Canal yard

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Canal yard

The canal yard is a location in Domino City in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It was the setting of the Maze of Fire game.[1]


A trio of delinquents sent a note to Tomoya Hanasaki, claiming to have kidnapped Yugi Mutou and instructing him to meet them at the yard. After confirming Hanasaki was coming, they phoned Hanasaki's father, demanding he pay ¥500,000 for them to throw the ensuing fight to give Hanasaki a confidence boost. Since he could not pay, they beat up Hanasaki when he arrived at the yard.[1]

Hanasaki's father and Dark Yugi went to the canal yard to help Hanasaki. Using the spray paint, one of the delinquents had used to tag the yard, Dark Yugi lay a trail of spray paint, while the delinquents chased him. One of the delinquent's discarded cigarette butt acted as a fuse and set the trail of paint on fire, creating the "Maze of Fire". This set the delinquent's clothes on fire, leading them to jump into the canal.[1]


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