Domino Station

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Domino Station, in the manga and anime

Domino Station is a train station in Domino City in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It also features prominently in the video game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction.

Events (manga)[edit]

Hiroto Honda and Ryuji Otogi escorted Shizuka Kawai from Yonezato Hospital to Domino City by bringing her on a train that arrived at Domino Station. Outside the station, they bumped into Mai Kujaku, who had just won her last preliminary Duel in the Battle City tournament.[1]

Events (anime)[edit]

Tristan Taylor brought Serenity Wheeler by train from Yonezato Station to Domino Station, so she could see Joey Wheeler in Battle City.[2] When they arrived, Tristan used a phone booth to call Téa Gardner, but got no answer. At the same time, Tristan and Serenity were eyed at the station by Rare Hunters. The Rare Hunters had their arrival reported to Marik, who ordered them to take them captive.[3]

Yami Bakura walked past the station while looking for opponents to win Locator Cards from. Nearby he heard people talking about the Battle City tournament and asked where he could find the remaining Duelists. They were put off by Yami Bakura's confrontational approach and asked if he was looking for a fight. When he got more aggressive, one of them said he heard of people Dueling at the cemetery.[4]

Events (Reshef of Destruction)[edit]


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