Old Man Dentures' candy store

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The candy store.

Old Man Dentures' candy store is a shop in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It is owned by a grumpy man, known as "Old Man Dentures". Outside the shop is a Capsule Monster Chess dispenser.


The shop would often have a group of children gather around its Capsule Monster Chess dispenser after school. Yugi Mutou went there one day to get Capsule Monsters. Yugi was cut in the queue and after he managed to regain his spot, his ¥100 got stuck in the machine. As he rattled the machine to unstick it, Old Man Dentures came out, thumped him on the head and lectured him on how expensive the machine was. The commotion was quietened down by the appearance of Mokuba Kaiba, who forced Yugi away to play a game of Capsule Monster Chess and paid Dentures to let them take the dispenser. However he had previously rigged the machine to help him in his upcoming game and got Dentures to act out his part.