Soul Charge

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Soul Charge
Sōru Chāji
Card type Spell
Property Normal
Password 54447022
Effect types


Target any number of monsters in your GY; Special Summon them, and if you do, you lose 1000 LP for each monster Special Summoned by this effect. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Soul Charge" per turn.

English sets


2014-04-25DRLG-EN014Dragons of LegendSuper Rare
2016-01-28SR01-EN033Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckCommon
2016-08-18DRL3-EN051Dragons of Legend: UnleashedUltra Rare
2017-03-30DUSA-EN092Duelist SagaUltra Rare
2017-11-02SDCL-EN024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkCommon
2018-10-04LEHD-ENB20Legendary Hero DecksCommon
2020-09-10DLCS-EN016Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesCommon

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Only once per turn

Other languages

Language NameLore
French Charge de l'Âme

Ciblez un nombre de votre choix de monstres dans votre Cimetière ; Invoquez-les Spécialement, et si vous le faites, vous perdez 1000 LP pour chaque monstre Invoqué Spécialement par cet effet. Vous ne pouvez pas mener votre Battle Phase le tour où vous activez cette carte. Vous ne pouvez activer qu'1 "Charge de l'Âme" par tour.

German Seelenlast

Wähle eine beliebige Anzahl Monster in deinem Friedhof; beschwöre sie als Spezialbeschwörung und falls du dies tust, verlierst du 1000 LP für jedes durch diesen Effekt als Spezialbeschwörung beschworene Monster. Du kannst in dem Spielzug, in dem du diese Karte aktivierst, keine Battle Phase durchführen. Du kannst nur 1 „Seelenlast“ pro Spielzug aktivieren.

Italian Carica Anime

Scegli come bersaglio un qualsiasi numero di mostri nel tuo Cimitero; Evocali Specialmente e, se lo fai, perdi 1000 LP per ogni mostro Evocato Specialmente da questo effetto. Non puoi effettuare la tua Battle Phase nel turno in cui attivi questa carta. Puoi attivare solo 1 "Carica Anime" per turno.

Portuguese Carregar Alma

Escolha qualquer número de monstros no seu Cemitério; Invoque-os por Invocação-Especial e, se isso acontecer, você perde 1000 PV para cada monstro Invocado por Invocação-Especial por este efeito. Você não pode conduzir sua Fase de Batalha no turno em que ativar este card. Você só pode ativar 1 "Carregar Alma" por turno.

Spanish Carga de Alma

Selecciona cualquier cantidad de monstruos en tu Cementerio; Invócalos de Modo Especial y, si lo haces, pierdes 1000 LP por cada monstruo Invocado de Modo Especial por este efecto. En el turno en que activas esta carta no puedes realizar tu Battle Phase. Sólo puedes activar 1 "Carga de Alma" por turno.

Japanese ソウル・チャージ


Sōru Chāji
Korean 소울 차지

이 카드명의 카드는 1턴에 1장밖에 발동할 수 없으며, 이 카드를 발동하는 턴에, 자신은 배틀 페이즈를 실행할 수 없다. ①: 자신 묘지의 몬스터를 임의의 수만큼 대상으로 하고 발동할 수 있다. 그 몬스터를 특수 소환하고, 자신은 이 효과로 특수 소환한 몬스터의 수 × 1000 LP를 상실한다.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2014-04-24DRLG-FR014Dragons of LegendLes Dragons de LégendeSuper Rare
2016-01-28SR01-FR033Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckEmpereur des Ombres Deck de StructureCommon
2016-08-18DRL3-FR051Dragons of Legend: UnleashedLe Déchaînement des Dragons de LégendeUltra Rare
2017-03-30DUSA-FR092Duelist SagaLa Saga des DuellistesUltra Rare
2017-11-02SDCL-FR024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkDeck de Structure : Lien CyberseCommon
2018-10-04LEHD-FRB20Legendary Hero DecksDecks du Héro LégendaireCommon
2020-09-10DLCS-FR016Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesLes Dragons de Légende : La Série ComplèteCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2014-04-24DRLG-DE014Dragons of LegendDragons of LegendSuper Rare
2016-01-28SR01-DE033Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckEmperor of Darkness Structure DeckCommon
2016-08-18DRL3-DE051Dragons of Legend: UnleashedDragons of Legend: UnleashedUltra Rare
2017-03-30DUSA-DE092Duelist SagaDuelist SagaUltra Rare
2017-11-02SDCL-DE024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkStructure Deck: Cyberse LinkCommon
2018-10-04LEHD-DEB20Legendary Hero DecksLegendary Hero DecksCommon
2020-09-10DLCS-DE016Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesDragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2014-04-24DRLG-IT014Dragons of LegendDraghi della LeggendaSuper Rare
2016-01-28SR01-IT033Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckImperatore dell'Oscurità Structure DeckCommon
2016-08-18DRL3-IT051Dragons of Legend: UnleashedDraghi della Leggenda ScatenatiUltra Rare
2017-03-30DUSA-IT092Duelist SagaSaga dei DuellantiUltra Rare
2017-11-02SDCL-IT024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkStructure Deck: Link CybersoCommon
2018-10-04LEHD-ITB20Legendary Hero DecksI Deck Eroe LeggendarioCommon
2020-09-10DLCS-IT016Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesDraghi della Leggenda: La Serie CompletaCommon


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2014-04-25DRLG-PT014Dragons of LegendDragões das LendasSuper Rare
2016-01-29SR01-PT033Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckImperador das Trevas Deck EstruturalCommon
2016-08-18DRL3-PT051Dragons of Legend: UnleashedDragões das Lendas ReveladosUltra Rare
2017-05-26DUSA-PT092Duelist SagaSaga dos DuelistasUltra Rare
2017-11-02SDCL-PT024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkDeck Estrutural: Link CibersoCommon
2018-10-04LEHD-PTB20Legendary Hero DecksDecks de Heróis LendáriosCommon
2020-09-10DLCS-PT016Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesDragões das Lendas: A Série CompletaCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2014-04-24DRLG-SP014Dragons of LegendDragones de LeyendaSuper Rare
2016-01-28SR01-SP033Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckEmperador de la Oscuridad Baraja de EstructuraCommon
2016-08-18DRL3-SP051Dragons of Legend: UnleashedDragones de Leyenda DesatadosUltra Rare
2017-03-30DUSA-SP092Duelist SagaLa Saga del DuelistaUltra Rare
2017-11-02SDCL-SP024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkBaraja de Estructura: Enlace CibersoCommon
2018-10-04LEHD-SPB20Legendary Hero DecksBarajas Héroe LegendarioCommon
2020-09-10DLCS-SP016Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesDragones de Leyenda: Las Series CompletasCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2014-05-17CPL1-JP014Collectors Pack: Duelist of Legend Versionコレクターズパック -でんせつ決闘者デュエリストへんCommon
2015-09-19SR01-JP033Structure Deck R: Advent of the True MonarchストラクチャーデッキアールしんていおうこうりんCommon
2017-02-1120AP-JP09320th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave20thトゥエンティース ANNIVERSARYアニバーサリー PACKパック 2ndセカンド WAVEウェーブSuper Parallel Rare
2017-06-17SD32-JP024Structure Deck: Cyberse Linkストラクチャーデッキ -サイバース・リンク-Common

Japanese Asian

ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2014-05-17CPL1-JA014Collectors Pack: Duelist of Legend Versionコレクターズパック -でんせつ決闘者デュエリストへんCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2014-08-20CPL1-KR014Collectors Pack: Duelist of Legend VersionCOLLECTORS컬렉터즈 PACK 전설의 듀얼리스트 편Common
2016-04-05SR01-KR033Structure Deck R: Advent of the True MonarchSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 R - 진제왕강림Common
2017-05-1120AP-KR09320th Anniversary Pack 2nd WaveCHRONICLE PACK크로니클 팩 2nd WAVESuper Parallel Rare
2017-09-14SD32-KR024Structure Deck: Cyberse LinkSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 -사이버스 링크-Common

In other media

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Soul Charge (anime) Anime 2003-10-22
Soul Charge (later anime) Anime 2017-11-15