Second Arena

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The Second Arena

The Second Arena was the name of the arena, where Dark Yugi faced Mokuba Kaiba in Capsule Monster Chess, during Death T-4.


The arena consists of a Battle Box suspended over a giant Capsule Monster Chess battlefield, Garnaster's Border. There are three bridges connected to the Battle Box; one comes for Death T-3, one goes to Death T-5 and the last one is used by Mokuba to get to the box.

The Solid Vision from the Battle Box causes giant holograms of the monsters to appear in the battlefield. Whoever loses the game in the Battle Box is to be subjected to Seto Kaiba's virtual reality recreation of the "Experience of Death" Penalty Game.


Dark Yugi faced Mokuba Kaiba here when he took part in Death T-4. Mokuba rigged the Capsule Monster Chess dispenser, to give himself high level monsters and give Yugi low level ones. Regardless, Yugi still managed to win.

Seto inflicted the Penalty Game to Mokuba, despite being his brother. However, Yugi then returned to save Mokuba.

Non-canon appearances[edit]

The Kaiba Land stage in Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler consists of the Second Arena. The Chopman from Death T-2 can be seen chained up in the corner.