'Invocation Spéciale, et si vous le faites, détruisez-le.

German Donnerkönig Rai-Oh

Kein Spieler kann seiner Hand Karten von seinem Deck hinzufügen, außer durch Ziehen. Während des Spielzugs eines beliebigen Spielers, wenn dein Gegner genau 1 Monster als Spezialbeschwörung beschwören würde: Du kannst diese offene Karte auf den Friedhof legen; annulliere die Spezialbeschwörung und falls du dies tust, zerstöre es.

Italian Rai-Oh Re del Tuono

Nessun giocatore può aggiungere carte dal suo Deck alla sua mano eccetto pescandole. Durante il turno di qualsiasi giocatore, quando il tuo avversario sta per Evocare Specialmente un Mostro: puoi mandare questa carta scoperta al Cimitero; annulla l'evocazione speciale, e se lo fai, distruggilo.

Portuguese Rei do Trovão Rai-Oh

Nenhum duelista pode adicione cards do Deck dele para a mão dele exceto ao comprâ-los. Durante o turno de qualquer duelista, quando seu oponente iria Invocar exatamente 1 monstro por Invocação-Especial: você pode enviar este card com a face para cima para o Cemitério; negue a Invocação-Especial e, isso acontecer, destrua-o.

Spanish Rey Trueno Rai-Oh

Ningún jugador puede añadir cartas a su mano desde su Deck excepto robando. Durante el turno de cualquier jugador, cuando tu adversario fuera a Invocar a exactamente un monstruo de Modo Normal: puedes mandar esta carta boca arriba al Cementerio, niega la Invocación Especial y, si lo haces, destruye la carta.

Japanese ライオウ


Thunder King

Neither player can add cards from the Deck to the hand except by drawing them. During either player's turn, when your opponent would Special Summon exactly 1 monster: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy it.

Korean 번개왕

이 카드가 자신 필드 위에 앞면 표시로 존재하는 한, 서로 드로우 이외의 방법으로 덱에서 카드를 패에 넣을 수 없다. 또한, 자신 필드 위에 앞면 표시로 존재하는 이 카드를 묘지로 보내는 것으로, 상대 몬스터 1장의 특수 소환을 무효로 하고 파괴한다.

Chinese 雷王

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2010-06-17GLD3-FR020Gold Series 3Collection Gold 3Gold Rare
2012-02-16RYMP-FR074Ra Yellow Mega PackMéga-Pack Jaune RâCommon
2012-06-01TU08-FR000Turbo Pack: Booster EightPaquet Turbo: Numéro HuitUltimate Rare
2014-03-27PGLD-FR075Premium GoldGold PremiumGold Rare


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2010-06-17GLD3-DE020Gold Series 3Gold Series 3Gold Rare
2011-10-20LCGX-DE203Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackLegendary Collection 2: Mega-PackCommon
2012-02-16RYMP-DE074Ra Yellow Mega PackRa Yellow Mega PackCommon
2012-06-01TU08-DE000Turbo Pack: Booster EightTurbo Pack: Booster EightUltimate Rare
2014-03-27PGLD-DE075Premium GoldPremium GoldGold Rare


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2010-06-17GLD3-IT020Gold Series 3Serie Oro 3Gold Rare
2011-10-20LCGX-IT203Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackCollezione Leggendaria 2: Mega-PackCommon
2012-02-16RYMP-IT074Ra Yellow Mega PackMega Pack Ra GialloCommon
2012-06-01TU08-IT000Turbo Pack: Booster EightBusta Turbo: Numero OttoUltimate Rare
2014-03-27PGLD-IT075Premium GoldPremium OroGold Rare


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2014-03-28PGLD-PT075Premium GoldPremière OuroGold Rare


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2010-06-17GLD3-SP020Gold Series 3Serie Dorada 3Gold Rare
2012-02-16RYMP-SP074Ra Yellow Mega PackMega Pack Ra AmarilloCommon
2012-06-01TU08-SP000Turbo Pack: Booster EightSobre Turbo: Número OchoUltimate Rare
2014-03-27PGLD-SP075Premium GoldDorada PremiumGold Rare


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2007-08-03YG02-JP001Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Volume 2 promotional cardゆうおうジーエックス だいかん ろくカードUltra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2011-07-17EV11-KR006Summer Festival 2011 promotional cardsSUMMER FESTIVAL 2011Secret Rare
2009-02-04PP03-KR026Premium Pack Vol.3프리미엄 팩 Vol.3Ultra Rare

In other media

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Rai-Oh (manga) Manga
Thunder King Rai-Oh (BAM) Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

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World Championship 20082007-11-29Thunder King???Unlimited

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World Championship 2008Card Downloads (29th February 2008)