Domino City Jail

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Domino City Jail

Domino City Jail is a prison in Domino City in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Toei anime.


In the manga, the escaped prisoner left this prison and went to Burger World for refreshments. There he held Anzu Mazaki hostage, but was incinerated while playing one finger BATTLE! with Dark Yugi.[1]

In the anime, both Tetsuo "The Hedgehog" Sasaki and Jiro the Jorogumo escaped the prison. Jiro did so by attacking a guard and slipping past the police while disguised in a guard uniform. He injured his leg in the process. Afterwards, Tetsuo tried to commit some robberies, but wound up with nothing of value, while Jiro committed some successful robberies, all of which Tetsuo was blamed for. The detective attempted to arrest Tetsuo at Burger World and exposed Jiro in the process. Jiro took Anzu Mazaki hostage, but lost to Dark Yugi in a Game of Darkness and suffered a Penalty Game.[2]


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