August 2016 Lists

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August 2016 Lists
Effective dateAugust 29, 2016

August 2016

These are the August 2016 Forbidden and Limited Lists for the TCG in effect since August 29, 2016.[1][2]

Full Lists[edit]


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Monster Cards
Spell Cards


Card Card type Old status (April 2016) New status (August 2016)
Performapal Monkeyboard Monster Card Limited Forbidden
Kaiser Colosseum Spell Card Unlimited Forbidden
Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal Monster Card Unlimited Limited
Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Monster Card Semi-Limited Limited
Ehther the Heavenly Monarch Monster Card Unlimited Limited
Kozmo Dark Destroyer Monster Card Unlimited Limited
Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin Monster Card Unlimited Limited
Emergency Teleport Spell Card Semi-Limited Limited
Pantheism of the Monarchs Spell Card Unlimited Limited
Pendulum Call Spell Card Unlimited Limited
The Monarchs Stormforth Spell Card Unlimited Limited
Maxx "C" Monster Card Unlimited Semi-Limited
Thunder King Rai-Oh Monster Card Limited Semi-Limited
Wind-Up Magician Monster Card Limited Semi-Limited
Thousand-Eyes Restrict Monster Card Limited Unlimited
Allure of Darkness Spell Card Semi-Limited Unlimited
Gold Sarcophagus Spell Card Limited Unlimited


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