Owess Temple

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Owess Temple

Owess Temple is a location in the Legendary Heroes virtual world in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

The temple is built in front of the steep side of a mountain and access to it is hindered by the sandstorms in the desert outside of the temple. The inside of the temple contains a labyrinth dungeon.


Seto Kaiba was taken captive and brought to Owess Temple when he participated in the Legendary Heroes game.[1]

Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, and Mokuba Kaiba ventured to the temple to save him by riding "Niwatori" to get through the sandstorm. Inside the temple they had to cross the labyrinth. Yugi used "Magical Hats" to save them from the "Labyrinth Tanks". They met up with Princess Adena and Earu, who guided them to the exit which was blocked by "Gate Guardian". However Yugi and Joey were able to defeat it by fusing "Black Skull Dragon" and equipping it with "Dragon Nails".[2]


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